Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Wonder If Their Heads...

Really do explode like pumpkins? I'm just asking because of the whole Obama picking Tim Kaine to be the new chair of the DNC thing. See, not only is Kaine anti-choice, but he is also anti-gay. Obama sure does like these homophobes, doesn't he? He constantly surrounds himself with them, Kaine being the latest.

Anywho - I ask about their heads exploding because of the following articles (h/t/ to lavender liberal for the Huffington and Aravosis pieces).

First up is none other than Arianna Huffington, who wrote this back on January 16, 2006: Dems Pick Kaine for State of Union Response; What the Hell Are They Thinking? The title alone says it all, doesn't it? Let me give you some tidbits from Ms. Huffington:
So the Democrats have chosen Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to deliver the party's response to President Bush's State of the Union speech. Chalk up another one for the What the Hell Are They Thinking? file.

Can't disagree with her there - and that was BEFORE he and Obama became BFFs!!! Here's the other good part:
Don't ask me why, but I actually watched Kaine's inaugural address on C-SPAN, and I was stunned to hear him dare compare the cause of Virginians like Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson to our cause in Iraq: "They stood here at a time, just as today, when Virginians serving freedom's cause sacrificed their lives so that democracy could prevail over tyranny."

Iraq as a war to ensure that democracy can prevail over tyranny is George Bush's talking point. God help us if it's also the talking point of the man the Democrats have chosen to respond to him after the State of the Union.

And during Kaine's run for Governor, he adopted another Bush talking point -- that it would send "a horrible message" to "cut and run" in Iraq. Could that be any further from Murtha's message that Iraq has become a civil war -- a civil war being inflamed by our continuing presence?

Maybe you are thinking -- at least those of you who have a life and missed his inaugural speech on C-SPAN -- that Kaine is a charismatic speaker who will really wow the American people. Well, he ain't. In fact, he scored so low on the scintillating speaker meter, that today's Note suggests Democrats make it a priority to get the Guv a speech tutor before the State of the Union.

That's right, all of you Obots who acted like Hillary alone was responsible for the Iraq war, and based your entire vote on that, despite Obama's non-record, and surrounding himself with people who voted for the war. Yep, KAINE is a big ol' Iraq war guy who sounds like Bush, and now he is the CHAIR OF THE DNC!!!!! Wheeee! (Oh, and at this writing, the ONLY thing HuffPo had on this was an AP article by Obama's sychophant, Nedra Pickler.)

The next one, from January 30, 2006, was John Aravosis on "Homophobe To Give Democratic Response To The State of the Union." Oh, this is good. Yessirree. Here's Aravosis on Kaine and gay marriage:
On the unlikely chance that you thought there was any value left in the Democratic party after today, we have a homophobe giving the Democratic response to the State of the Union tomorrow...

It's one thing for the governor to be worried about being "for" gay marriage in Virginia, the state that brought us miscegenation laws. It's quite another for the governor to not understand the difference between gay marriage and an amendment that rips away all legal protections from gay couples, gay employees, and their children.

The new breed of Democrat can't handle the concept of nuance. They can't handle the concept of some things being difficult to oppose, and other things being easy. Yes, gay marriage is a tough issue. But ripping away the rights of every gay person and their children in the commonwealth should be a no-brainer. You can explain why that's a bad thing, even to the people of Virginia, if you have half a spine.

Oh, don't you just love when the chickens come home to roost? I know I do...

Hmmm - I wonder what they are saying over at Daily Kos, that bastion of "All Things Obama"?? Oh, this is good. Poster gladkov has a piece entitled, "Tim Kaine: A Big Step Backwards as DNC Chair?" Just hold the phone - is this person questioning the wisdom of The ONE??? S/he better be careful - you know what happens to people who write posts with which the Orange does not agree - you get No Quarter! Oh, and booted outta there. Perhaps the first paragraph was intended to mollify Daily Kos readers:
I was very disappointed to hear Howard Dean was stepping down but he served his term, went on to new things. I respect him for that. I am a bit non-plussed about the choice of Tim Kaine, however, as DNC Chair.

Dean. Blech. Major sexist pig.

But is is the following where I think gladkov is pushing the boundaries:
Crooks and Liars gives a good run-down of some of the issues:


Ugh. After Howard Dean, could we pick a more disappointing choice for DNC head? After all, what the spinally deficient Dems need is a more milquetoasty, against stem cell research, pro-life, anti-gay chairman whose actions speak directly to his callousness towards those less fortunate directing the candidates and elections to help retain the Democratic majority, doncha know?

Here's a little newsflash for you, crooksandliars - "WE" didn't pick Kaine. Obama did. But why quibble?? Gladkov continues:
Let's start with the gay marriage/civil unions thing. Now for weeks, many have told us GLBT to shut up about Warren. It's just a prayer, it doesn't mean anything. It's about Obama's real policy. Ok, so who does Obama put in charge of the DNC: http://sicsempertyrannis.blogspot.com...

Only Kaine, a civil rights lawyer, has spoken in favor of granting certain rights to gay couples in long-term relationships. He said he supports the right of gay people in long-term relationships to enjoy the "civil benefits" available to married couples.

"I have never said I supported gay civil unions, gay marriages," Kaine told the AP last Friday. "I do believe that people shouldn’t be kicked out of their jobs or discriminated against because of who they are."

How kind of Mr. Kaine. He thinks I should not be kicked out of my house!
But, um, what about gay marriage or, failing that, civil unions:

"Marriage between a man and a woman is the building block of the family and a keystone of our civil society. It has been so for centuries in societies around the world. I cannot agree with a court decision suddenly declaring that marriage must now be redefined to include unions between people of the same gender.

"Virginia defines marriage as being between a man and a woman and I strongly support that law. Regardless of the court ruling today in another state, I am confident that there is nothing in the Virginia or federal constitutions that would require Virginia to alter its longstanding policy about marriage."

The Democrat also insisted that he opposes gay marriage and gay civil unions but supports contractual rights for gay and lesbian Virginians.

So, um, for all who said we should wait and see what Obama actually DOES instead of relying on that silly symbolism of Rick Warren, what about a DNC Chair who opposes even civil unions, who will be reinforcing this in his policy arguments? Think we have a right to be outraged now?

No, many of us were already outraged at Obama's treatment of the GLBT community. A long damn time ago. Glad you could catch up, though. Sorry you're all upset now. Maybe you should have looked a little closer to the other homophobes in Obama's life. I could say, "Better late than never," but now we are stuck with Obama and his anti-gay minions, so thanks tons for that.

I guess watching their heads explode as they realize that Obama really isn't so great is one small consolation. Not enough, but it's something, right? I'm sure there are more examples of the sheer hypocrisy that has become the hallmark of the Obamanation. Feel free to share! I imagine over the next four years, there will be more than we ever could have thought possible...

Just one more recap: Obama has chosen the DNC chair a man who is anti-choice, anti-gay, and pro-Iraq war. Gee - he's just everything the rest of us thought he was...


Mary Ellen said...

I have to laugh when I see the Obots whining about these picks of Obama, but as you pointed out, they don't blame him...it's now "we". An answer to Queen Ariana of Huffpost fame, what were THEY thinking when they were covering all of Obama's lies during the campaign? Did they actually believe he was only lying about some things and not to them? What a bunch of maroons!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I know, right? It really is astonishing how they can try and WORM their way out of ANY responsibility for this guy and his minions.

And NO kidding abt the whole coverage by those places - they were so in his pocket, they couldn't even see a way out...

"Maroons" - perfect!!

SO good to have you back, ME!!!