Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well, Golly Gee, Anne, That Will Learn Him

As in Anne Hathaway, an actress I actually like, and one whose movies I have seen (yes, both Princess Diaries - what's your point??!). She has taken such a strong stand, I am sure you will agree, on an important issue. Oh, yes - I am talking, of course, about her decision to NOT turn her back on Rick Warren during The One's Coronation. Oh, SNAP, Anne! Way to stand up for what you believe in - so courageous and brave!! You go, girl!!

Oh, wait - sorry, I am getting ahead of myself now. See, there was this article on Sunday, Anne Hathaway Against Rick Warren, But Won't Turn Back On Him at Inauguration. Now, in case you somehow missed it reading your issue of People or OK! or wherever it is they have this kind of info, Ms. Hathaway is a big Obama supporter. What a SURPRISE! Not. Well, she was mighty upset at him over his choice of Pastor Rick Warren to play an important role in the Coronation. Here's what she had to say about this offensive choice, along with the generous set-up by the author of the article:
Hathaway is also proving to be incredibly articulate, and, as the year passed, politicized in a way that puts her in the legacy of Jane Fonda and Susan Sarandon. She speaks her mind about issues she feels passionately about.

One of them is Barack Obama—whom she backed—and his choice of Rick Warren as the Obama Inauguration’s clergy of choice.

“I am against it,” Hathaway told me at the after party last night amid champagne toasts to her, to Streep, and to her “Rachel” co-star Rosemarie Dewitt. “My older brother is gay, and so its a family issue for me. My father is coming with me to the Inauguration. At first we discussed not going, and then we thought we’d just turn our backs when he [Warren] speaks. But we didn’t want to be disrespectful. So we’re going to wear ribbons protesting his appearance.”

So she’s outspoken, and polite. That’s a combination you can’t beat.

Wowie freakin' zowie, Anne - you are practically another Norma Rae, I tell ya! Way to stand up to the man, especially in solidarity with your gay brother! Hell to the yeah, wear that ribbon! That oughta learn Obama that you are not happy with his choice of YET ANOTHER homophobe for the big occasion! Of course, it isn't stopping you from GOING, or from supporting him in the FIRST place, this misogynistic homophobe who has surrounded himself with anti-gay, anti-choice men at EVERY turn.

I don't know about your brother, but speaking for me only, I gotta tell you, it just does not feel like a whole lot of support. If someone consistently surrounds himself with actively anti-gay people, it should tell you something about him. And if all you do is make excuses for him, or protest by wearing a ribbon while still participating in his Coronation, well, that has about ZERO impact. But you just go ahead and tell yourself you are taking a stand while still participating in the event. Oh, yeah - that'll sure learn 'em, as we say down here in the South. Power to the people!

I cannot even begin to tell you how sick and tired I am of this. People who claim to care about GLBT issues and rights, who have family members who are GLBT, or even GLBT people themselves who continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to who Obama really is. What the HELL is it going to take to get through to you? He does not give a DAMN about the GLBT community. If he DID, he would not associate with The IL Senator Rev. James Meeks, who is rabidly anti-gay . Or Donnie "God Delivered Me From Homosexuality" McClurkin. Or Doug "Hell No, You Gay People Can't Marry!" Kmiec. Or invite one of the big haters of Gay people - Rick Warren - a man who will not even allow us into his CHURCH - to be up front and center in his Big Event. Or who chooses Tim Kaine, another big time gay hater, to be THE CHAIR OF THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE, the very party the GLBT community has, by and large, supported.

Oh, that's not a slap in the face or an affront at all!! Oh, and Ladies - both Warren and Kaine don't think you should be able to choose what happens to your own body your self either! What a GREAT feminist minded guy he is! Treats women like crap in the open for eighteen months, and yet still is lauded as being a FEMINIST by Ms. Magazine! That is just obscene.

And yes, I have heard that The Right Rev. Gene Robinson has now been asked to give an invocation at a Sunday night Lincoln Memorial Inaugural event. Oh, well, that just makes EVERYTHING okay now, doesn't it? A last minute addition to an event that is not exactly the main event will make all of us gay people all of a sudden forget that Obama chose a rabidly homophobic, misogynist to be on the Main Stage. Oh, yes, I am so thankful for this crumb dropped from the table. Maybe Obama isn't such a hater after all, right?

