Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Economic Stimulus!

Andy Borowitz had the following as his post on January 8. FINALLY, someone acknowledges the power of Obama's oration:
"Obama Hopes to Calm Americans With Series of Boring Speeches, Economic Address Contains Opposite of Stimulus

Hoping to calm a nation whose nerves have been rattled by economic woes, President-elect Barack Obama today delivered the first in a series of numbingly boring speeches designed to put the nation to sleep.

Viewers who were able to remain awake for the entirety of his speech could boil down Mr. Obama's economic plan to two points: stimulate the American economy while tranquilizing the American people.

"The President-elect is well aware that Americans are having trouble sleeping," said chief of staff designee Rahm Emanuel. "These speeches are designed to fix that."

By that criterion, Mr. Obama's speech on economic matters today was a huge success, with over half of his audience losing consciousness five minutes in.

"That speech was a home run," Mr. Emanuel said. "If he gives more speeches like that, you can throw away your Ambien."

But even as Mr. Emanuel was touting his boss's sandman-like oratory, Mr. Obama's Surgeon General nominee, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, offered Americans the following warning: "If you are listening to one of President-elect Obama's speeches on the radio, do not attempt to operate heavy machinery."

FINALLY - finally someone acknowledges that Obama is not the Wordsmith he's been portrayed to be. And honestly, Hillary would not have had to look at notes while speaking on this issue like Obama had to do the other day, swiveling his head left and right looking at his notes, like a bobble head. Don't take my word for it, just take a look at this (I recommend leaving the sound off myself):

Remember when she was on Jim Cramer? She could speak extemporaneously on a number of economic issues and not miss a beat, and she sure as hell didn't check any notes:

I have to say, I am really of two minds about this: on the one hand, I am GLAD Clinton isn't the president during these trying times because you KNOW she would be blamed for the mess this country is in as if she had been in office for the past 8 years. Oh, and everything going on with Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon would be her fault, too.

On the other hand, I wish she WAS our president because I trust HER to actually know how to affect some positive change for the country. Obama? Not so much...To put it mildly.

Okay, so maybe I am just cranky about this comment John Kerry made regarding Clinton's hearing for her new position (Clinton Confirmation Hearing Set): Kerry said in a statement.
"My friend and colleague Hillary Clinton will bring her years of experience and acute intellect to her position as America's top diplomat."

Well, NO DUH, Sherlock!! So why didn't you back the one with the "years of experience" instead of this unprepared, ill-prepared PEBO we have now?? Holy cow.

Oh, but get this. Besides Dr. Gupta becoming our Surgeon General, guess who might end up being the US Ambassador to Great Britain? Indeed, it is another TV personality, only this one, unlike Dr. Gupta, has no experience for it (there's that theme again). Are you ready? OPRAH!!!! Yes, Oprah. (Major H/T to alert NQ reader, Capt Howdy for this.) I swear I am absolutely not making this up. Holy frijole.

I feel another head explosion coming on. In honor of Oprah's potential new gig, how about a song from Duffy? I might add, this could well be the Obots' theme song (sorry - the embed link has been disabled). Click HERE.


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Anonymous said...

If your head explodes, will Dr. Gupta be able to recommend a treatment? Maybe heads exploding all over the country is the 'horrible event' Joe Biden was warning would happen in the future. Is that what they want us to use the plastic wrap an duct tape for?

You are so right about how boring Obama is! I think the drone is on purpose--he is able to mask some pretty scary ideas with it. Yesterday, he kept repeating that "only government" can help us, get us out of the economic mess, etc. As if government is never wrong, the problem, or reckless. I am really concerned by such a bent, as I am a strict fiscal conservative (as I believe anyone over the age of 8 should be). Socially, I am liberal, which gets a little difficult when it comes to necessary social spending, but there is so much government waste I think we would all be shocked if we really knew.... Anyway, I wish people would wake up to the blatant hemorraging of money that's happened in the last few years and is going to increase exponentially. It's disasterous and scary.

