Thursday, June 4, 2009

And The Plot Thickens...

As it turns out, the domestic terrorist, Abdulhakim Muhammad, who targeted Army soldiers outside of a recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas may not be acting independently after all. This is disturbing, to say the least. Here's the latest on what has been discovered about him, some more details about Private Long, and a new video from bin Laden threatening the US:

Wow. That is some mighty disturbing news (here is the LINK, if you'd rather read the article), is it not, both in terms of Muhammad and bin Laden? Well, Joe Biden said this president was going to be "tested by an international crisis within the first six months," and so he is. It's a shame he's too busy trying to garner more accolades from other countries* rather than dealing with the very pressing issues here at home, but I think most of us expected that, didn't we?

And so this isn't abstract, this is Private Long, the soldier whose life was snuffed out bu this domestic terrorist:

As of this writing, Obama STILL has not made a statement about the soldiers ambushed in Little Rock. His silence speaks volumes. Especially as he IS the Commander in Chief. But he has nothing to say about two US Army soldiers gunned down in broad daylight in one of our cities? Nothing?? Holy smokes. Like I said - that speaks volumes to me, and what it says is NOT GOOD.

I cannot help but wonder how these two soldiers' families feel that Obama has remained silent this attack? Especially Private Long's family, as they deal with their tragic loss with no phone call from the White House? Not to mention what it says to their fellow soldiers...What kind of impact is this having on them? I can only imagine... I know it's having a pretty big impact on a whole bunch of us who care about terrorists attacks on our own soil of those who have given their lives in service to this country...And I do know that many of us extend out hearts and prayers to all of them, the families, the other soldiers, and the people of Little Rock.

The difference between the treatment and coverage of the murders of Dr. Tiller and Pvt. Long is getting some notice, though:

I hope that Obama will wait no longer to extend his sympathies to Pvt. Long's family. But I'm not holding my breath...And that's just sad.

* By the way, Obama has claimed that our country has one of the largest Muslim populations in the world. This is laughable on the face of it, but if you want to read the actual statistics, and a great post on this topic as well as Obama's latest Magical Mystery Tour, I recommend LisaB's, "When Is 'Hussein' Not A Smear? When Obama Say's It's Not, OF Course." I won't keep you in suspense - we are nowhere CLOSE to having the largest Muslim population in the world. We have about 2.3 million Muslims here, nowhere NEAR as many as a number of other countries.

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