Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Different Kind of Happy Hour

There's been a whole lot in the news of late about the "Happy Hour Heard 'Round The World." You know the one - Sgt. Crowley, Prof. Henry Gates, President Obama, and the party-crashed Joe Biden, sitting down like some regular Joes, just having a brew. Oh, yeah, just hanging out, tossing back a few and eating some snacks. Uh huh.

In honor of that (in)auspicious occasion, I would like to share this happy little tune with you, one I am sure you will be singing the rest of the day (H/T to NQ writer Ani for this), to celebrate a different kind of Happy Hour:

Now, don't you just feel better about everything that as been going on for the past 7 months? Make that 17 months? I knew it would. Go have a drink of Kool Aide, and I am sure you WILL feel better in no time!

By the way, Sgt Crowley avoided the rays of Hope and Change emanating from President Obama. He said that they "agreed to disagree." Hmmm - I wonder if he has some kind of antidote to the Kool Aide? Now THAT would be a study on which I would be willing to have my tax dollars spent, wouldn't you?

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