Friday, June 19, 2009

Health Care for ALL, Cries Obama!!! Oh - Except For One Group!

Oh, the irony is just too rich. Some of you may have heard that President Obama decided the other day, after getting hammered by the LGBT community over DADT and DOMA, to grant LGB federal employees partner benefits by Executive Decision. Kind of. First, it begs the question, if he could have done this all along, why the hell DIDN'T he? Second, does he EVER do something right just because it is the right thing to do??? In this case, once again, Secretary Clinton laid the groundwork for this, pledging to give ALL State Diplomats the same rights and benefits. So, it isn't even like this was his bright idea, and he wanted to fulfill some of his (empty) campaign promises. Nope - just more "follow the leader," pandering, and band-aide attempts to try and shut us up.

No, this latest attempt was more of the same kind of response Obama had when the GLBT community was up in arms over his choice of Pastor Rick Warren to give his Inauguration Prayer. After days and days of people complaining to the high heavens, he decided to have Bishop Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopal bishop, give the invocation at the Sunday Inaugural Concert event preceding the Inauguration. Except get this - he had HBO take Robinson OUT of the piece they aired on tv. I am not making this up. They couldn't believe it, either. Eventually, it was agreed he would appear in later broadcasts, but not the one aired at the time.

So, after his backtrack on DADT, despite his campaign assurances; after his backstabbing on DOMA, in which it was made QUITE clear by Obama just who is worthy to be married (and it ain't me); we get this half hearted attempt on his part to make it up to us. So, he will give SOME benefits to the partners of GLB employees except - wait for it - HEALTH CARE (and a H/T to alert NQ Reader, Mary, for this). You know, the big huge issue he's going to be pushing on the All Barack Company propaganda channel "forum" coming up, the one he thinks should be for ALL people - except the partners of GLB Federal employees. As one friend (who's heterosexual, by the way) said, it looks to her like all he's willing to give in terms of Federal Benefits is moving expenses, to which she responded, "whoopee."

Here's a panel discussion on this very topic on Anderson Cooper 360(H/T to American Girl in Italy for this):

C'mon, you gotta admit the absurdity of that is just laughable. Except that, once again, we are talking about real people and real lives, and one group still getting the short end of the stick.

Once, just ONCE, wouldn't it be nice if Obama actually walked the walk without being FORCED to do something to cover his backside after he screwed up? To do the just act, the right act, the honorable act without all of the drama? Without trashing someone first, like in the DOMA brief? Or the brief to the Supreme Court over DADT? I'm just sayin' - it would be nice if he were that kind of person. But he isn't. And once again, we are talking about Obama's lame attempts to placate us, to try and keep a voting bloc together. That may work for some (Kool-Aide drinking) people, but not for most of us.

All his false promises, and half hearted attempts, won't change that.


SFIndie said...

No, Rev, The Pretender NEVER does anything because it's the right thing to do. He doesn't have a clue what the right thing to do is, which is why he only does something when enough people raise hell.

So, in that little press conference, he flat-out lied about working with Congress to overturn DOMA. Glad to see the MSM is all over that one.

Richard Socarides says The Pretender deserves credit? For what? For giving a segment of our population 1/2 rights? Sort of like Michigan and Florida voters only getting 1/2 vote. The Pretender likes to do things half-way, it seems.

It is pure and simple a basic human rights violation that my LGBT friends and family do not have the same rights as I do - to marry, to make decisions for a spouse, to receive benefits, to be recognized as a whole human being, not 1/2.

Hey, but thank the goddess that if a federal employee moves, her/his same sex partner can go, too, and get reimbursed for moving expenses!

So sorry to hear about Sweetie, Rev. Wishing all of you the very best.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, SF - I appreciate that. I am still just reeling from the diagnosis...

Oh, yeah - ain't that great that those fed employee partners can get their moves reimbursed? Woohoo! Wow!! Now, if only they got REAL benefits (I mean, really - if they live together, wouldn't most of that already be COVERED????? TOTAL BS.).

Socarides seemed like the typical GLBT politician type. He was quick to give credit where none was due - what has Obama done for us? It's a one word answer - NOTHING. Actually, that's not true, come to think of it - he's done worse than nothing - he has backstabbed, backtracked, flip flopped, and flat out LIED. And Socarides let him off the hook.

I really liked what Dustin Lance Black said, but I do have to take exception with his categorizing Obama as "The Great Communicator." What a load of hooey. BUt he was absolutely right that we deserve full, equal, rights, and we deserve them NOW. What Obama tossed our way barely qualifies as crumbs from the table. Pathetic.

Great, thoughtful comment as always, SF!