Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Little Good News, And Just For Fun

As the fallout from WikiLeaks continues, as Congress battles over our taxes for 2011, and as Hillary Clinton once again asserts she is done with public service after this current stint, I wanted to bring you a little good news today, something that is just cool, highlighting the ingenuity of the human mind and spirit, and one that is just funny.

First up is the story of a high school long distance runner, Holland Reynolds, and her coach, Jim Tracy. I apologize for the long commercial at the start, but it is the only way to post this video. It is worth the wait:

Wow, what an amazing tribute to this young woman, her courage, her determination, and her love for her coach. It speaks volumes about both Reynolds, and her coach, Jim Tracy, that she was so intent upon accomplishing this goal for him. Sadly, this is his last year, as ALS saps the strength from his muscles. But his legacy will clearly live on, if this is any indication, and I think it is.

And now to human ingenuity, and just plain old fun. This is what happens when you get some engineers together, at least in Sweden:

How cool is that? Of course, anyone who has ever seen the classic, "Big," with Tom Hanks playing on the FAO Schwartz piano, has to smile at the piano staircase. And hey, it makes it fun to get some exercise, always a good thing.

Finally, just because it is funny as hell, are two cats playing pattycake. But what is funny are the voice-overs of what the cats are saying:

Oh, my. How funny is that?

Sometimes, we just need a break from all of the arguing over politics, frustration and concern about where our country is today, especially with unemployment still on the rise, and so much uncertainty about the future.

Never mind the stress of the upcoming holidays. To digress, how twisted is that? This is supposed to be a season of joy, of the shortest day turning toward the light, of the Festival of Lights, the celebration of birth, and yet it is an incredibly stressful season. This time of hope, of reflection, of expectation, of love, has become a frenzied time with shopping, baking, and traveling. Something is wrong with that picture.

So, just for now, a little good news, a little bit of fun, and some laughter, seems like a good idea. Know any good jokes?


James Ouyang said...

Holland Reynold's courage and determination to finish the race not just for herself, but for her team and her ailing long-time coach speak volumes and is an epitome of the type of young men and women that have run over the decades under Jim Tracy's instruction.

Hopefully, we can be just as supportive of Jim off the course in his battle against ALS. He will need significant financial support in the coming days. If you want to contribute or just learn more, please visit

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

James, thank you so much for that link. I appreciate it. It does speak volumes abt Coach Tracy that he inspires his team so.

Coach Tracy will be in my prayers as he continues to deal with the disease that cut his career too short...

All the best to him, his family, and those fortunate enough to know him.