Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Square Coins, " "Trees Bent In One Direction..."

You may remember those phrases from an old commercial for Aruba. But if you don't, here is a more current one starring Lewis Black:

Nice work if you can get, it right? Oh, yeah.

So why am I going on about Aruba? Because that is where I am for the next seven days. Yes, I know, my life is so hard! Honestly, it's the only way to really get my partner, Suzy, to take a break from her demanding job. So, off we will go, with our godson in tow to celebrate his high school graduation. We will be spending a lot of time snorkeling, relaxing, eating great seafood, and sightseeing around the island.

This will be my third trip there, though you may recall the second one was right after my mom died, a difficult, painful time indeed. This time will give me the opportunity to revisit the Remembrance Rock piles my partner and I erected in Mom's memory, as well as the above-mentioned fun activities. No doubt, it will bring those memories and feelings flooding back, but will also give me the opportunity to make new memories with our 18 year old godson. No telling how many more of these week-long vacations we will have with him now that he is older (he has come to stay with us since he was 8), so we will be cherishing every moment we have with him.

Here are some photos from a previous trip so you can see just how difficult - ahem - it is to be there. Aruba is quite arid, like being in a desert out in the middle of the most amazing water. This is a pretty typical landscape of cacti, rocks, and water:

This was taken at the Natural Bridge, which, sadly, has fallen in after a hurricane came their way:

And this is a great place we found for snorkeling, just a short drive from where we will be staying (again):

Okay, one last one. Burros are wild in Aruba, and wander around the undeveloped areas:

Aren't they cute? I am looking forward to being back on that beautiful island again.

Anyway, I will be back and blogging July 9th. Hope you have a good week, and weekend. *See* you soon!


SFIndie said...

I wish all of you a wonderful, memory creating, relaxing time! I look forward to seeing the pictures when you get back. (And Montserrat in December...)

Anonymous said...

Good for you and what a great graduation present for your Godson!

Tomorrow my cousin (Sister Antoinette) and her traveling companion and very good friend (Sister Claire) will be leaving the Mother House for a week with Nunly. Just atheist husband surrounded by nuns for an entire week! Ha!

Have a great time and enjoy the beach and the beautiful ocean water.

And if I don't talk to you before the Fourth of July, enjoy it while you can before we lose our Independence and our Constitution is shredded to pieces. ;-)

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, y'all! It was a fantastic trip. We had such a good time with our godson. He is an excellent traveling companion, adventuresome, and loves good food, so eating out was a pleasure, too. It is amazing to see this boy we have known for so long appear as a 6'5" muscular, lean young man, excited abt life, and his upcoming service in the Marines.

Anyway, yes, we made great memories together, including another Rembrance rock pile for Mom, which our godson helped build. Very touching...

Are you kidding me, SF?? Heck yes, Montserrat in Dec.!!! We talked abt that, too!

And Nunly, that is freakin' hilarious. I bet you will have the most AWESOME things abt which to write!!! :-D

Yeah, shame abt that Constitution thing, huh? Sigh...