Friday, August 20, 2010

An Auspicious Occasion - Combat Troops Out of Iraq *UPDATED*

Whether you supported the Iraq War or not (and as I have said numerous times, I did not), there was very good news coming out of Iraq on Thursday. The troops are coming home (at least most of them):

While there may be debate on what constitutes success in Iraq, there is one area in which strides are being made:

That is good news indeed, though, clearly, women have a long, long way to go in countries where Sharia Law is dominant, like Afghanistan. Certainly it is my hope that women's rights will be written into the Constitution in Iraq, and that women will obtain equality.

As for this most auspicious occasion, surely President Obama weighed in. Wait, what? He didn't? Well, um, you know, he was busy. Yeah, right, that's the ticket. Yep, he was on his way to vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Hey, being president is "hard work," so he needs another vacation after a few days of working. Leave Barry aloooonnnneeeee!

Well, Stephen Colbert has a few suggestions for Obama about what he SHOULD have done to mark this day as only Colbert can:

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So glad you are on your way back, troops. Welcome home!

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