Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah begins at sundown tonight (Wednesday), this festival of lights. This holiday commemorates the dedication of the (second) Holy Temple in Jerusalem in the second century BCE. The festival lasted for eight (8) days, which is symbolized by the lighting of the menorah (though the menorah has 9 candles, with one being the attendant candle to light the others).

Of course, many of us who are not Jewish know about Hanukkah from Adam Sandler's classic song celebrating this holiiday. But move over, Adam, I think the B-Boyz may be taking your place:

Come on, how cute are those kids? I have to say, their song was a real toe-tapper!

But if hip hop isn't your style, perhaps the following Hanukkah blessings will be:

Beautiful. My father was a cantor in a synagogue when I was growing up (he was an organist, and choir master at ever church we attended, too). Perhaps that is from whom my appreciation for, and interest in, Judaism came. Just mentioning it...

To those who celebrate this holiday, may it be a blessed season for you and your families. Happy Hanukkah.


SFIndie said...

Hi Rev! Thanks for the Hanukkah wishes. You know more about the holiday than most Jews...LOL

What a great song from the B-Boyz! Very cute, indeed. Adam Sandler's, though, is still my all-time favorite.

The choir was amazing, I've not heard them before. cool your dad was a cantor! Must be where you get your singing voice, eh? I remember our cantor in the temple where I grew up, he was such a wonderful man. We were all scared of the rabbi, but the cantor was beloved by all!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, SF! My pleasure on the well wishes. Hanukkah is such an interesting holiday, with the oil lasting 8 days and all that. I understand, and correct me if I am wrong, that Hanukkah isn't as big a holiday as some others, but that it's proximity to Christmas (and Solstice - :-D ) make it bigger.

Anyway, yes, Sandler's song is just funny as hell. Very clever. I have never seen the B-Boyz before, but apparently, they have other hip hop songs for other Jewish festivals. Who knew?

Aren't you sweet! Both of my parents sang, actually, and I started singing in choir at the age of 5. (Dad started us all playing piano at that age, too - nothing new for kids these days, but 47 yrs ago, it was a bit unusual). Dad did have a beautiful voice, I have to say (so did Mom). He enjoyed his time as a cantor, too.

Yes, that choir was something, wasn't it?

LOL abt the cantor v. rabbi at your temple! Oh, my...