Friday, July 3, 2009

And God Said...

"Put a sock in it!" Well, that's what I would think God would say to Governor Mark Sanford who canNOT keep his big mouth shut these days. See, Governor Sanford said that God wants him to keep his job as governor, and to not resign. Here's a little reminder:

I wonder where in the world God was when Governor Sanford was cheating on his wife with his "soul mate"?? Or how about the OTHER women with whom Governor Sanford had "dalliances"??

Seems to me that Governor Sanford has some mighty selective listening going on. I bet God is none too happy about having Sanford use Him/Her/It as an excuse to stay in office, either. At least that's what God told ME! Ahem.

There are a few things that are issue here. Let's start with this whole "soul mate" thing, shall we? Bear in mind that Sanford is MARRIED, and he is NOT saying this about his WIFE, but his MISTRESS. Then he has the unmitigated gall to say he is going to try and "fall back in love" with his wife? Holy smokes, what kind of moron IS he?? I'm sorry, but your wife tells you, and all the nation, that she is willing to forgive you, take you back, even though she is angry at you, and work on the marriage, and you dis her like that? Around these here parts, that will garner you a "sumabitch," and well deserved, too. But Jenny is going with him and their four boys on a vacation to Florida. If I were her, I wouldn't let him get in a boat by himself, but that's just me.

Then there is the whole matter of what happens if the governor DOES resign, you know, if he misunderstood what God actually said to him(maybe there was another call coming in or something, or he hit a dead spot with his cell phone). See, here's the problem for the people who would all move up: the Senate Pro Tempore President, Glenn McConnell, would move up to Lieutenant Governor:
If Sanford steps down and is replaced by Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, then the state's constitution appears to call on McConnell to replace Bauer as lieutenant governor.

In effect, the Charleston Republican would be demoted from his top Senate leadership post to a part-time constitutional officer, and it's a change he doesn't want.

Uh, yeah, because he would give up a whole TON of power:
"I don't think any resignation by the governor is imminent, at least based on the latest stuff I've heard," McConnell said Wednesday. "It does present problems for me, there's no question about that."

First elected President Pro Tem in 2001, McConnell said he began looking at this question a few years ago and actually wrote a resignation letter effective upon the lieutenant governor's position becoming vacant. He since has torn it up.

"Right now the prevalent thinking in the legal circles is that if something like that were to happen, I could refuse it," McConnell said. "There's some that question that."

McConnell said he wouldn't want to give up his Senate seat and 28-plus years of seniority, and resigning his President Pro Tem post would leave the Legislature unable to return to session this year should lawmakers have to deal with a budget crisis or another urgent matter.

"It would leave the state in the precarious situation where if we have a budget shortfall, there would be no way for the General Assembly to get back," McConnell said. "It starts to become legally entangled."

I guess it's good for HIM that God is talking with Mark these days.
Besides Jenny Sanford being willing to forgive her diarrhea mouth cheating husband, Gov. Sanford had some other good news. You may recall that a whole BUNCH of folks down here were upset about the possibility of his using state money and resources for his trysts. Turns out, he didn't:
Gov. Mark Sanford used his own cash and connections to pay for secret hook-ups with his Argentine mistress, including one New York rendezvous the night before his wife was to arrive, authorities said Thursday.

A State Law Enforcement Division review of travel records found no criminal wrongdoing or evidence to suggest that the governor misused public funds during his affair with Maria Belen Chapur, SLED Director Reggie Lloyd said.

Sanford visited his lover twice in Argentina and three times in the Big Apple, Lloyd said. Sanford used his money or private funds to pay for everything but a June 2008 trip to Argentina.

You may not know that Sanford is known for penny pinching - that was his big thing when he was a State Representative, cutting out spending (he also self-imposed a term limit). So, ya know, that says a whole lot about just how much he was jonesing to see his "soul mate." Sigh.

Hopefully, with the First Family of SC out of the state for their vacation, Governor Sanford will get some Pepto Bismol, and SHUT UP already about his Argentine mistress, the other women with whom he had dalliances, and get more even keeled. And hopefully, Jenny Sanford won't take any more BS from this guy, and insist he tread the straight and narrow (teehee - that's kinda funny for ME to say). And maybe, just maybe, the next time Governor Sanford feels compelled to "share" that he can die knowing he met his soul mate (I am not making that up: Link), he'll be talking about his WIFE, and not his lover. I imagine that's what Jenny hopes for, too...


Mary Ellen said...

Gee,that's odd. I just got a message from God and He said he wasn't all that into Mark Sanford.

The sad thing is, Sanford refuses to resign even though by all accounts, the guy should be ashamed of how he let his State down by ditching his post to have an affair in another country and not letting anyone know where he was...and then we have Sarah Palin, who worked hard at her job as Governor and has resigned because no matter how much she did for her State, she was being destroyed by the press and being called a slut on National TV by David Letterman, not to mention the horrific things said about her young children---included the baby, Trig. If God is on anyone's side, it's Sarah's, IMHO.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, no doubt, ME. It really is astonishing the difference between the two, isn't it? Here she has done NOTHING wrong, but only GOOD things for her state, yet continues to be bludgeoned by smug, arrogant, sexist, cruel people (Sullivan may well be the worst on Trig), as well as dealing with a mountain of legal fees from frivolous charges, all of which impede her ability to do her job well, and still she did.

I don't know what the future holds for her, but not unlike Hillary, she's damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. But yeah - unlike the voices Sanford is hearing (ahem), I would be more certain that Palin knows what her path is. I would NEVER count that woman out (even though, again, my usual disclaimer that I disagree with a lot of her politics, still she has done right by the LGBT community in a BIG way in AK, and actually seems capable of having real conversations with people with whom she may disagree, as opposed to giving them the Evil Eye like The One does...).

Good to hear from you, ME, and nice to see your comments at NQ, too!