Friday, January 22, 2010

"He's Done Everything Wrong" - Hell Hath No Fury

Like a voter scorned. Many of us are reaping the sweet rewards of, "I Told You So" with many of our Obot friends, family, and acquaintances. We did, we tried, we hoped, we cried, and nothing would sway them from the One True Messiah of Obama. Well, those days seem to be slipping away, don't they? And one such supporter of Obama's, who thought he was the cat's meow, the one who would change politics as usual (I still do not, for the life of me, understand WHY people thought he would), has had it.

That would be Mort Zuckerman. If you are not familiar with the name, you surely are with the U.S. News and World Report, of which he is Editor-in-Chief, or the New York Daily News, which he owns (along with other properties). He is a gazillionaire (okay, just a billionaire), and he supported Obama in the 2008 Election. Now, he is just a tad put out as his Op-Ed, "He's Done Everything Wrong," indicates (h/t to Andy):
Obama punted on the economy and reversed the fortunes of the Democrats in 365 days.

He’s misjudged the character of the country in his whole approach. There’s the saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.” He didn’t get it. He was determined somehow or other to adopt a whole new agenda. He didn’t address the main issue.

This health-care plan is going to be a fiscal disaster for the country. Most of the country wanted to deal with costs, not expansion of coverage. This is going to raise costs dramatically.

In the campaign, he said he would change politics as usual. He did change them. It’s now worse than it was. I’ve now seen the kind of buying off of politicians that I’ve never seen before. It’s politically corrupt and it’s starting at the top. It’s revolting.

Holy moley! Bear in mind, this man, Mr. Zuckerman, was a SUPPORTER. I sure can't disagree with his assessment, though. He continues:
Five states got deals on health care—one of them was Harry Reid’s. It is disgusting, just disgusting. I’ve never seen anything like it. The unions just got them to drop the tax on Cadillac plans in the health-care bill. It was pure union politics. They just went along with it. It’s a bizarre form of political corruption. It’s bribery. I suppose they could say, that’s the system. He was supposed to change it or try to change it.

Even that is not the worst part. He could have said, “I know. I promised these things, but let me try to do them one at a time.” You want to deal with health care? Fine. Issue No. 1 with health care was the cost. You know I think it was 37 percent or 33 who were worried about coverage. Fine, I wrote an editorial to this effect. Focus on cost-containment first. But he’s trying to boil the ocean, trying to do too much. This is not leadership.

Obama’s ability to connect with voters is what launched him. But what has surprised me is how he has failed to connect with the voters since he’s been in office. He’s had so much overexposure. You have to be selective. He was doing five Sunday shows. How many press conferences? And now people stop listening to him. The fact is he had 49.5 million listeners to first speech on the economy. On Medicare, he had 24 million. He’s lost his audience. He has not rallied public opinion. He has plunged in the polls more than any other political figure since we’ve been using polls. He’s done everything wrong. Well, not everything, but the major things.

I don’t consider it a triumph. I consider it a disaster.

You and me both, Mr. Zuckerman. But if I may be so bold, perhaps lofty words are not a prerequisite for the highest office in the land. Just saying. Perhaps you should have looked a little deeper into how much Obama enjoyed the adoring masses, buying the PR spin that he was The One. The problem is, he started to believe it. He believed/believes it really is all about him. But, as a truly great president said, "I feel your pain."

And speaking of Clinton:
One business leader said to me, “In the Clinton administration, the policy people were at the center, and the political people were on the sideline. In the Obama administration, the political people are at the center, and the policy people are on the sidelines.”

Again, YES. I hate to keep harping on this, but why were you not capable of seeing this BEFORE?? When Obama regurgitated Deval Patrick's speeches, that should have been a clue that it was absolutely NOT about policy, but all about politics. When he continually took Hillary Clinton's policy positions for his own, instead of crafting them himself, that should have been a bit of a clue. But no. Zuckerman, and to many like him, failed to see what was right before their eyes. They believed the hype, too:
I’m very disappointed. We endorsed him. I voted for him. I supported him publicly and privately.

I hope there are changes. I think he’s already laid in huge problems for the country. The fiscal program was a disaster. You have to get the money as quickly as possible into the economy. They didn’t do that. By end of the first year, only one-third of the money was spent. Why is that?

