Friday, August 14, 2009

Are Your Representatives Chickening Out? UPDATED

See the Update about how many of our Elected Officials will/not be holding Town Hall Forums at the bottom of the page.

Friend to NQ, Kathleen Wynne from HandCountPaperallotsNow made a suggestion after seeing the negative spin the MSM is putting on reports of concerned citizens calling out their representatives on the issue of health care reform, even if all they want is for them to READ the damn thing. Here are some of her suggestions:
After watching the reporting by the usual suspects in the media, who are turning these protests into orchestrated, manufactured outrage, it's clear that having a number of town hall meetings where those reps either chose not to participate in one or who chose to have a conference call instead, will help prove that they are merely trying to discredit these protests and undermine the citizens true feelings about the health care legislation. Or how Senator Boxer ridiculed citizens voicing their concerns as trying to "hurt our president" and too well dressed for this NOT to be orchestrated

Another point that should be put out there for all to see is that during the primary and general election, it was Obama, himself, who told his supporters to have debates with those who did not support him and "get in their face." Here is a reminder of Obama saying that, along with some other actions by his supporters

More importantly, we want citizens to realize how important it is for them to participate in democracy and recognize how important they are in making these reps accountable and to expose their total indifference to the citizens' concern, not to mention their total lack of knowledge of exactly what's in the bill. This is a pivotal moment to increase citizen involvement in "taking to the streets" and keeping the pressure on. The longer citizens stay engaged in these protests, the less the MSM can dismiss them as "astro turf" (i.e., not real grassroots concerns), as Nancy Pelosi refers to them in this clip

Ms. Wynne is:
asking citizens in those towns where the representatives have chosen NOT to have a town hall meeting or worse, canceled them, to "BE THE MEDIA" by organizing and conducting town hall meetings themselves and having a public discussion about what they don't like about the health-care bill and any of the other bills that have been rammed down our throats and videotape the event. In particular, they should make it clear that they are having the town hall meeting despite their representative's choice to not have one or to cancel one. That should be made clear at the beginning, and then say that they would not be silenced.

Then request that clips of these events be sent to NQ, here, and other websites of their choosing in order to make the people's outrage at not being listened to be seen and heard by other citizens, so that we know that this isn't just a group of fringe groups being sent out to disrupt town hall meetings.*

It's an end-run around the MSM's attempt to ignore and not report what the people are really feeling about the Obama Administration's policies.

Now word is coming that unions are being sent in to counter those who oppose this plan. And videos are already rolling in, including footage of union members (SEIU) getting into it with Tea Party protesters.

This is our country, and we have every right to speak out, to dissent, to question. And we have the right to speak out without fear of harassment, violence, or intimidation by those in power or their surrogates. We have the right to demand accountability of those whom we have elected to represent us, and that they REPRESENT US. That is their job, after all.

So, are you game? If so, feel free to send this post to whatever sites you frequent, and let's get this thing rolling.

UPDATE: Check out how many of our elected officials are NOT meeting with their constituents:


Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted at Nancy Pelosi calling those who disagree with Obamacare, and who exert their constitutional right to free speech, swastika carrying Nazis. I just sent her an email stating that as a Jew, and someone who did not support Obamacare, I was offended beyond belief and demanded an immediate apology. Of course, there won't be one, but maybe it's time to start some kind of campaign to call her out. Her statement is reprehensible.

I'm so fucking tired of the Pelosis, the Boxers, and all the rest.

I think I'll call Pelosi's office every day demanding an apology to every Jew in this country for her statement.

I'll call Boxer's office demanding an apology from her for just being an idiot.

This is all just too unbelievable. What country do we live in???

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

It is reprehensible. There is no excuse for her making those kinds of claims, insulting Americans who are carrying out their Constitutionally guaranteed rights of assembly and free speech.

And yes, SF, she most DEFINITELY needs to apologize to Jews, and all Americans, for mindless, thoughtless, offensive comments.

I can't believe I was excited when she became Speaker of the House. ALl she has done since then is make me regret it - she is the stereotypical 1950's woman standing by her man, saying whatever will help him no matter how ludicrous it is.

Boxer, too. I was SHOCKED when she said that crap abt how the protesters, citizens trying to get their representatives to ACTUALLY READ A DAMN BILL, were just trying "to hurt our president." Like this is freakin' junior high school and not real people's lives at stake here.

As time goes by, I have a harder time believing I was such a staunch supporter of these people. Now that the blinders are good and off, well, I see them for who they really are. And they are NOT representing US.

Even though Pelosi might never apologize, SF, I will - it is insulting beyond the pale for her to say something like that, and I am sorry that you had to endure it, friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my dear Rev, you NEVER have to apologize for the likes of Pelosi and Boxer! In fact, every person in California who voted for them should be apologizing to the rest of the country! I cannot wait for the day that Californians reclaim their brains and vote those two out (and P&B can take Feinstein with them).

I can't believe I voted for them both, either. I can't believe how blind I was. My blinders are off, too, and I'm sure not liking what I see. Not one little bit.

OMG, they DO sound like high school cheerleaders protecting the captain of the football team for whatever indiscretion he may have committed, because he's the freakin' hero of the team, ya know!

Every day, I wonder what will be next.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

You are so sweet, SF - and I hear ya. More that we have such incredibly insensitive people in our gov't that do not seem to understand that their words have power.

Yes, that's it - the HS clique banding together to protect the quarterback after he has done something bad, turning it around on everyone who actually speaks out abt his misdeeds.

And there will, no doubt, be more misdeeds coming down the pike, "if past is prologue," as they say...

Hey, how's your boy doing these days?