Monday, August 2, 2010

Coming Out Of The Woodwork

About what happened to the Hillary Delegates back in 2008. I guess it's better late than never, though the damage Obama has done to this country is immeasurable. I imagine we know only the tip of the iceberg at this point - the Nancy Pelosi philosophy of finding out just what has been done after the votes have been cast.

Yes, people are speaking out now about what machinations ensued at the Democratic (sic) National Convention. Here are Gloria Allred and Alma Sanford, along with an anonymous delegate, speaking out about the way the Obama Campaign and the DNC stole the election from Hillary Rodham Clinton:

I think the days of the Democratic Party being Democratic are long, long, gone. I appreciate Ms. Allred's sentiment and all, but the party she thought she knew no longer exists, at least as far as I am concerned. It made that abundantly clear May 31, 2008.

And here we are, getting ready for yet another election. What are the Democrats doing? Throwing lavish parties for one of their House representatives who had had a number of ethics violations levied against him. Oh, yes, that would be Charlie Rangel with his big birthday bash at the Plaza. That will sure show him, won't it? Sheesh. Oh, sure, Obama is making some CYA rumblings about Rangel being old and wishing he could end his career with dignity, but it is way too late for that already, isn't it? But that party for him is still going forward, and the numbers of Democrats expressing concern can be counted on two hands. Way to make clear the Party's priorities, DNC, especially around ETHICS.

Then there is Maxine Waters with her current Ethics charges. She already has been under scrutiny by some of us for the direction in which she wants to take the country, but these charges are concrete indicators of how she does business. Waters and Rangel both, I should say.

And that's just it - the DNC has made its priorities clear, and it is not to represent the will of the voter, and certainly not to conduct business in an ethical manner. Maybe this has been going on for a while, but never was it so blatant as 2008. Voter fraud, caucus fraud, false charges of racism - yep, ethics do not seem high on the DNC list, unless it is a way to violate more of them.

I hope the voters send THEM a clear message in 2010 that we do care about people's behavior. We do care how the parties conduct themselves, and how their leaders conduct themselves. And, assuming our votes actually count, that we can make that clear in the polling place in 2010, and beyond.

Ethics do matter. It's high time the Democrats, and Republicans, too, act like it.


SFIndie said...

Hi Rev! Seems like forever since I've left a comment. Sometimes I feel like it's a lesson in futility...I wonder if anyone in the unDemocratic Party really cares. Seems like all the "liberals" were up in arms when fraud was committed by the Republicans in 2000 (myself included) but when it's done by their own party to elect someone they want, it's no big deal. Those of us who abhor the fraud regardless of the party are either crazy, conspiracy theorists, or racists. James Clyburn is already playing the race card because Rangel and Waters are both black and doncha just know that THAT'S the reason they're being picked on! Of course, he's also using Sherrod to further the racism issue. I wonder if he happened to listen to ALL of what Ms. Sherrod say on that tape? I wonder if he happened to listen to Ms. Sherrod's husband's rant against whites?

I hope there are enough voters out there who DO care about ethics and values and WILL show the unDemocratic Party that fraudulent, unethical, illegal behavior will not be tolerated by either party. I hope. And I hope the Republicans are listening, and clean up their acts, as well. Now, THAT'S the kind of Hope! and Change! I can believe in.

Naoko said...

Rev. Amy. I too am a Unitarian Universalist. Had not found your blog until I googled for the video of yesterday's appearance on Fox & Friends. Thanks for posting my appearance (and Gloria Allred) on your blog.
Alma Sanford
Nashville, TN

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, SF!! Great to hear from you!

I just knew my rep. was going to claim this was racism abt Rangel and Waters. It isn't like other representatives haven't been charged with ethics violations who weren't. And skin color is no excuse for the kinds of unethical activities in which Rangel and Waters have participated. It is unseemly for Clyburn to even thrown out the race card, essentially saying they should be held to a different standard. It is insulting to even suggest such a thing, and to constantly try to subvert any accountability by using the race card is reprehensible.

My representative. Sigh.

And yeah, this thing with Sherrod is really something, isn't it? Wow.

I have to "Hope!" that there are enough people who care abt decency, fair play, and ethics in this country to challenge anyone in public office to rise to a higher standard. Heaven knows, the Republicans have their own issues (like you said, 2000 election) with which to deal. But what happened in 2008 was so egregious, so BLATANT, and with no remorse, from a party that constantly claimed to be above such things, that it made it a bitter pill to swallow indeed. That, and the utter disregard for the will of the people.

I can only imagine the state our country would be in now had Hillary received the nomination she, not Obama, earned. I know she wouldn't be off playing golf most weekends, that's for damn sure.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Ms. Sanford, I am delighted you found my blog, and left a comment! I wish you had more time in the interview, but I applaud your willingness to stand up on this issue. Thank you for your courage! (Aren't you also in the "We Will Not Be Silenced" video?)

This post will also be at soon (possibly tonight), as most of my posts are. No Quarter is a blog started by Larry Johnson, a former CIA agent (he was a classmate with Valerie Plame Wilson, and is still very good friends with her), and a former State Department Office of Counter Terrorism employee who briefed then-Senator Hillary Clinton. Larry still does counter-terrorism work for the country.

Many of the readers at NQ were die-hard Clinton supporters and Democrats until the 2008 "election." I hope you can come by there.

Thank you for speaking out (and cool that you are a UU, too!).

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Actually, Ms. Sanford, as I think abt it - if you have something written up on your experience in the 2008 election, or would be willing to write up, I have no doubt NQ would be happy to publish it. Just let me know, and I'll give you a contact person to whom you can send it.