Friday, July 16, 2010

DOJ Says It's Okay To Flaunt Federal Law For "Sancutary Cities"

Is it just me, or does the Department of Justice seem to be playing favorites? They are pursuing Arizona as if they are threatening to secede from the Union, not protecting their borders from illegal immigrants with laws that duplicate federal laws. But, sue them the Department of Justice is.

But guess after whom the DOJ refuses to go? Sanctuary cities. You know, places like San Francisco, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Seattle, to name a few, which willingly flaunt federal immigration law by ignoring immigration law as it applies to illegal immigrants. Tacoma Park, MD, flat out refuses to enforce federal immigration laws:
2. All City officials and employees continue--in keeping with our City's Sanctuary status, and with our long and distinguished history of protecting the human rights of our residents--to preserve all Takoma Park residents' freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, and privacy; and that all Local law enforcement personnel refrain from participating in the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

And that doesn't merit a closer look by the Department of Justice? Evidently not. Takoma Park, and other cities like it, are just A-Okay as far as the DOJ is concerned.

I kid you not. Take a look:

If you prefer to read about it, this article has all of the highlights, or lowlights, depending on your perspective, "Justice: Sanctuary Cities Safe From Law." That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?


Well, while our US Department of Justice is all busy suing the bejesus out of one of our states, essentially for doing a job the federal government refuses to do, but doesn't think anyone else should either, all is not lost. It turns out there are a number of states who are aligning themselves with Arizona, as this article indicates, Brief For 9 States Backs Arizona Immigration Law:
States have the authority to enforce immigration laws and protect their borders, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox said Wednesday in a legal brief on behalf of nine states supporting Arizona’s immigration law.

Cox, one of five Republicans running for Michigan governor, said Michigan is the lead state backing Arizona in federal court and is joined by Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and Virginia, as well as the Northern Mariana Islands.

The Arizona law, set to take effect July 29, directs officers to question people about their immigration status during the enforcement of other laws such as traffic stops and if there’s a reasonable suspicion they’re in the U.S. illegally. [snip]

Oh, Cox didn't stop there. He had plenty more to say:
[snip] “Arizona, Michigan and every other state have the authority to enforce immigration laws, and it is appalling to see President Obama use taxpayer dollars to stop a state’s efforts to protect its own borders,” Cox said in a statement.

Arizona’s Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, in a statement released by Cox's office, said she was thankful for the support.

In a telephone interview, Cox said the nine states supporting Arizona represents “a lot of states,” considering it was only Monday that he asked other state attorneys general to join him. The brief was filed in U.S. District Court in Arizona on the same day as the deadline for such filings.

“By lawsuit, rather than by legislation, the federal government seeks to negate this preexisting power of the states to verify a person’s immigration status and similarly seeks to reject the assistance that the states can lawfully provide to the Federal government,” the brief states. [snip] Click here to read the rest.

Clearly, a number of states, along with Arizona itself, are not willing to take the actions of the DOJ lying down. And good on them, I say. Especially when there is such an egregious double standard. It is just fine and dandy, apparently, for a number of cities to flat out claim they refuse to abide by federal immigration law. But let a state claim they intend to enforce said laws, and all hell breaks lose.

Am I missing something here?


Anonymous said...

Last night I was watching the interview of Janet Napalatono by Greta Van Sustren and Janet told her that the only thing that our government or Homeland Security will do regarding illegal immigrants is arrest or deport them AFTER they have committed a Federal offense...which I'm assuming she means drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping, etc.

So...Americans must be killed FIRST and THEN they will pursue an illegal immigrant. So much for Homeland Security. If you're Mexican

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Are you kidding me, Nunly? That is absurd! So, she is basically saying anyone can come into the country whenever they damn well please. As long as they don't get caught doing anything, they can benefit from living here with no fear of being arrested?

WTH kind of "Immigration Policy" is THAT??? No other country on the face of the PLANET allows people to just waltz in with not so much as a "by your leave." Why in the world would WE?

And btw, there are plenty of felons here who have been deported, and got back IN to the country. What's her absurd response to THAT??

Good grief. Didn't she take an oath to uphold the laws of the Nation? If so, she is failing miserably.

Anonymous said...

Rev.Amy- I truly believe that everyone in this administration believes that the laws don't apply to them and that they don't have to follow the Constitution because they OWN this country.

If you look back on Obama's past, when in college, he had thousands of dollars of unpaid parking tickets while in college because he just parked wherever he felt like it..even in bus stops. He didn't pay those tickets until he ran for office the first time. The laws didn't apply to "The One".

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Are you kidding me, ME?? I had not heard that at ALL abt the parking tickets!

But you are absolutely right - they do NOT believe the laws apply to them, and that they can do as they damn well please. It is remarkable.

Did you hear that they elevated their chef to a senior policy adviser position?? Yep - all on the QT. Now we have another "czar," courtesy of "That One."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess 17 of the tickets were for parking in a bus stop, the rest were for not feeding the meter, and parking without a permit. These were all given to him while he was at Cornell and he didn't pay them until two weeks before he ran for President. So, it's not like he parked in the bus stops by accident, he was well aware that he was breaking the law.

I wonder how much these Czar's get paid? Maybe this is where Obama gets his job numbers. After all, he is creating czar jobs, eh? I'm waiting for the "Illegal Alian Welcoming Czar"...kinda like the Walmart Greeter, only he says "Bienvenido a América!"

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

ROTFLMAO - yes, I can DEFINITELY see that new czar position!

Well, you know, I was wondering abt that cost, too, when I saw the new Pastry Czar, or whatever the hell Kass is. I saw at the Daily Caller today that people in DC are the wealthiest in the country. Of course they are - Obama is employing all of his friends and political cronies.

Good GRIEF abt Obama and his tickets. He really doesn't give a crap. You'd think an attorney, or someone who was an attorney for a second, might actually have more respect for the law. He seems to have gone to law school to learn abt laws to see just how many laws he could break.