Sunday, August 8, 2010

Honor Killings On The Rise - In The United States

This is a disturbing issue, one I have addressed before, but sadly, one that continues to rear its ugly head. It is hard to believe this is happening here, but it is (h/t to Harp for mentioning this series).

Let me warn you, this is not for the faint of heart, to put it mildly. It is disturbing, horrifying, shocking, maddening, and saddening. Be forewarned.

Here is Part 1:

Wow. This woman marrying someone she hardly knew at the age of 15. Someone who was twice her age. Why was her father, her parents, so willing to allow this? Money. Or, at least the promise of money, it seems. That is disturbing in and of itself.

But then you add the level of battering this woman endured. Not too long into the marriage, Tissy endured occasional, then daily, batterings. The shame she experienced as a result of the beatings helped to keep her imprisoned in this relationship. That part of Tissy's story is all too familiar to those who have worked with victims of domestic violence.

But it doesn't end there. Here is Part 2:

I don't know about you, but this is about all I can stomach at one time. What a deeply disturbing tale. Battering, incest, stalking, threats of violence, even death. I wish I could tell you this level of violence against women and girls in the United States was unprecedented. But it is not. And this is by far not the only honor killing in the US.

More on this in the days to come.


SFIndie said...

And then there’s the New Jersey family court judge who denied a restraining order to a woman who was sexually abused by her Moroccan husband because he believed her ex-husband felt he had behaved according to his Muslim beliefs and that he did not have "criminal desire to or intent to sexually assault" his wife (that ruling was overturned by the Appellate Court). It was an arranged marriage that took place in 2008; she was 17 years of age at the time.

The first question is, why is this judge still on the bench? And then I have to wonder if we are turning into a country that has different laws for different people. Especially in light of the new president of the American Bar Association.

Stephen Zack, the new ABA President, is a Cuban-American (and I’m REALLY tired of people defining themselves as “something-American”.... but that’s another rant for another time) who intends to hold public hearings across the country to “study” whether the legal system is “addressing the needs of Hispanics.”

I’m sorry, I thought the legal system is supposed to address the needs of Americans, regardless of where their ancestors came from. Silly me. I guess if your religion says a husband can rape his wife, then it’s okay. And if your culture says that if a family member chooses to leave their religion, it’s okay to murder them because you’ve GOT to maintain the family honor. We want to make sure everyone can do just what they want in the Progressive States of America. Don’t want to upset anyone. Let’s build a monstrosity of a Muslim mosque at ground zero because we know they only want to heal wounds. Let’s let whoever wants to cross the border into this country do so because they only want to pick lettuce and clean our toilets, after all. Hell, let’s give ‘em housing and healthcare and childcare and schooling, too.

It all makes me sick, Rev. But hey, at least Memememechelle is having a good time in Spain. And she’ll get back just in time to pack up again and head to Martha’s Vineyard. Because it’s the best way she and the rest of the family can feel our pain.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

SFIndie - that is a brilliant comment. Honestly, you said it all.

It is incredibly disturbing that the head of the ABA isn't concerned abt ALL Americans, and if the law is being applied EQUALLY across the board. Isn't that what should be the concern?

And the treatment of women that is being excused because of religious beliefs is just despicable. That a judge would even rule that way in the FIRST place is disconcerting.

Mememechelle. Sigh. What is there to say abt her? Talk abt being clueless and out of touch. She and her hubby are two peas in a pod in that regard.

Dang, SF - it really is disturbing what is going on in this country. Thanks again for your insightful comment, SF.

PuppyDogMom said...

I can't even begin to understand...

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Right there with ya, Puppy Dog Mom...