Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama: :"Tea Partiers Shouls Be Thanking Me" UPDATED

Yes, indeed, those were the words that came out of Barack Obama's mouth last night at a Democratic Fundraiser in Miami, FL. Well, after he said they "amused" him.

They "amuse" him?? Considering the Tea Party movement has higher poll numbers than Obama, their momentum should concern him. But that's not how The arrogant One rolls, as we know all too well.

So, why did he claim the Tea Partiers should be thanking him instead of taking to the streets? Because all he's done is be a Giver, people, not a Taker:
Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser tonight, President Obama touted his administration’s tax cuts and said that the recent tea party rallies across the nation have “amused” him.

“You would think they should be saying thank you,” the president said to applause.

Members of the audience shouted, “Thank you.”

Update: Seeing is believing. ~JustMe~ provided the video of Obama's incredulity that not all were falling down at his feet, prostrating themselves in thanksgiving and sheer wonderment at all Obama has done for them:

Freakin' ingrates.

Back to his claim of Tax cuts. What tax cuts? Because of the continued extension of Unemployment Benefits, an additional two month extension passed on April 15, my family is about $762 lighter in the wallet just for this one program. Let me hasten to add, I know what it is like to be on Unemployment. I lived in MA when the state went through a very difficult economic time. State funded programs were cut drastically, which meant a number of us lost our jobs. So, I have been there, and know firsthand how difficult, how frustrating, how demoralizing it is. But there is no denying that SOMEONE is paying for these extensions of benefits, and that "Someone" is you and me.

Then there are all of the bailout funds - just who the hell does Obama think is funding these programs, a money tree?

And perhaps it is this kind of cavalier, arrogant, dismissive, belittling comment that led Rep. Paul Ryan to say the following (H/t to Logistics Monster for this video):

So, Mr. Snide President Man, that's why so many people are upset with you. Because you're a liar, and even while you are lying to people's faces, you are putting them down in your usual belittling way. What a uniter, what a healer, what a compassionate man - NOT.

If you would like to see how much your taxes have been "cut" - ahem - in support of this, and other programs, click HERE. It is eye opening.

Oh, and Mr. President? Lose the attitude already. It's not the least bit presidential, or helpful. Unless you WANT to help yourself lose the next election, then I'm all for it...


jmm915 said...

You know, I couldn't believe he said that. What world is he living in? I have not benefitted from one of his schemes yet.

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I really like your blog!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange??

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

jmm915, well, you may not yet benefit from any of Obama's "schemes."

It is just so telling that he would be so smug when talking abt a large group of American citizens.

Oh - this is a good one - know what Obama said when interviewed by an Aussie reporter? This is rich - he said that one of the traits he shares with Aussie PM Rudd is HUMILITY. I am NOT making this up:

Um, perhaps he doesn't understand what that word actually means...

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

commoncents, thanks! Have you gone to Logistics Monster's site (, or You might like those sites, too!

Anonymous said...

Dear President Obama,

Thank you very much for my tax cuts. Can you please let me know when I might receive them? Will my unicorn (who has not yet shown up, by the way) be bringing me a tax cut check along with my Obamacash? Also, if you could please have the unicorn bring me the name and contact information of the doctor who will now treat me for free under Obamacare, I would appreciate it. Could you maybe send my unicorn with the cash, check, and medical info pretty soon? Thank you.

I’m glad you are amused by the Tea Partiers and their rallies about “taxes, taxes”. It is pretty funny, isn’t it, that they aren’t groveling at your feet in adoration? Silly people. Maybe their unicorns haven’t arrived yet; you might want to look into that. I hope you’ll be as amused come November 3, when you find out that a Republican majority has taken over the House and Senate as a result of the Tea Partiers. I’m very amused just at the thought!

Oh, and just out of curiosity, what did you promise Bill Clinton to get him to compare the Tea Partiers to domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh and continue to spread the oh-so-amusing propaganda that the Tea Partiers were (or might become) violent domestic terrorists? That was so amusing to see former President Clinton betray himself and his supporters. Whoops, there he goes, under that bus again! How amusing! Thank you for the laughter!

You know, Barry (can I call you Barry? We’ve shared laughter now, so I feel really close to you), I think you might have another career in 2013 when you leave the White House. Maybe you could take over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno, at least until Leno decides that being in the limelight is lots more fun and grabs the show back from you in 8 months. It’ll be a nice transition from pretending to be a president to pretending to be a talk show host. Wouldn’t that be amusing?

