Thursday, December 16, 2010

All It Takes Is Taking That Step

Recently, I wrote about some of the opportunities available to provide toys to children around the holidays. Of course, children need much more than that, especially those whose families are being hit so hard by this economy (my friend, Pat Racimora, has an awesome toon about this very issue).

Sometimes, the need just seems overwhelming. How can one person possibly address the needs of so many who are struggling? How can we help these children to get what they need, whether it be clothes, food, toys, or help with school. Well, one woman found a way to do quite a lot on based primarily on the desire to help. Oral Lee Brown is the woman's name, and this is how she is helping kids on a regular basis:

All of this came about by a moment in time of a child asking for a quarter. As a result, children at this school are graduating, and going on to college at a very high rate. What a hero this woman is, that she took it upon herself to adopt an entire classroom all because one little girl came to her in need. Amazing.

In addition to children and families needing help, there are some others who could use some help, too:

This time of year, animal shelters also need our help. Many shelters provide the opportunity to take a pet home for the holidays. One can return the animal after the holidays if they wish, but as you might guess, many of these animals end up finding a home. What is more, as a result of this practice, a lot of (kill) shelters suspend euthanizing of unwanted pets. If you can take a pet home for the holiday, please contact the shelter in your area to see if they participate in the Home 4 The Holidays program. If you are unable to do that, monetary donations, old towels, food, treats and toys are always welcome at this time of year.

And because it is the holiday season, here's another tune for you, one of my favorites from my childhood, performed by "Celtic Woman":

It just takes one step to help another, however you can take it. Not only during this season, but all year 'round. Whether it is clothes, money, or a smile, it will make a difference...


Anonymous said...

My daughter in NH just adopted a dog about a couple of months ago. He was found with the mother and her litter underneath a church porch. So, they dubbed them the Hallelujah gang and named each pup after an Apostle. My daughter has "Luke". He's either part lab or part Chesapeake Bay Retriever and is just adorable, so sweet. Although her boyfriend wasn't wild about having him named Luke, she convinced him to think of him as Luke Skywalker (he's a HUGE Star Wars fan)--so the name stuck. Luke couldn't have got a better home, they adore him and he even goes to work with my daughter's boyfriend so he doesn't have to stay home alone all day.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, Nunly, that is so cool!! Good for your daughter and her boyfriend! And the naming if them all is just hilarious - perfect!!

And Luke does sound like a lucky pup, especially since he gets to go to work everyday. Good for him, and good for them!

I know you are enjoying having your son home! :-D