Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maxine Waters Threatens Blue Dogs

Just as a reminder of who Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is, here's this little clip of her speaking to the "Non-partisan" (HAHAHAHAHA) group, ACORN:

Just when were you thinking you weren't going to let Obama get away with anything, Rep. Waters?? Because, so far, if you ask me and will pardon the pun, you seem to be his water-carrier. Yep, you seem to be acting more like Rep. Jesse Jackson did, threatening people with retaliation and loss of their positions if they didn't toe the Obama line:

And honestly, while I was often frustrated by the Blue Dogs myself, considering the massive, humongous deficit under which we are currently staggering, perhaps a little fiscal conservancy might just be what the doctor ordered? (Sorry - I don't know what is wrong with me today with the pun thing...) But maybe they just want to READ the damn thing first before voting on it, Rep. Waters? I realize that is not a very popular idea among prominent Democratic Representatives, but the people kinda like the thought of our elected representatives knowing what the hell the bill says first before foisting it upon us.

I wonder if Waters' thinks the recent polls among a number of organizations showing growing disapproval of Congress is because of these few people whose tenure she is threatening for 2010, or because of people like her, Hoyer, and Conyers, who are trying to ram a major, life-changing, proposal through Congress without giving it the proper attention it deserves? Just askin'.

What do you think?

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