Friday, August 7, 2009

Millbank and Cillizza Video Series Canned - Updated

Recently I had the following video in my post, "Hatred Rears Its Ugly Head." It is the not-at-all-funny video of Chris Cilliza and Dana Millbank making a blatantly sexist statement, among other not-funny "entertainment":

And I wrote this:
I said all along that Obama, the DNC, and the MSM declared open season on women. There was little or no comeuppance for ANYONE who made disparaging, sexist, or misogynistic comments about Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin. I knew it was going to continue, and possibly get worse. Here we are. With these two sexist pigs suggesting Clinton, who can run RINGS around these two intellectually, politically, and HUMANELY, drinks "Mad Bitch beer." What a couple of _______ - you fill in the blank...

Back to Millbank and Cilliza: WHY DO THEY STILL HAVE THEIR JOBS???? I guess the same reason people like David Shuster does - he can call Hillary Clinton a pimp, and her daughter a whore, and keep his job with just a little slap on the wrist. So I guess what Millbank and Cillizza did was mild by comparison? Their comeuppance cannot come too soon, and it SHOULD come for this blatantly sexist attack on Secretary of State Clinton. Now. They should be fired.

Lo and behold, the "Mouthpiece Series" has been canned. And Cilliza and Millbank have apologized.

Well, big whoop-de-doo. They have already spewed their sexist BS. They still have their jobs. Hell, Millbank even had the nerve to say this:
"I regret that we put up that image," Milbank said Wednesday, "and while I highly doubt the secretary of state has seen 'Mouthpiece Theater,' I would be honored to have the opportunity to apologize to her over a beer."

I hope she tells him what he can do with his beer. Just freakin' spare me already.

Oh, they go on and on about how they didn't mean any harm, they don't want to discredit their paper, the Washington Post, blah, blah, blah. Well, too late, guys, you already have. And the Washington Post has discredited itself by keeping these guys on their payroll, IMHO.

In their own words:
As for the dozen videos they have made in what was designed as a summer tryout, "it's clear there was an audience for it out there, but not large enough to justify all the grief," Milbank said. "My strength is in observational, in-the-field stuff, and that's what I should do. I'm sorry about the reaction it's caused, but I think it's important to experiment. The real risk to newspapers is not that they take too many risks, but that they don't take enough risks."

Oh, yes - that's what we need. MORE media outlets willing to allow two of their big names to spew sexist tripe against the Secretary of State and ALL women. Oh, Dana - you are just misunderstood, right???

Unfortunately, there is more:
Cillizza agreed that the plug should be pulled, saying: "We'd hoped the self-deprecating humor of me and the irreverent humor of Dana would combine to make something funny and interesting and on the news. It wound up not working. . . . Ultimately it wasn't funny."

The Clinton joke, Cillizza said, "was inappropriate, over the line and highlighted the broader problems with the show. I'm personally apologizing on The Fix. It's not consistent with the Post brand, but more important to me, it's not consistent with the Fix brand I've worked to cultivate -- insider, straight-dope journalism that tries to shoot down the middle."

You're damn right it was inappropriate. And very telling, Chris.

Feel free to click the link if you want to read more from, and about, Chris Cillizza and Dana Millbank. Frankly, I've seen all I need to see of them.

Good for the Washington Post for canning this series. Of course, it didn't happen soon enough before a spoof of the video above came out (h/t to NQ Writer, pm317):

As I said to pm317, the only problem with THIS video is that is is more professional (!) than the original...

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