Friday, August 21, 2009

The Young Turk Asks: Has Obama Sold Out?

Yes, yes he has. Here's the video of TYT pondering this question in light of the recent "revelations" of Obama's duplicity:

The question is asked, and answered. The answer is a resounding YES. Yes, Obama has sold out. Long before he ever ran for US Senate, too, I might add. But why quibble, right? At least it is finally starting to let a little light of truth filter through the Obama's followers Kool Aide induced haze. Though attacking Republicans and blaming them for ALL of our woes is still fair game for TYT, with only peripheral acknowledgment that the Democrats are right there with the Republicans. Never mind that the Democrats have been in power for over two years now. Pesky details - who needs them?

I was like that, too, about the Republicans not so long ago, so I reckon I shouldn't be too judgmental. Perhaps TYT will realize at some point in the near future that the Democrats are acting pretty much like everything many of us said we hated about the Republicans as we listened to Air America. For instance, remember how ballistic we all went when the Republicans threatened the "Nuclear Option"? We were livid that they would dare do something like that. And now look who, in just 6 short months of having a Super Majority, is threatening the very same thing, even if it means running over some of their own members with reckless abandon? Yep. That would be the Democrats. Oh, but only for the most expensive part of the health care plan - nothing to worry about there! Lalalalalala...

You know, it's a shame these blowhards out there didn't bother to do their JOBS and vet this guy, maybe taking a little look-see into who his donors were, for instance. Maybe if TYT had BOTHERED to do that, he would have seen that Obama got close to $1.5 MILLION dollars from the HMOs and Health Services. Surely TYT didn't expect they gave him all that money for nothing, did he?

Nothing, actually, worse than nothing, is what WE will be getting as a result of these faux journalists and commentators not bothering to actually look behind the curtain of Obama's rhetoric to see if there was any reason on this Green Earth to BELIEVE HIM!!!!!! For cryin' out loud, already! Sheesh!

Heck, even investigative journalist Greg Palast, whose article I reported on the other day regarding the whopping 2% the Big Pharma MIGHT give up, as TYT reported above, threw all of his training away for Obama. Glad he's regained some of it, but it is way too late for us/US now. We're stuck with Obama for 3 1/2 more years, thank you all so very much for that. (That is sarcasm, in case anyone missed it.)

By the way, did you notice that TYT guy above still cannot quite get out the words that HE has been had? That he didn't bother to look under the surface? Nope. Not one bit - he bought that stupid "Hope!" and "CHANGE!" crap all the way to Obama being in the White House. Thanks shitloads. Sure would have been nice if you had maybe asked some pertinent questions like, "Why does Obama have NO records available from his time in the IL Senate? How can that be?" Or, "Why DOES Obama have close ties to Tony Rezko/Bill Ayers/Jeremiah Wright/Khalid Rashidi (pick one)?" Or how about this one, "Why does everyone say he has made so much of himself from his "humble" beginnings when he went to the most prestigious school in all of Hawaii and his grandmother was the VP of the biggest bank in Hawaii?" Or maybe, "Isn't it pretty sexist of Obama to say that Hillary Clinton was only going to tea parties whenever she went abroad as First Lady? Especially since we know she helped to foster some amazing programs?" Obviously, I could go on and on and on. Feel free to add your own.

The problem is, people like TYT and Greg Palast and just about EVERYONE at Huffington Post (since TYT mentioned it) DIDN'T ask questions like that. No, their questions were more like, "Gosh, isn't it hard to tear yourself away from the mirror when you are SO good looking??" Blech. Or, "Just how much time do you spend practicing your three-pointer?" Or any number of insipid questions like the ones Charlie Gibson asked Obama (while hammering Sarah Palin, even using made-up concepts to try and make her look bad). Pathetic for alleged professionals to act that way, if you ask me.

As I mentioned to Kathleen (Wynne, of, who was kind enough to send me this video), most of our elected officials, by the time they are bought by special interests have been there a while. Obama was hardly in there for any time at all, which makes me think he CAME this way. Huh - maybe THAT was the "Change!" to which he was referring?

In any event, if TYT is right, and this is already a done deal, it doesn't just speak to how badly Obama screwed over his followers, and the rest of us, but how screwed DEMOCRACY is. And that is the biggest problem of all...So, yeah, I would be up for a revolution, TYT, since you mentioned it. Anyone else?


Anonymous said...

Cenk can KMA - He and his Young Turks were merciless to Hillary in the primaries. Cry me a river, Cenk.

But it's true. It's all of us who are getting screwed!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I know, right? Once again, he, and others like him, were taken in by the window dressing, and failed miserably to look at the realities, while engaging in rampant amts of sexism.

Still, he can't quite bring himself to say it.