Freaking spare me already. I have had it. Sorry if I am being pissy, but this is just sheer stupidity. Yes, I said it. At what point are his followers EVER going to hold him accountable?? EVER??? This is like the people who thought George Bush could do no wrong no matter WHAT he did - the refusal to join the "reality-based community" is just as strong among the Obama supporters as it was for the Bush supporters. You know, the same ones we ridiculed. Enough already. Stop with the excuses. Stop the denial. And stop pretending that wearing a little ribbon will make any difference to the issue at hand - Obama's homophobia. Here's a newsflash: Obama is not the Saint you created him to be.

Frankly, Warren and Kaine are not all that different from Ken Blackwell, the potential RNC Chair, who said, "Homosexuality is a compulsion that can be contained, repressed or changed." Please tell me why that is any more unacceptable than the crap Warren spews about unrepentant gays not being allowed to attend his church, and equates us to pedophiles and incest perpetrators. Or Kaine spewing this:
Marriage between a man and a woman is the building block of the family and a keystone of our civil society. It has been so for centuries in societies around the world. I cannot agree with a court decision suddenly declaring that marriage must now be redefined to include unions between people of the same gender.

Or this:
And finally in the area of adoption. Virginia has adoption laws right now that I agree with. The adoption laws say the only couple that is allowed to adopt is a married couple.

I'm just saying - not a whole helluva lot of difference there.

Here's the deal: no amount of ribbons are going to change who Obama really is, Anne. He is a homophobe who surrounds himself with homophobes. And don't tell me that this is just one issue among many. This is not an "issue" - it is my LIFE. Just as being a woman is not an issue, but my LIFE. Who Obama chooses to elevate is telling, telling indeed. That is the reality.

It is WAY past time for his followers to come back to the reality-based community and take a good, hard look at the man who was given the Democratic Nomination while they covered their eyes and ears, no matter how much we tried to tell them who he really was. Because let me tell you something - Hillary Clinton would never in a bazillion years pick someone so offensive to women and GLBT people. She NEVER would have appointed an anti-gay, anti-choice man to be Chair of the DNC. So when you stood by, and allowed the RBC/DNC to engage in vote theft, when you stood by while Obama engaged in caucus fraud, when you stood by while ACORN engaged in rampant voter fraud, you gave your tacit approval to Obama's homophobia and misogyny.

Stop turning your back on THAT, and FACE the reality of what you have done.


Glenn said...

Now I understand. MLK's daughter Bernice was just on CNN. She explained that nObama's election is biblical. I didn't know this but according to the bible, things always change when they count in the 40's or something like that. Obama's administration will be the 44th so it is biblical. See?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, Glenn - you have GOT to be kidding me. I must have missed that class at Union...


I'm sorry, but that kind of thinking is just pure superstition.

Um, thanks for the comment, I think! :-)

SFIndie said...

Obama's election, biblical? OMG, what next? How about this.....Scholars for the Smithsonian Institute have uncovered new Nostradamus interpretations that may relate to Barack Obama:

The great empire will be torn from limb,
The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:
Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,
The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby.

Except, this country hasn't been "all powerful" for more than 400 years, and Obama is NOT "from slaves come".

Jeez, people will find any reason they can to deify BigO. If it wasn't so scary, it would be laughable.

And, congratulations to Anne Hathaway for showing such courage, such strength of purpose, such commitment to her beliefs. Yup. Right on, Annie girl, you show 'em what you're made of.

As a PFLAG, I'm baffled and bewildered (and pretty pissed off) at my gay and lesbian friends who STILL won't take their heads out of the sand.

It's all just too unbelievable.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

SFIndie -

Thank you for sharing Scriptures of a different kind which prophesied what has come to our land...All Hail BigO! Ahem. Cough.

What the hell is wrong with these people?!?!?

I just cannot understand what it will take for some people. You know, it reminds me of a joke, this after-thought existence from Obama - first bringing in a gay minister at a rally at which McClurkin was speaking, now bringing in Robinson. And we are all supposed to go, "Oh, well, see? He DOES care about us!!"

