Monday, January 25, 2010

DADT Repeal Won't Make It Into The SOTU

As we all know, Obama will be making his first SOTU address this week, though thankfully, the time will not conflict with the season premiere of "Lost." I'm not kidding. That's for real (and if you want to see a funny video on the whole "Lost" fan thing, click for an Onion video). The State of the Union is when the President highlights the accomplishments of the previous year, the legislative agenda of the president, and basically giving a report of where the country is.

Well, one promise among many Obama has yet to fulfill, is the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." And if Rep. Ike Skelton has anything to say about it, a repeal will not happen (H/t to Logistics Monster), as this headline indicates,Skelton Opposes Repeal Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. That's jake, really:
The leading House Democrat on military policy said Friday that he opposes repealing the law that bans openly gay people from serving in the military.

Seventeen years ago, Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) played a major role in crafting the controversial law known as "Don't ask, don't tell." When President Bill Clinton wanted to lift the ban preventing gay people from joining the military, Skelton opposed the move. The end result was a compromise under which gay service members would conceal their sexual orientation.

Now, after President Barack Obama pledged during his campaign and first year in office to repeal the law, Skelton finds himself on the opposite side once again.

"I am personally not for changing the law," he said during a C-SPAN "Newsmakers" interview that will air Sunday.

Because the military is engaged in two major conflicts, in Afghanistan and Iraq, changing the law would create "disruption" that can cause some "serious problems," Skelton said during the interview.

See, to me, that seems like the PERFECT time to repeal this oppressive, unjust bill. Don't we NEED more people who want to serve their country? I would think so, but apparently, Skelton doesn't see it that way:
He said the full House Armed Services Committee won't hold a hearing on the repeal of the law. Rather, the Personnel subcommittee will hold the hearing at some point this year.

Skelton also said he would oppose efforts to repeal the law in Congress — setting the stage for a potentially intense debate within his own committee with Democrats who want to see the law repealed.

Meanwhile, Skelton's Senate counterpart, Carl Levin (D-Mich.), said that the Senate Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing on the issue at the end of January.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday that he and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen are prepared to testify before the Senate.

Gates said at a press briefing that there are continuing conversations within the Pentagon about "implementing the president's intent."

Obama has come under increasing pressure from gay-rights advocates to move on the repeal. Gay-rights advocates are eyeing the change in law for this year, but it is unclear how Obama will proceed. The Pentagon has moved slowly on the issue and there have been reports of internal dissent on how fast changes to the law should be instituted.

Great. This doesn't bode well for the repeal of this intolerant law given Skelton's position, and Obama's continued unwillingness to address this issue. I, for one, am not at all surprised, and I sure am not holding my breath for it to change.

Once again, yet another promise for change that has gone by the wayside. Many of us knew it; too many believed it. Now, here we are - not even the same place we were before since Skelton is coming out against repeal. Anyone else sick of these machinations?


Mary Ellen said...

I never could understand why many in the gay community actually believed that Obama would do anything that would support them after all the red flags regarding who his "mentors" were. He's never supported the gay community before and never will. Sure, he'll make a lot of promises (again) before the next election and maybe throw a bone or two in that direction, but he'll never repeal DADT.

Regarding the upcoming State of the Union Address, however, I think Obama has a lot to crow about!

Obama Accomplishments in his first year as President:

He bought a dog.
He practiced his golf swing.
He spent plenty of family time on vacations.
He just learned that MA isn't "The Kennedy Center".
He found his list of campaign promises and he will dust them off and try to sell them again.
He found Joe Biden and will dust him off and try to sell him again. (to the highest bidder) ;-)
Last, but not least...he found his soul., false alarm, that was just a steaming pile of crap that Bo left in the Oval Office.
All in all...a typical year of politics for Obama. Just ask Illinois.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Mary Ellen, that list is FANTASTIC! You said it - and come to think of it, did he name his dog after himself?


I don't know, either. Same stick as used on women in general by the Dems- "the Reps will never care abt your issues like we do" kind of crap. But many are figuring it out now, that's for sure.

And that's another problem with the whole SC decision - it will essentially remove any influence by the GLBT community, or other minorities, because the level of money we give can easily be surpassed by some corporation...

Btw, jbjd mentioned that McCain's chief of staff is gay! I kinda remember that now, but totally forgot. McCain is so a walk the walk kind of guy, especially compared to The One.

Um, are you actually going to watch the SOTU? Just wondering!

Kathleen W. said...

Mary Ellen,

That is the funniest list I've seen for obama's accomplishments!

Amy, you should send it over to NQ and any other PUMA website you can think of because it's a perfect description of the obama administration.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Kathleen, don't think I didn't think of it!

I meant to write a disclaimer abt Mary Ellen's comments as our friend, SFIndie found out the other day. One cannot have any food or drink in one's mouth while reading ME's comments lest they end up all over the computer! :-D

Mary Ellen, do you have a post of the list of Obama's accomplishments? I am sure NQ would LOVE to have that on Weds.!!

Anonymous said...

ME - I saw a comment with your name on it and immediately removed all liquids from the vicinity of the computer before reading it. What a BRILLIANT list of accomplishments. Maybe we could add:

~ He saved Chicago from the embarrassment of hosting the Olympics

~ He made it possible for more people to be eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize, not for what they've accomplished but what they SAY they'll accomplish

~ He got a B+ on his report card!

I, for one, will NOT be watching the SOTU. I cannot listen to that man spout his BS. I don't understand people who say he's such a great orator; I find him a boring and stilted speaker. Oh yeah, and a liar. But I'm sure the kool-aid drinkers here in SF will be gathered around their tv sets, and I'll get to hear all about how wonderful he is the next day. Blech.

I think Obama is giving Don't Ask Don't Tell a new definition. Don't Ask him nuthin' cause he Don't Tell the truth anyway.

Mary Ellen said...

Rev.Amy- No, I don't have a post with that list, it was just something I came up for this comment. You're more than welcome to take it and use it anywhere you like, as is true with anything I have on my blog or in your comments. You don't even have to give me gift to you. ;-)

I'm not sure if I'm going to watch the SOTU live or put it on DVR. I need time to run to the johnn to puke. But I don't want to miss it because I'm hoping somebody will shout out "Liar!" again. That was fun. :-)

And of course, I can't wait to see what Michelle will be wearing! Will she cover her manly arms with one of those cardigan sweaters she is famous for, or leave them bare so Chris Matthews can feel that tingle again...oh wait, he only tingles for Obama. I forgot.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

ME, you are too kind, but you know I'm gonna give you credit!

I hope you have DVR or Tivo or something if you plan on watching for all of those bathroom breaks! :-)

LOL abt Michelle and what she'll be wearing. I was watching her walk with Obama the other day, and really, the woman is just not graceful. He's not particularly graceful, either, for that matter.

Oh, can't wait for the, "I'm one of the people" speech abt how much he's doing to create jobs, jobs, jobs - oh, yes, all inside the WH trying to cover for him. Please...

Great comment as always!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

SF, that was a WISE decision to move all of the liquids away - I was really glad I wasn't drinking anything with your comment OR ME's next one! Dang, y'all are some funny women!

I love your addition - I think I am going to put the two together for Weds. and have other people add their own - what a fun game, right?

And you are so right with yours, too. I love the (accurate) translation of DADT - spot on!