He should have jammed a stimulus plan into Congress and said, “This is it. No changes. Don’t give me that bullshit. We have a national emergency.” Instead they turned it over to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who can run circles around him.

It’s very sad. It’s really sad.

He’s improved America’s image in the world. He absolutely did. But you have to translate that into something. Let me tell you what a major leader said to me recently. “We are convinced,” he said, “that he is not strong enough to confront his enemy. We are concerned,” he said “that he is not strong to support his friends.”

The political leadership of the world is very, very dismayed. He better turn it around. The Democrats are going to get killed in this election. Jesus, looks what’s happening in Massachusetts.

Well, for a moment, perhaps, but even in other countries, people are waking up (check out The Telegraph, or Der Spiegel sometime). But here's the thing: by caring more about appearances than policy, being liked more than fixing problems, Obama, and all who voted for him, have done this country a tremendous disservice. We told you it wasn't American Idol for which he was running, but the presidency.

There is still some delusion, though:
It’s really interesting because he had brilliant, brilliant political instincts during the campaign. I don’t know what has happened to them. His appointments present somebody who has a lot to learn about how government works. He better get some very talented businesspeople who know how to implement things. It’s unbelievable. Everybody says so. You can’t believe how dismayed people are. That’s why he’s plunging in the polls.

I can’t predict things two years from now, but if he continues on the downward spiral he is on, he won’t be reelected. In the meantime, the Democrats have recreated the Republican Party. And when I say Democrats, I mean the Obama administration. In the generic vote, the Democrats were ahead something like 52 to 30. They are now behind the Republicans 48 to 44 in the last poll. Nobody has ever seen anything that dramatic.

Did you mention by how much Obama has run up the National Debt? You know, the one he has increased by $1.7 TRILLION since he took office? And he's looking to increase it by even more. Oh, yippee.

If I may return to another part of Mr. Zuckerman's editorial, no offense, sir, but OBAMA didn't have "brilliant, brilliant political instincts during the campaign," his HANDLERS, Axelrod and Plouffe. did. Had you taken just a few minutes and used the considerable resources at your disposal, you could have looked into his REAL record in IL. You would have seen the shenanigans he employed to even get elected. Now, maybe YOU think that is "brilliant," but I see it as being an indicator of the man's moral fiber, and his "win at all costs," mentality, no matter who he steps on, or what kind of damage he does. Perhaps what Zuckerman is seeing now, is the failure of Axelrod and Plouffe to pull the man off the Campaign Trail and him getting to work. Obama still hasn't stopped, as he heads off to Ohio on Friday.

Still, at least he is finally getting is. In this interview with Neil Cavuto (h/t to Logistics Monster), he can barely contain himself:

Mr. Zuckerman made some mighty interesting assertions in there, didn't he, especially in terms of housing? Welcome to the reality based community, sir.

Indeed, slowly but surely, the Kool Aide is wearing off, but not until Obama has done untold damage to out country - IN ONE YEAR. Will he be able to turn it around? I don't know, but that would presuppose he was capable of introspection, and a willingness to actually listen to the people, as opposed to talk, talk, talking to us (though apparently, he hasn't talked at us enough - we just don't get it, you know - because apparently, we are all a bunch of mo-rons not to buy his healthcare bill). Just a thought.

In the meantime, maybe we have all learned a lesson after this presidential election, and after the Massachusetts election. People can be hoodwinked, but not forever. When they wake up, they are none too happy at the lies they were told. That's why we have elections, and this year is shaping up to be mighty interesting indeed...


Logistics Monster said...

"can barely contain himself." Rev, wait until you see 2.0 that happened today with another op-ed yesterday.

Thanks for the link love!!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Holy SMOKES, LM!!! Thanks for letting me know abt this new article. Apparently, Mort has completed his rehab from the Kool Aide and is calling it like the rest of us have seen it for a couple of years now. Amazing!

Anytime, friend - "credit where credit is due," and you have a great site. I am always willing to send people your way!

nazareth priest said...

