Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Is Up With These Liberal Women - UPDATED

Feeling compelled to use such derogatory terms about other women? Recently, Joy Behar of The View has used the "b"word when talking about Nevada US Senatorial candidate, Sharron Angle, for no other reason that I can discern except Angle is a conservative. Oh, but Ms. Behar didn't stop there, oh, no. She also said Angle could "go to hell."

No need to take my word for it. Here she is:

But you know, as a minister, I am just so glad that Sherri Shepherd offered to "pray" for Ms. Angle. Wow, isn't that just so, um, kind, of Ms. Shepherd? It was at that point that Joy Behar suggested Angle could go to hell.


Amy Siskind of The New Agenda, in an interview with The Daily Caller, has called for Joy Behar to apologize not just to Ms. Angle, which she most definitely NEEDS to do, but to women in general, for using such sexist language.

Ms. Siskind was joined in that call by Sonja Eddings Brown of The Kitchen Cabinet, a more conservative organization, in the same Daily Caller piece:
“We thought Joy Behar was a classier act than this,” Brown wrote in an e-mail to TheDC. “What is it that makes conservative women, who work inside and outside of the home, such a threat to liberal women like Joy? What has Sharron Angle done to deserve being described so profanely by Ms. Behar?”

Excellent question. Why is someone like Angle such a threat to Behar? Or Sarah Palin? Rarely are their actual political stances mentioned when these belittling comments are made. I guess the fact that they are conservative is justification enough.

Well, come to think of it, apparently Hillary Clinton must be conservative, too, considering the comments made about her by women like Randi Rhodes (remember that horrible diatribe Rhodes went on at an Obama fundraiser?).

Sigh. I swear, women are our own worst enemies sometimes, aren't we?

Bottom line, Behar was way out of line. That kind of language is unacceptable, or should be. Amy Siskind said it all in the DC interview:
“She should be ashamed of herself. She truly should…And if she cannot apologize I think The View should really consider whether she is appropriate for that kind of show,” Siskind concluded. (Click HERE to read the rest.)

Amen to that, Ms. Siskind. Behar should be ashamed. And "The View" might want to take a step back, look at Ms. Behar's behavior of late, and see if she is the kind of person they want to keep employing on a show primarily for women.

One last thing, speaking of women. Guess who are starting to take another look at Obama and changing their minds? Yep. Women. It is our prerogative to change our minds after all, isn't it? Ahem. My guess is that many women bought his smooth talk about how he was different from everyone else, and would never threat them the way other politicians do (you should be hearing a little Barry White in the background). They believed him when he said he would bring change, would bring them some hope and chocolates. But now? Not so much. They've heard this story before and are seeing that with Obama, the only change is with those who voted for him the first (and only) time and the box they check on their ballots this time around...

UPDATE: Well, Joy Behar apologized for calling Sharron Angle a "bitch," if you can call it that:

Wow. Some apology. If Behar wants to take umbrage with her on specifics, that's fine. Do that. But what she did I still contend was sexist. And her apology was not much of one...


Anonymous said...

"But you know, as a minister, I am just so glad that Sherri Shepherd offered to "pray" for Ms. Angle. Wow, isn't that just so, um, kind, of Ms. Shepherd?"

I have to admit -- and I know you're a rev, but it's true for me -- that this is a big hot button for me as someone who isn't religious (I'm atheist, but people tend to get weird when you say that out loud). A lot of people who pretend to be oh-so-wonderful and religious act like "I'll pray for you!" is like sticking a hand up my skirt in public or flipping me off. Somehow, I'm not moved by the "Christian compassion" of someone who sneers it in my face and says it as if they are saying, "Yeah, we'll, I'm gonna PRAY for you bitch and there ain't nothing you can do about it!" like they're poking me in the eye.

