Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maybe He Should Have Watched More "West Wing"

I'm speaking of Obama, of course (h/t to Gateway Pundit for the video). Now some of you know I am a big baseball fan, as well as a big "West Wing" fan, along with other writers here (talking about you, Bronwyn!), so when I see this:

I think of this exchange:
Charlie Young: [telling the President that he has to practice throwing a baseball with a bullet proof vest on before throwing the first pitch out at a baseball game] Sir, everyone agrees.
President Josiah Bartlet: Like who?
Charlie Young: Leo, Josh, CJ, your wife, the Notre Dame athletic department...

Maybe Obama should have practiced more, too, since he barely made it to the plate - oh wait, the announcer doesn't mention that. Good thing there is THIS video that shows the entire pitch:

And he gives himself a little fist pump for barely making it to the plate, too!! Perhaps that's why some people are booing him? Oh, no wait - it started before he threw out the pitch. Funny, the announcer doesn't mention that, either. Did you notice the driver of the golf cart in the first video barely shook Obama's hand? Interesting commentary there, too, I think.

Since I mentioned the "West Wing," and since we are in the midst of hearings for a new Supreme Court Justice, how about this classic clip regarding nominees for the Supreme Court:

Ah, the politics involved in selecting the next Supreme Court Justice...

By the way, in response to my post recently on the grave robbers, a number of people mentioned that Michelle Obama's father was buried in Burr Oaks Cemetery, too. As it turns out, that was not true. Apparently, Michelle Obama's Communications Director put that out there without bothering to check the facts first (oh, now THERE'S a surprise - hahahahahaha), and has now had to retract that statement. Turns out, her father is not buried there after all. Gee, it is a little hard not to be too cynical about that revelation...


Mary Ellen said...

LOL! I was thinking about you when I saw that on TV last night! In fact, I was going to mention the booing to you before I read what you wrote. Too funny...the guy is such a freakin' wuss! In fact, I saw a kid at Cellular Field about a month ago, who threw out the first pitch, and he couldn't have been more than 12 years old...he did better than that (in fact I yelled to Ozzie to sign him up).

I have a real fear of Obamamination coming to the Cell while I'm there. I don't think my husband and son will be able to control my need to yell out, "Obama YOU SUCK!". I know...not Christian of me, but I am human, ya know!

Oh...also want to mention (you're going to laugh) I started another blog. I'm still sticking with Bad Habit and will continue with my politics, but this one is something I've been kicking around in my head for's a cooking blog called "Eating Habits". It's going to have recipes that I've tried and would like to share, posts with reviews on cooking gadgets, wine, jokes (of course) and just all around sitting around the kitchen table gabbing kinda stuff. Oh...and I can't forget, I'll also be adding the recipes I've made for dog food and doggie treats. If you're into that kind of stuff, check it out.

Sorry for the shameless promotion...I hate doing this kind of stuff but I have a hard time getting activity to my blogs.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

And I thought of YOU when O came out in his White Sox jacket - oh, NOOOOOOOOOOO! Sheesh. Does he have to ruin EVERYTHING???

Can you believe that gold cart driver? Did he EVER not want anything to do with the Big O??? He didn't even want to look at him, much less shake his hand...

Maybe you'll have to chant, "Barry Sucks!" so it sounds like when the Red Sox always chant, even if they are not PLAYING them, "Yankees Suck!" then add the whole hand clapping thing after it. I am sure you'll get some people to join in!!

Shamelessly promote away, ME!! I'll shamelessly promote you, too! In fact, I am going to go send out an email with the new blog address, AND add you to the Blog Roll! Nunly's in the kitchen!! Yippee!! :-D Can't wait to see what else you cook up, friend!

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for your support of my blog, Amy, you really are a gem. Now, you have to send me some recipes so I can post them! I'm hoping to make this blog about everyone's favorite recipes, not just mine. The more participation, the better. Besides, that way I can find some new stuff to try out in my kitchen. ;-)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Truly my pleasure, ME! It's a fun blog!

Great idea - when I don't have a kitten on my lap, I'll write a recipe up. What fun!!

Btw, my cousin, Ellen, LOVES recipes. I sent her (and a bunch of other people) the link to the new blog. I know she'll love it. Hopefully, she'll send some recipes to you, too!