Also, thank you very much for the mention in your other article of my article. I am so psyched to be a part of this circle of incredibly caring and intelligent people and hope I can find valuable things to contribute in the future. I just learned today that Dr. Gupta has pushed the horrible Gardasil vaccine so now he is on my bad guy list. He's on Merck's dole--what a surprise. I have friends with daughters so I've heard tons about this. That vaccine has caused dizziness, fainting (try that while driving home from the Dr.'s office), extreme pain, and even death, yet he continues to distort the statistics of its safety and efficacy. Gupta's carelessness puts these girls (ages 10 to 20) in mortal danger.

SFIndie said...

Good morning, Rev Amy...

Every morning I wake up and wonder, what piece of nonsense has PEBO thrown out at us lately? What morsel of idiocy, what bit of incompetence, what complete and utter showing of stupidity will we be gifted with? Because I have no doubt that until January 20, 2013, we will indeed be stuck with a never-ending barrage of bullsh*t.

So today, I get to see PEBO’s bouncing head (yep, I turned the sound off, it’s bad enough having to look at him), and wonder who in the world ever though he was a great orator? Even Chelsea Clinton can speak with more intelligence, more presence, more coherence, and without notes, than The Man Who Would Be President.

And then I read on and ...Oprah??? Ambassador to Great Britain??? WTF??? James Forsyth wrote on October 20, 2008, at

Gideon Rachman floats, on his blog, the rumour that Obama might make Oprah Winfrey Ambassador to London, and no it is not April Fool’s Day. I doubt very much this will happen, there are other ambassadorships I’d expect she’d prefer, but it does illustrate a long-standing weakness in the way the United States appoints its ambassadors.

The plum jobs nearly always go to big campaign donors. This is a practise the United States cannot afford now that it is involved in a struggle for international support for its actions in a 24.7 media environment. It needs the best people for the job that it has regardless of whether they gave to the campaigns or not. Does anyone really believe that Oprah is the person best placed to explain to the British public why America felt it had to strike Iran's nuclear facilities.

It certainly didn’t help that during the Iraq war, the US Ambassador to London had been picked for his campaign contributions to Bush and his interest in horse-racing. A more effective ambassador might well have been able to make the US case for removing Saddam in a clear way and ensured that the British government had an easier time working in concert with Washington.

If Obama is serious about improving the way America presents itself to the world, then he should scrap this outdated spoils system. But then having opted out of public financing, Obama has a lot of donors to reward.

I’m not feeling too HOPEful about all the CHANGEs. Not even a bit.

Mike J. said...

Gupta as Surgeon General, Oprah as Ambassador to UK, I guess the big remaining question is what to do with Dr. Phil?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Sonic!

Thanks for coming by, and my pleasure for mentioning your very good article!

HOLY COW, I did not know that abt Gupta and Gardasil. I am not surprised one iota by it, though, nor that he is a shill for Merck.

GOOD POINT abt the heads exploding thing! I mean, really - when the new VP comes out and says that the cabinet choices are poor, just WHAT can we expect for the next 4 years?? Sheesh!

Glad to have you aboard, SonicNinjaKitty!!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

SFIndie, thank you SO much for that piece. It must make other countries insane the way we pay back people with political posts for their financial contributions. Oh, wait - isn't that why Blago got in trouble??

Honestly - what he did seems no different than what people have done for ages in this country - surely, JJJ thought HE was getting something for his shilling, right? And probably some major donations thrown Obama's way? Then there is the next Camelot Kennedy - and I used to have respect forvthe Kennedys until, well - this year, though RFK's kids seem pretty solid. I like them still. I digress - if it is different, it is only by degrees, and not many of them...

Smart move watching the Bobble Head without the sound, too!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Dr. Phil. Hmm, let's see. I am sure there is a place for him in Obama's Administration. Windbag General? Hypocrite General (I mean, really - he's giving people advice left and right, then his wife files for divorce - okey dokey)? I'm sure you could come up with some good ones, Mike J!