Thursday, July 22, 2010

JournoList Members Protected Obama In 2008

We knew this was happening - we knew that many in the MSM were protecting Obama, were refusing to vet him, to investigate allegations against him, or those with whom he was very close, like Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

But here's the thing. A number of these journalists (and academics), including from major news outlets, wrote down their plans to do what they could to protect Obama, both in the Primaries, and in the General Election. And did they ever. Check out this interview with Tucker Carlson (I know, I know - he was horrible to Hillary Clinton, but he does acknowledge that these "journalists" worked against her, too). It is eye opening:

We knew it - we knew they were using the race card to help Obama, and to protect him from scrutiny. And use it they did, over and over, and over again. They STILL are using it, for that matter.

But wait, there's more. In this report, more of the actual statements by some of the so-called journalists who colluded to help Obama are brought to light:

And finally, and I bet you knew this was coming, these "journalists" are revealed to have coordinated attacks against Sarah Palin:

Daily Caller has much, much more on this topic, with more revelations each day, it seems (I am having some technical issues with my computer, so please forgive the lack of links to the actual stories).

I used to scoff at the charges of the "liberal bias" in the media. I thought they were ridiculous, sour grapes, and all of that. But this isn't just bias, this is intentionally controlling news about one candidate, protecting a candidate from being properly vetted, and using a despicable tactic to deflect any questions, the race card. Despicable.

These people are not journalists, not by a long shot. Each and every one of them should lose their jobs over this. They shaped an entire election by their collusion, engaging in character assassinations, race baiting, and propaganda, to protect their chosen politician.

And they wonder why people in this country have lost faith in the media. After this revelation, they should wonder no more...


Anonymous said...

Every time I see stories like this that show how despicable the Democrats have become, I wonder begin to wonder if they were always like this and I was too naive to see it, or if it is due to the infiltration of the extreme left so-called "Progressives" who have destroyed the party?

Like you, I used to laugh at the idea of a left leaning media, but it all seemed to change with this last Presidential Primary and election.

All I know is that I've been watching Fox News more than CNN. And if you would have told me a few years ago that this would be my future, I would have laughed in your face.

I do tune into MSNBC every once in awhile to see what the "loons" have to say. Well, I don't watch KO because I cringe just looking at that face of his. And Rachel Maddow really needs to get control of those facial contortions and eye rolls. It's enough to make babies cry and scare small animals.

That said, there are a few on Fox News I'd like to bitch slap,too. My favorite on Fox is Greta.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

I know - I have to wonder the same thing. I know there were things that happened that made me go, "huh??? Why are the Dems doing that?" but generally speaking, I guess I bought the "We are so much better than the Reps' meme for a lot of years. Now I am seeing things much clearer - like the stick of Roe v. Wade, the perennial promises to the LGBT community that never quite get fulfilled, and the constant pandering to certain groups, like the unions or illegal aliens. I guess I am more of a "law and order" person than I used to be, as well as wanting fairness and justice. The Dems, as evidenced by people like Charlie Rangel, and Obama himself, are not the ones to do that.

Not sure anyone really is in politics, though there are a few bright stars, like Paul Ryan, and our Hillary.

Oh, me, too!! I NEVER would have watched Fox before, but it does do a good job with regular news, and they do seem to provide a better balance of opinions. I like Greta a lot - she is a smart cookie, that one, and an excellent interviewer.

So, yes - these "journalists" are something else, aren't they? But on one thing we can agree with them - they do not like Keith Olbermann!! Isn't that funny?? And true (more on that soon).

Great to hear from you!