Rev. Amy: I'm a political idiot...really. Just plain dumb.
But this whole "health care" thing just makes me wild...why can't these people realize that it's insurance companies that need regulation; not the government doing "health care"...good Lord Almighty, hear my prayer!
Our little religious community is just strapped trying to pay the premiums every month, which jumped 20% from July to December...I don't want stinkin' socialized medicine...why can't they just regulate the stinkin' insurance companies (who from my very limited experience, are raking in the mulla like nobody's business).
Call me simple; call me stupid.
But this is the reality of daily life around here; I can imagine how other folks are trying to just get by.
The Good Lord will take care of us.
But we may HAVE to go on welfare just to pray and serve the Lord and His world.
That's just a humiliation I don't want, but if it comes to that, we'll do it.

Logistics Monster said...

I am thinking we are going to be seeing events and hearing comments we never expected. ....Now where did I leave my popcorn!

Hele Mai! Rev!!!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Nazareth Priest, you are far from dumb - of that I am certain.

And I hear you loud and clear - it makes no sense especially when Obama made a deal with the Drug companies right off the bat. That set the tone for what we would be seeing in the bill, and it has gone downhill from there.

I hate that abt your premiums, too. I can relate, since my partner's company changed to Blue Cross, we will be paying an additional $2,400 a year since we can't be legally married.

I hope that your community will make it through this without having to go the next step, too.

Thank you for your great comment, Nazareth Priest!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

LOL, Logistics Monster - where's the popcorn indeed?

But you know, there are still plenty of people out there who think Obama is just the cat's meow, who must still be watching MSNBO. I don't know how they are missing what the rest of us are seeing, but heck - we've been wondering that for a while, right?

And now you MUST translate your ending! :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rev, I do wish I was reaping the "I told you so" rewards, but I'm afraid San Francisco is, and will forever be, tainted by the kool-aid. It's pathetic, but there it is.

I'm really glad Zuckerman seems to be waking up from his long sleep (just watched the new video at LM's) but what did he expect in the first place? He supported a man who had no experience, a man who believed in nothing but winning, who had no record of accomplishments, who was all about the words...and he's astonished that such a man hasn't been able to "change the country"?

He supported a man who was born and bred in the bowels of Chicago politics. So, he's disgusted at the bribery and corruption he sees going on now in the Administration? What did he expect?

He thinks Obama connected with the people? (Except for the angry,gun-toting, religion-clinging masses, that is.) Well, maybe he did, but not in a brilliant, I-see-you-and-understand-you kind of way. More in an American Idol I'm-putting-on-a-show kind of way. Doesn't say much about the people who fell for it. Doesn't say much about Zuckerman, that he was one of those people. were a sucker, man.

But I'm glad you're waking up.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

DANG, SF - that was an AMAZING comment! You nailed it!! Brilliant! I could not have said it better myself.

And yeah - you know, it says so much abt us as a people that we are so easily duped. I still cannot believe after all the same people complained abt Bush's lack of experience (and I was definitely one of them), that they would then support someone even LESS experienced. How can that possibly be?? How desperate were people to be "cool," or what they were TOLD was "cool" that they would go for someone so woefully inadequate?

It's sad, really, except for the disastrous effects it is having on our country...

Logistics Monster said...

Hey Rev. SF nailed it didn't she?

I believe that Mort was doublecrossed, don't you? We expected the doublecross - most people did not.

As for Hele Mai! It means 'go forward' and is used in this way to mean "Tally Ho" or "Get On With Your Bad Self".

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

LM, I love it! I figured it must mean something like that - cool!

And yes, SF captured it perfectly. We knew it wasn't going to be long before the crap started hitting the fan, but some of these people, like Mort, seemed to suspend disbelief in a big way (that is to say, major denial).

Even still, there are LOTS of people who cannot bring themselves to see Obama for who he is...

Logistics Monster said...

Rev, I'm not quite sure bambi knows who he is. His teams antics are predictable but I still think he has a few more surprises up his sleeve.

He reminds me of the countless servers I have worked with that would sell their grandmother for a better tip. Never turn your back on someone like that.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

LM, that's what scares me - that he has a few more tricks up his sleeve!! Oh, dear...

No doubt he would sell out whoever to get whatever he wanted - what a great, new style prez we have, huh??