Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Winter Solstice

Today marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Yet, we have already received a great gift this day - the Lunar Eclipse early this morning. It is the first time there has been a lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice since 1638.

I set my cell phone alarm, and was able to watch as the moon moved through the sky, and then into a total eclipse. Thankfully, I was able to watch this extraordinary event from the comfort of my sofa, with my cat, Bug, keeping me company (think log cabin with cathedral ceilings and big windows). It was amazing, rare, moving, and exquisite:

It will be almost the end of this century before another lunar eclipse occurs this day. What a gift this was to all those who practice earth-centered religions, as well as to astronomers. Indeed, it was an amazing sight to behold, and an incredible beginning to this shortest of days, the day traditionally the yule log was (is) lit, the evergreens cherished, the promise of the light returning to the darkness celebrated.

This is the time for family, for friends, for reflection, for reaching out to those less fortunate, for hope of the year to come, the light to come, of birth and rebirth.

On this, the shortest day, take a moment to just be, to be still:

Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours. As always, merry meet, merry part, merry meet again. Blessed be.


Anonymous said...

My 11 year old granddaughter just had her annual winter solstice party and sleep over this year. I haven't heard all the details yet, but I'm sure she had a good time.

Glad you had a chance to enjoy it in the comfort of your home and your cat to keep you company. Good memories.



Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Nunly! I wondered if your granddaughter had her annual Solstice event. Cool!

And thank you - Bug kept me company while I watched the Eclipse - what an incredible moment that was. Magical!

Been thinking of you, and hoping you are doing well (or as well as can be expected). Keeping you and your family in my prayers...