It reminds me of a "joke" told by the coach in the movie "Personal Best." In the movie, an athlete got injured when her mark was accidentally moved for the long jump by her partner. The coach, assuming it was intentional (competition between them), told her (and this is a rough re-telling) abt a gay guy who went into a bar, and came onto a sailor. The sailor took him to the top of the building, and making some pretty nasty comments to the gay guy, threw him off the building. As the sailor passed him by on the street, the gay guy leaned up on an elbow, and said, "Yoohoo! I'm not mad!"


PuppyDogMom said...

I continue to be mystified by how willing people are to compromise their principles (assuming they have ?of course turning my back means I'll have to turn my back.

And Obama's election BIBLICAL? That's not superstitious, Amy. That's pure insanity. The only saving grace in all of this is Hillary.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I know, PuppyDogMom - isn't it unbelievable? If you had asked MOST of these people a year ago if they would support someone who got where he was without providing one SCRAP of paper to prove his records, or who got everyone else thrown off the ballot so he could win or who was GIVEN votes cast for another, they would be insulted, and indignant. Now? They gleefully support him.

I saw a bumpersticker tonight that said, "Start Practiicng It: President Obama!" It just seemed SO much like something the Bush supporters would have said.

This winning at all cost thing is truly disturbing...

Mary Ellen said...

I can't tell you how many Obamabot blogs run by gays are making excuses for Obama on this issue. As soon as they found out that he "allowed" Rev. Robinson to an invocation on Sunday night at the Lincoln Memorial Inaugural event, they grabbed on to that like a life-jacket in order to save face for supporting Obama in the first place. They did the same thing when he voted for the FISA Bill...made excuses and said that he would change it when he became President.

I don't understand, Rev.Amy, I just don't understand it! It's like watching the Bush supporters after he was elected, only in his case, Bush was doing everything they wanted. He wasn't tossing his supporters under the bus like Obama is. Maybe Progressives (aka Re-gressives) are like abused spouses who are willing to put up with the abuse, all the time telling everyone that he will "change".

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

I don't get it, either. It defies logic, that's for sure.

Like I said to SFIndie, the LGBT community is CONSISTENTLY an after-thought. OBama throws crumbs our way after picking who he REALLY wants, and everyone just laps them up, like - well - abused people (or puppies). It is really, really sad, if you think abt it.

In both cases - Robinson and some guy in SC - Obama did not even THINK of including a GLBT person until after people started screaming. The POINT is that he CONSISTENTLY CHOOSES ANTI-GAY people!! TO deny that s simply delusional.

You hit the nail on the head, though, ME - it's like abused people always making excuses for their abuser. Really, really sad.

Thanks for coming by! (Oh - I tried to send you an email abt something upcoming for me, but it said your old email address was no longer good. I wil be having a post on it tomorrow, but I DID try to let you know!)

Anonymous said...

Thank God I found your blog! I feel like I've been living a real life version of invasion of the body snatchers since Obama was elected! Heterosexual people who I considered to be my friends had the audacity to tell me I should stop complaining about the Rick Warren incident and "trust Obama"....and worse. I have lost lifelong friends over this bullshit, and it has even damaged relationships with family members. Obama did more to degrade, insult, and damage LGBT people on his first day in office than any other president has done in an entire term (at least in my lifetime) I have gotten so worked up that I started a blog 2 days ago entitled www.obamahatesfags.com. Please take a moment to read it. I think you are my soul mate! You'll probably get a good chuckle out of it as well.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, AFWI!

Glad you found my blog!

I am sorry that Obama's Hope-y Change-y Rainbow Unicorn has blinded so many of your family and friends. It really is astonishing the level of delusion and denial of which his minions are capable. No amt of showing them cold, hard facts seems to influence them.

Like Tim Kaine. Really? He's okay with everyone to be the new face of the DNC?? An Anti-Choice, Anti-Gay white man?? Really???? And we are included in there where. exactly?? I'd sure like to see Joe Salmonese, that fawning leader of the HRC, be pushed on how the HELL he could ever have supported this guy! He knew EARLY on that Obama constantly surrounded himself with actively anti-gay men, and STILL HRC endorsed him???? That is just obscene. The membership should have demanded his resignation immediately. He is a tool.

Anyway, I am glad you found me. You may have noticed I am on a bit of a break now while recovering from joint replacement surgery, but NoQuarterUSA.net is another good site at which to hang out (and at which I regularly cross-post).

Hang in there!!