Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frank Ricci Speaks Out

Fellow NQ writer, LisaB, has covered the issue of the SCOTUS and the New Haven Firefighters, but this video contained information I had not previously heard:

So, there WERE African Americans and Hispanics who passed the exam, too, something previously unreported. As Mr. Ricci said, the press did NOT do its job, accepting as fact the city of New Haven's talking points. Wow - what a HUGE surprise - the press not engaging in fact checking. Again! Shocking. Ahem.

I thought this was an interesting interview. Congratulations to all of the firefighters who worked so hard to pass their tests (Ricci was not the only one who sacrificed studying for the exam - it sounds like EVERYONE sacrifices for these extra classes and tests). Here's hoping you all get the positions, and back pay, you worked so hard to achieve.


Mary Ellen said...

I read the Chicago Trib today and they're still not reporting that any African Americans passed the test. And I have yet to see one article written that reveals what it was on the test that would keep AA or any minorities from passing the test. All they had to do was study hard. In fact, when the test was originally written, it was done in a way to be sure there was nothing on the test that would be discriminatory in any way.

(Off topic: As I promised, I did write about my granddaughter's fourth of July accident in a public announcement on my blog. Do you think that this would be something that NQ would be interested in? My blog is so small, it won't be read by many and I think it's an important announcement.)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

Gosh, what a surprise that they aren't reporting all of the facts! I gotta tell you, I was STUNNED when Ricci said that - who the hell knew?? And two Hispanics, too! People make a big deal over Ricci paying someone to make audio books for him, but he worked HARD to pass that test. From what he said, so did everyone else, so WTH already?

Your story abt your granddaughter was amazing. YES, please send it to me, and I'll post it at NQ - gladly, friend! Thanks!!