Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The REAL Unemployment Numbers Coming To Light

"60 Minutes" dropped a bombshell on their 10/24 broadcast regarding the unemployment numbers in this country. We have been hearing for some time that the figure stands at 9.6%. Turns out, that is a big crock of hooey (and h/t to Jammie Wearing Fool for highlighting this report). Yes, even though the 9.6% is a tough figure to stomach to be sure, it has remained below 10%, which is a major benchmark in terms of economic standing, as well as political rhetoric.

Except it hasn't. Nope. Turns out that the unemployment number is more like 17%, particularly when one factors in the underemployed. Add to that people who have been on Unemployment for 99 weeks, much less those who have exceeded that time, and it paints a bleak picture indeed:

To hear these stories is just heartbreaking, isn't it? Some states are suffering more than others. For instance, the state of California has an unemployment rate closer to 22%. One can understand, then, why Jerry Brown's economic remedy is this (h/t to Gina):

"If we can find some more money, we can dish it out."

Wow. And he's currently leading Meg Whitman in CA? For real?? Holy moley. I am sure that is a comfort to those who are currently in need. Ahem. That is one heckuva plan there, Brownie.

And speaking of Jerry Brown, if I may digress for a moment, check out this little news clip (again, h/t to Gina):

"Yawn - I just can't be bothered talking any more about my aide calling former CEO, and fellow gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman a whore. What's the big deal, anyway?? Sheesh. Get off it already."

Ah, yes - I can see why N.O.W. endorsed him over Whitman, can't you? (That's snark, btw...)

Back to the issue at hand. Not only is the actual number much higher than is generally claimed by this Administration, but many of these people currently unemployed have been out of work for over a year. Imagine that - out of work for over a YEAR. Even with unemployment compensation, that fundamentally changes how one lives. Some of you know all too well what that is like, how heartbreaking, frustrating, and demeaning that is, even when the loss of the job is not performance related (and in this economy, that is the case for most folks).

And why is the actual number being underreported? Why is Obama not focusing all of his attention on this issue, rather than, I dunno, claims that the Chamber of Commerce is trying to impact the midterm elections, and taking funds from foreign nations with ZERO proof. (Oh, and in an ironic twist of fate, guess who actually takes in more foreign money, twice as much, to be exact? You guessed it - the Democrats! Oopsie daisy.)

Let's see. What else has Obama been focusing on rather than unemployment, and the economy in general? Oh, yes. His all-time favorite thing. Campaigning. Yep - he's been traipsing all over this land of ours, from sea to shining sea, endorsing all manner of candidates with a "D" after their names (whether they want him to or not, I presume) in an attempt to stave off what is looking like a bad election for the Democrats.

Except for one. That would be Rhode Island Democratic candidate for Governor, Frank Capprio. Seems Obama has declined to endorse him because of his buddy, Lincoln Chafee, former Republican now Independent who endorsed Obama back in the day, who is also in the race. Oh, the White House will send out Vice President Joe Biden to assist whacky Alan Grayson down in Florida in his campaign, but not Capprio (you remember Grayson, right? He is the one who said Republicans' health plan is for "sick people to die quickly."). Well, Mr. Capprio isn't taking this lying down. His response to Obama on his refusal to endorse him? "Shove it." No, seriously - that's what he said! "Shove it!"

I think "Shove It!" is what many Americans are going to be saying next Tuesday, too, those people who fall in the 17%, or even 22%, of the unemployed. Those who have lost their livelihoods, often their homes, and had their worlds turned upside down by this economy that Obama has been just too busy to address. No, he would rather tilt at windmills like the Chamber of Commerce boondoggle, or push his Obamacare on us, the issues involved with it coming to light every day (simply put, it's gonna cost us a gazillion dollars), push his Cap and Trade (which will also cost us a gazillion dollars), or travel around the country on our dime to shore up (fading) support for the likes of Harry Reid, than deal with the real issues facing our country. Gee, can't imagine why some folks might see this election as a referendum on Obama, can you?

People in this country are hurting, and hurting badly. Jobs are hard, if not impossible, to come by. Finally, at least one of the major network news sources is willing to acknowledge what some of the other stations (like Fox) have been reporting, and before an election, to boot. So, good for CBS for doing this (finally). Kinda makes you wonder just what else they are "under-reporting" or under-counting, doesn't it? Sure does me. In this case, though, hopefully, something positive will happen in the upcoming election to help out the (almost) 1 out of 5 Americans. Better than hope, get out and vote.


Alessandro Machi said...

You put quotes around what Brown said as if he said that, but he didn't.

Brown actually said "I've talked so much about it it has become boring." It is actually a known fact that if you repeat a word or phrase over and over eventually it becomes meaningless, or boring.

After the aide had said the w word, apparently it was Brown's wife who said the w word the second time.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Um, I think it was clear I was being snarky with the whole "quote" thing. And, Brown was being pretty cavalier, thus the "quote." Not precisely what he said (and I assume people will actually watch the video to see for themselves), but the sense of what he said.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I might add, AM, when one is a politician running for high office, and someone in the campaign uses that word to describe one's challenger, not only should he be willing to discuss it whenever it comes up, but to APOLOGIZE for it again and again, not act like it is insignificant.

The way Jerry Brown has reacted to this whole situation is very telling abt what kind of person he is, and what it says ain't good.