Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Major Earthquake In Haiti

On Tuesday, January 12, Haiti suffered a horrible earthquake:

I received the following letter from Oxfam America Tues. evening:

A catastrophic earthquake has struck Haiti.

Your help is urgently needed to help save lives in this impoverished country.

Donate now
and help us respond to this emergency.


Dear Amy,

Tonight, a major earthquake struck Haiti just ten miles from the capital city of

Local officials are reporting a catastrophe of major proportions. This is the
largest earthquake ever recorded in a nation that is already the poorest in our

Your help is needed immediately.

Oxfam has long experience in Haiti, and we're rushing in teams from around the region to respond to the situation where our assistance is most needed. Our response will include providing clean water, shelter, sanitation and helping people recover - your donation will go immediately to the most critical needs in Haiti, and we will ensure that every penny is used wisely.

Please make a generous tax-deductible gift right now to help us save lives in Haiti >>

Aftershocks have continued to hit in the wake of the initial earthquake. One
eyewitness reported, "We pray it's over, but we don't know. Every 30 minutes, we feel it again."

The next few hours after this disaster will be critical. As you read this, teams of experts are preparing supplies to meet the most immediate needs.

Experts are predicting significant casualties.

Multiple buildings have been destroyed, including a hospital and a hotel that both collapsed to the ground. The airport, a cathedral, the United Nations office building, the presidential palace, and the parliament building have all been damaged.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 85% of people already live in poverty, and given the desperate circumstances they face every day, this disaster is likely to have an extreme impact. Please be as generous as you are able in this critical moment.

Donate now to Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

Thank you in advance for bringing hope to the people of Haiti.


Raymond C. Offenheiser
Oxfam America

Of course, there is also the Red Cross, which prepared the video below, as well as other worthy organizations:

If you are able and willing, please consider helping during this crucial time. Prayers are welcome, too. And mine are certainly with the people of Haiti during this tragic time...

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