Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What A Bargain - NOT! (Corrected)

That would be the cost of each new job saved by the $666 billion dollar stimulus. A bargain it most definitely was not. But can we just pause for a moment as we look at this figure - 666? I mean, really - can this be a coincidence that the number for the Anti-Christ is the amount spent on jobs saved or created? Just asking.

But I digress. Okay. Hold onto your hats. The amount each job cost from the Obama Stimulus was: $278,000. Yes, each new or saved position cost almost THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! This figure is from Obama's OWN White House economists.

But check this out. If you go to the White House's own website, Recovery.gov, the number is $1.4 MILLION dollars, according to Eric Bolling of Fox Business News. How many jobs were saved? Not all that many, really - 560,000. In fact, they are saying that there would have been MORE jobs created without the stimulus.

To add insult to injury, 1.8 MILLION jobs have been lost since the Stimulus.

Here's my favorite part of this report:
[snip] The figures mean the U.S. government could have given a $100,000 cheque to everyone whose employment was made possible by the $800billion American Recovery of Reinvestment Act (ARRA) - and taxpayers would still have come out $427billion ahead, The Weekly Standard reported. [snip] (Click here to read the rest.)

Dang, I'd rather have the (corrected) 10o THOUSAND grand, wouldn't you? We could put that $427 BILLION toward our massive deficit. And you know if we were each given that kind of cash, we would have put a lot of it back into the economy, right?

Great plan there, Obama. And great execution. Nothing like spending way more on job saving/creation than many jobs pay. With our tax dollars, too, I might add.

See, this is what happens when you have someone in office who hasn't the foggiest about economics or business, not ever having anything to do with either. Not only was Obama clueless, but he picked the wrong people to handle his economic decisions. No wonder all but Timmy Geithner have jumped ship (though it still amazes me that those who did leave, like Austan Goolsbee, or Christina Romer, got other jobs after failing so spectacularly with the nation's economy).

I would sure love to hear from one of these folks who has a "created" or "saved" job, particularly just how much they make a year. Just wondering. But I am pretty sure they don't make over a quarter million dollars a year. How about you? Copyright © 2011 by Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy

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