Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obama Administration Fights To Keep DADT (And Appeals DOMA Ruling)

By now, I am sure most of you have heard about the ruling by a federal judge in California, Virginia A. Phillips, that DADT is unconstitutional. The Republican group, Log Cabin Republicans, brought this suit. According to Jake Tapper's report, the judge ruled that:
"Defendants faced the burden at trial of showing the “Don't Ask, Don't tell” Act was necessary to significantly further the Government's important interests in military readiness and unit cohesion" wrote US District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips. "Defendants failed to meet that burden."

Lt. Dan Choi is an Arabic linguist, West Point grad, decorated war veteran, discharged under DADT. He speaks out here about Obama's decision to appeal for relief on the stay imposed by a CA judge of DADT, which was granted. The stay is on hold. Below, Lt. Dan Choi speaks out about this hold:

I honor Lt. Choi's service to this country, and am saddened at all he has had to endure as a result of this horrible policy. But I have to ask - after Obama's repeated actions on DADT, why does he still love him?

And after the actions this Administration has taken on DOMA, as well. The Obama Administration just appealed another DOMA ruling in MA in SUPPORT of DOMA. This is not the first time the Obama Administration has taken this action. The last time Obama did this was in CA, and that appeal likened gay people to pedophiles and incest perpetrators.

Given that, given Obama's numerous action that are clearly detrimental to the LGBT community, how is it he still "loves" Obama?? Then again, given Obama's numerous homophobic associates, why did he love him in the first place?

Obama has done everything in his power to NOT repeal DADT, asking for a report to be completed in Dec., after the mid-term elections, and after he loses a Dem. super majority (in addition to the appeals filed to uphold DADT). Surely that timing isn't lost on anyone, is it? Then he can blame everyone else when DADT is not repealed.

I hope Lt. Choi will have his service reinstated, and soon. But really, it is time, past time, to look at Obama with a clear eye. He is not a friend to the LGBT community, and has proven that time and time again. Stop excusing his behavior, and hold him accountable already.

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