There is no woman those nasty pieces of work don't hate -- conservative, liberal, anyone. Any woman who dares to act like she has the right to achieve will be taken down by those junior high fools. They don't hate conservative women any more than they hate any other woman, including their cadre of friends, who would be ground into powder if they set one toe out of line and they know it. Toadies know why they trail around after the bully, and it isn't because they like the bully. They are the reincarnation of Louella Parsons, only now that they are going on about politicians instead of which Hollywood star got seen sneaking out of which director's back door, they think they are more than mean-spirited gossip-mongers.

Anonymous said...

Still thinking about your basic question -- what is UP with these women? Judging from what I've seen of women I know who have fallen into that ... they got so terrified by the implication that they were manhating feminazis that they bent over BACKWARDS to assure men that they were still going to get all the blowjobs they could ever want. You have never seen abject or cringing until you have seen a bunch of women on a "feminist" board, who self-identify as "feminists," distance themselves from those other feminists who hate men.

"I'm not like those other women!"

"Ooh, neither am I!"

"I just LOOOOOVE men!"

"Me, too -- me, too!"

"I think men are WONDERFUL!"

"Oh, so do I!"

"I shave my legs and wear perfume!"

"I LOVE sucking cock!"

"Oooh, me too me too!"


It's the most humiliating thing you've ever seen. It's like a room full of Star Trek fans all going on about how much they aren't like those other fans, the crazy ones who wear Spock ears ... no, sirree! They aren't like THAT!

It's all down to insecurity. Those fools believed the right-wing noise machine that had them fearful that men wouldn't think they were cute and marriagable unless they debased themselves. So they did so, and then turned on the women around them who they think will make them appear threatening to men -- ANY woman, conservative or liberal, who outshines them.

They cut slack for men and savage women, because deep in their hearts, they know that they are degrading themselves by endlessly cutting slack for men, so the last thing they are going to do is cut slack for some other bitch, too. It's evil. It's nothing but putting men first and hating women.

And I think a lot of their hatred for Palin and Clinton comes about because of their husbands. They talk a good game about how awful bill C is, but he is the ultimate primo catch as a trophy husband, and the brainy girl landed him. they can't handle that. And then, look at Palin. Her husband is a nice, dependable guy who stood by her when she was pregnant and has stayed hom to raise the family while she goes off and has a high-powered career. And that trashy, slutty, low-class bitch landed him!

Male-centered women like that cannot tolerate any woman landing either Mr. Macho Dependable Stay-At-Home-Husband or Mr. High-Powered Trophy Husband. They especially can't tolerate when the Class Brain or the Trailer Park Slut lands him.

It's all the lowest motivations imaginable. It's horrifying. These stupid females are [playing the back nine in life and shoes and boys are STILL all they live for. It's like something by Jean Paul Sartre.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Janis, I have to say - very provocative comments! Thank you for the time and thought you put into them (and I changed my setting so I don't have to approve comments first, so it should show up immediately).

Yes, I'm a rev., but I'm not a Christian (any longer - not since seminary, ironically!). But I hear what you're saying. That kind of expression can be VERY condescending, and it certainly seemed to be in Sherri Shepherd's case (btw, many UUs are atheists, or humanists, or agnostics, so I am fine with that religious preference. :-) ).

During the 2008 election, it was so glaringly clear that many liberal women were fearful of identifying with strong women like Clinton and Palin. That fear of losing the validation and support of men is strong still, sad to say.

Along those lines, you are so right abt how feminists cannot backpedal fast enough when identified as feminists. And you forgot, "well yes, I'm a feminist, but I have a sense of humor unlike those other ones..." Which is really code for, "you can continue to make disparaging 'jokes' abt women and I will force a laugh and not hold you accountable for it."

It is discouraging to see women continue to treat each other this way. I know I mentioned this recently, but I just cannot forget Sandra Bernhard threatening Sarah Palin with being gang-raped. WHO wishes that on another woman?? How much internalized misogyny must she have to say something like that? Wow.

And I think you are right abt both Clinton and Palin - there is a LOT of jealousy around them both, that Clinton is so smart,and was able to catch this total ladies man even though at the time, she wasn't considered to be "attractive" (I think she's beautiful, myself). And Palin - oh my gosh, how dare she be gorgeous, funny, self-made, AND have a handsome husband who treats her like an equal??? WTH already??

