Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Careful What You Wish For"

Hey, Friends -

I am out for a few days, hanging out with my old boarding school chum, Connie. Connie is the one you can blame for my blogging. Over a year and a half ago, she threatened that if I didn't start a blog of my own, she was going to do it FOR me with all of the emails I had sent her of my political diatribes. So, blame her!

We are seeing one of our favorite singers tonight, Jonatha Brooke. Here are a couple of her music videos, so you can enjoy her, too:

Here's an interview with Jonatha Brooke on Woody Guthrie that Connie found. Very interesting both about Woody Guthrie and Jonatha Brooke. It is very cool to see her process:

I have a couple of other things lined up for you, but as always, when I'm away, I recommend the sites listed on the right hand side here. Until I return (this coming weekend), enjoy Jonatha. I know I will!

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