Thanks for the laughter, Barry. Thanks for the tax cuts and Obamacash and my very own unicorn (you will be subsidizing its care and feeding, won’t you?) and my very own doctor. Could I have them now?


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

SF!!! You're back! How ARE you???

And, ROTFLMAO - absolutely SPOT on!!! I haven't gotten my unicorn yet, EITHER, dangit, and I WANT it!

Oh, wait - do you think unicorns count as livestock? Our homeowners association won't let us have it if they are...Even if they they fall into the "horse" category, we can't. Since we live on the water, we can't have horses, either. Hmmm. Do I still get the cash and the doctor, though??

Can you frikkin' believe this guy?? The Tea Party is polling HIGHER than he is, and he is "amused." How condescending can he BE?? Is he so sure that the SEIU and ACORN By Whatever Name will get him the election (again) that he doesn't give a damn abt insulting a large number of Americans?

And Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill. Sigh. The ONLY people who have engaged in violent acts associated with the Tea Party are the OPPOSITION to the Tea Party!!! I have lost so much respect for Bill since Obama took office. Did not Bill make the connection of the Tea Party people to Obama's race at one point? It has NOTHING to do with his being biracial and EVERYTHING to do with his POLICIES.


Never a dull moment with this guy, huh? I guess that's ONE thing abt which to be thankful. Then again, maybe not...

Good to *see* you back - I have been thinking abt you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rev! I'm semi back. Still moving real slow. As long as I don't sneeze, cough, or make any move that involves my ribs, I'm okay. Which means I'm not doing much of anything. Soooo bored...

I think you get a dispensation on Obama's unicorns (aka Obacorns). You get to keep them as pets, it doesn't count as livestock. It doesn't really count as much of anything, come to think of it. Like Obamacash. Or Obamacare. Or anything Obama ... it's all an illusion. It only SEEMS real if you put on those special glasses or drink the kool-aid.

I am SO disappointed in Bill. I don't know what's happened to him this past year. Especially after everything The Imposter did to, and said about, Bill and Hillary. Could they have injected him with kool-aid? Is he suffering from dementia? Did they uncover yet another affair and promised to keep it from Hillary if he'd spout this nonsense?

If The Imposter thinks he can commit fraud and steal another election, he's got another think coming. The Tea Partiers will be watching like hawks. TI and his gang of thugs, by whatever name they're known, will have a hard time in November pulling their tricks. I hope the Republicans stay on top of it.

Did you hear what Dianne Feinstein is reported as saying last week? "I've gotten 90,000 emails and faxes on the health care bill and over 85,000 of them are against it. After all the debate we've had, I can't believe so many people still don't get it!"

OMG, they are ALL a joke! Maybe she'll get it when she's up for reelection in 2012.

Hey, are you over that nasty cough & cold???

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

ROTFLMAO - oh, SF - you are so right. I don't really HAVE to worry abt my Obamacorn (perfect, btw). It's never going to happen ANYWAY, so no problema! Just like my Obamacash (wassup with that??)...

Oh, Bill - I don't know WHAT they have on him, or why he is acting this way. It is really disturbing. It's like the man we voted for, the smart as hell, say it like it is, speak the truth guy has been forced to submit, tamed, if you will. It is really sad. And you see glimpses of him - first he says what a great thing it is to have this kind of debate, then I guess he heard Rahm come after him in his head, and starts tripping all over the place to say something negative. Sigh.

WTF is WRONG with Feinstein??? I hope people stand outside her office all day long with sings, "We're not the ones not getting it, Diane!" That is just dumbfounding.

Holy cow, SF. I sure hope we're going to be able to get out of this mess...

I am much better, thanks. Still don't have my voice back, and coughing some, but it is WORLDS better.

YOU, though, wow - what a fall you had! Is Raymond staring at you wondering what is going on with you? I am glad to hear you're a little better. I imagine this will take some time. Just be easy on yourself. And thanks for the AWESOME comments!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Btw, SF - now Bill Clinton is reframing his comments some. My fellow NQ writer, Ani, found this link:

I might add, I really like Jake Tapper. He has consistently done his job - report, not regurgitate talking points.