I didn't know, all those times I marched, and all that time I fought, for women to be seen as equal, to BE equal in every regard, that only liberal women who think all the same things were allowed to be self-actualized? Apparently, conservative women are not supposed to be able to have everything that we said we were fighting for back in the day. Such hypocrisy.

Bottom line, we have so, so, so far still to go. We have made some advancements, but generally speaking, I feel like we are fighting for the same things now as we were back in the '70's. The internalized misogyny is still as strong. The drive to have men's approval is still as strong. The desire for women to punish other women who succeed is still as strong. The push for women to know their place is still as strong today as it was back then, thogh people might have gotten more savvy abt how they made that clear.

Anyway - obviously, I could go on, so I'll stop[ now. Thanks again for the great comments!

Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Tweeting you today, Rev.

Right after I tweeted Oprah's commitment to keeping it civil:


PS. I'd love to see Joy Behar go the way of Randi Rhodes. I mean, who even knows what Randi is doing today? Or cares??

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, SYD!

Well, gosh - may if OPRAH tells women to stop calling each other names, they finally will! Ahem.

I was thinking the same thing abt Randi Rhodes - I haven't heard anything abt her since that embarrassing rant, and I'm okay with that! :-)

Anonymous said...

Which is really code for, "you can continue to make disparaging 'jokes' abt women and I will force a laugh and not hold you accountable for it."

It's less forced than you think, unfortunately. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it's not. I've had almost two decades of experience now in online women's forums where women will glow and crow over their husband's sexism and woman hatred, as long as it's directed to the right kind of woman. No matter how many dicey airport descents you've been through, you have NEVER had your eardrums pop quite like when you read a woman burbling over how "feminist" her beloved baby boy husband is because they watched the Oscars together, and he made fun of all those "skinny fucking skanks" on the red carpet, and how they spent the entire night making fun of So-and-So's tits and that other slut's hair.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, wow, Janis - that is quite a visual (airplane descent - well said). And so true. I have known plenty of men who consider themselves to be "feminists" who use despicable language abt women to women. Of course, the women should laugh along and accept it because we are in such a post-feminist world. Ahahahaha. Blech.

Anonymous said...

The women do more than laugh along, though. They love it -- they egg it on.

Women and men are like Bugs, Daffy, and Elmer Fudd, I swear it. Elmer is a doofus who will obediently and stupidly shoot at anything he's aimed at. Bugs and Daffy just point him at one another, and he shoots wherever he's aimed. But it's Bugs and Daffy that are at the heart of it.

Believe me, most of these men would have shut up about those skinny fucking skanks if their wives hadn't egged it on. I'm not saying that they were beaten down women pasting on a fake smile, or that their husband's woman hatred was their fault. I'm saying that their woman hatred was their fault. I no longer fall for that comforting falsehood that women hating women is just men hating women by proxy. Women hating women is women hating women.

I know that men can be assholes, but the most adamant so-called "feminist" will not hate a serial rapist more than she hates her boyfriend's mother. Or her husband's ex-wife. Or that skinny bitch from high school. Or her own mother.

Or that bitch running for office.

It's horrifying, and it's keeping us down. We can't keep coming close to the brass ring of power, fucking it up, and blaming men. It's been happening for a million years, and it's always someone else's fault? I just can't buy it anymore. It's ours. Women won't get equality because they can't stomach the idea of that other bitch getting equality too, and fools like Joy Behar are a perfect example. They don't grin and bear it when it comes to sexism -- they are in the front row.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Well, you have a point there. And as I noted previously, we are often our own worst enemies. If we stood together, really supported each other, respecting each other regardless of party (which seems to be such a dividing factor in this country, at least when it comes to liberal elites like Behar), the world would be a very different place. We wouldn't have honor killings. We wouldn't have women unable to drive because they were women. We wouldn't have women still making less than men in this country. And on and on I could go...

Thanks for continuing the dialogue. I'm signing off for the evening...