Friday, June 26, 2009

A Bit Of A Departure

From talking about the governor of SC - i just don't know that I would have anything new to add to that whole discussion at this juncture...That might change, but not for the moment...

But it's a departure mainly from the political realm to the personal (oh wait - the personal IS the political, isn't it? Ahem.). I am heading back up to my hometown to see my mom, and to take her dog to visit her in the nursing care center (yes, they allow that - how cool, huh?). Here's Mom's dog, Dorothy:

Isn't she adorable?? She's even cuter in person.

And while I am speaking of dogs, on Tuesday, Sweetie had a surgical biopsy performed under anesthesia as the fine needle aspiration was inconclusive. Well, it showed spindle cell carcinoma, but wasn't conclusive enough to provide adequate information. Hence, the surgical biopsy). Thursday, the vet said she had anaplastic carcinoma, a VERY aggressive cancer, but still, not enough information on which to go for a treatment plan, so they are doing a culture of the biopsy. Sweetie has to have a chest x-ray on Tues. to see if the cancer has metastasized to her lungs, which will further inform any potential treatment.

Meanwhile, Sweetie is definitely still in post-op pain, and we are having to use a harness with her to help her get up and down the stairs (to go outside - here in the Lowcountry, most of us have to build up), as well as while walking out in the yard. Should she trip, it could result in a pathological fracture, so we are working hard to make sure that doesn't happen.

And the wait continues.

Here's Sweetie modeling the new look courtesy of the vet:

And finally, I received this video from a friend recently, and thought it was fantastic, a nice respite from the news about Sweetie. Especially since some of the same lyrics are in this song, as are in one of Michael Jackson's very earliest hits (when he was a child), this seems appropriate for the moment. Oh, I might add, speaking of Michael Jackson, I cut a rug a number of times to his music, especially while in seminary when I could still kinda, sorta dance (I've had these bad knees a lot of years).

Anyway - get ready to smile big at the following. They only rehearsed this twice:

Nice, right?

So, what's on YOUR mind today?

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