Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Sunday - Time For A Little Good News

I'm a firm believer that it is unhealthy to dwell too much in the land of angst, ire, and agitation, i.e., the world of politics. People are not one dimensional, after all, and we need balance.

So, here's some good news for the day. Recently, the Marine Corps installed its first woman Commander at Parris Island, SC:
[snip] Brig. Gen. Lori Reynolds will become the first woman commanding general in the depot's 96-year history during a change of command ceremony on Friday, according to the Beaufort Gazette.

The US Women's National Team defeated Columbia on Saturday 3-0 to advance to the Quarterfinals in the Women's World Cup (soccer). The World Cup only comes around every four years, so it's a pretty big deal. It was an exciting match to watch, though the referee made some interesting calls, as refs are wont to do (that is a bit of a joke). The US Women's next opponent is Sweden. Should be another good match. Hopefully, the US Women will return the Cup to the US this year.

Reynolds also will oversee the Marines' Eastern Recruiting Region, which covers states east of the Mississippi River.[snip]

How cool is that? Parris Island is very close to where I live, especially as the crow flies or boat goes. And I have had family go through the boot camp there. This is no small feat by Brug. Gen Reynolds, and I congratulate her on her success.

And since I am talking about South Carolina, I must mention that the University of South Carolina men's baseball team won the College World Series for the second year in a row:

That is also no small feat. Congratulations to these young men and their outstanding coaching staff. Well done!

And because it is another beautiful morning here in the LowCountry, soft breeze blowing carrying the smell of the ocean, tide coming in, birds chirping, crickets cricketing, here's a little music for the soul:

I hope your day is filled with song, laughter, calm, happiness, and fun. Enjoy! Copyright © 2011 by Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy


Mary Ellen said...

Wow, it is so good to hear some good news. I love college baseball..and football. Just watching them play the game the way it should be played, minus the drama queen players who are more concerned about their contracts than they are about the game.

I had some good news today, my granddaughter who has been on vacation with her mom for the last two weeks (my daughter who lives near me) came home earlier than expected. They were going to stay until after the 4th but decided to get home early instead. She'll be coming over in about an hour to hang out with me and swim in our pool. It's been too quiet here without her! There's nothing I love better than spoiling the grandkids!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

Well, there is even more to the Gamecocks' story. In today's paper, they had a long story abt the batboy they have had out in Omaha, and his battle with cancer. It is a really touching story, especially since the trainer met this boy years ago. They have stayed in touch with him ever since.

Oh, YAY!!!! That is good news indeed abt your granddaughter! I know that must make you so very happy. What good news. Yippee!