Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well, That's ONE Way To Improve The Economy...

Esteemed Director of the UVA Center for Politics, Larry Sabato, is making some major predictions for the upcoming elections. Now, many of us are pretty sure how things are going to go, but Sabato is using some pretty good numbers to make his predictions sixty days out. Oh, yes, Republicans will take some seats, but wait until you see what Sabato predicts:

Earlier today, Stuart Varney said this prediction will stabilize the stock market and help the economy. Why? Because if companies think the Republicans are going to take over control, they don't have to worry about other big spending bills.

Sabato mentioned his site, the Center for Politics, and his article, "Sixty Days To Go." Here is a snippet from his report:
[snip] We’ve been patient and cautious here at the Crystal Ball as a year’s worth of facts has accumulated. We’ve sifted the polls, cranked up the models, and watched the candidates and campaigns closely. All political observers have “gut feelings” about an election year, but feelings make for good songs and lousy predictions. Forecasting is an imprecise art. People who get too far ahead of the facts or are too insistent about what will happen are usually partisans—openly or in disguise.

The Crystal Ball’s predictions are clinical. We are fond of people in both parties. We cheer for no one.

2010 was always going to be a Republican year, in the midterm tradition. It has simply been a question of degree. Several scenarios were possible, depending in large measure on whether, or how quickly, the deeply troubled American economy recovered from the Great Recession. Had Democratic hopes on economic revitalization materialized, it is easy to see how the party could have used its superior financial resources, combined with the tendency of Republicans in some districts and states to nominate ideological fringe candidates, to keep losses to the low 30s in the House and a handful in the Senate. [snip]

I encourage you to read the rest here.

A stable economy - well, that is certainly something we have not seen of late. I guess time will tell, right?

If I may take a moment of personal privilege, two things: 1. Earl is not coming near us, but Gaston might; and 2. as I mentioned in a comment recently, I will be having a total knee replacement (right knee) on September 9th. Some of you may recall I had a partial replacement 1 3/4 years ago on my left knee (and that one will be replaced in February - the partial didn't help). My orthopedist informed me that as hard as my rehab was for the partial, it is MUCH harder for the total. That is all to say, I will be out of commission for a good bit. I am guessing at least a month. Bad timing for blogging the upcoming political season, but I cannot wait any more. Thanks for the support, and the understanding.

And Gaston? Well, my partner might be making a trip back down here to help our friend who is house/pet-sitting batten down the hatches. Like with the economy, we will wait and see.

In my absence beginning 9/9, I recommend No Quarter, The Hill, Sara In Italy, and Logistics Monster.


Logistics Monster said...


First - You let me know if there is anything you need!

Second - Thanks for the Link Love!

Third - check out these two links because damn if they aren't related somehow. I am starting the "Noose" articles of labyrinth research from the last three months.

and just for fun because nobody seems to want to believe it:

Love ya! Take Care!!!

Logistics Monster said...

P.S. Love the new look!!!

SFIndie said...

I can hardly wait to see what the Dems' October surprise will be. If it's manufactured by O's razzle dazzle bright young we-don't-need-the-old-folks-anymore team, I'm guessing it will backfire big time and ensure an even bigger victory for the Repubs. It's almost like waiting for Santa...or the Easter Bunny...what, oh what will the surprise be???

I'm so glad Earl passed you by. I hope Gaston does, as well.

I'll send you a collage of Montserrat so you can sit and daydream as you recuperate from surgery. And lots of Reiki energy! We'll have you up and walking and pain free in no time!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, LM!

Glad you like the new look (Blogger was kinda pushing making some changes, so I had to go with the flow).

Oh, friend - I check your headlines every day. What is up with these two UK companies? I need to read the latest abt Obama's time in office, though. Dang, you do great work!

And that is why it is my pleasure to link to you, LM. You rock!

Thanks for the good wishes. That means a lot to me you know...

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

SF, you are so damn funny - and you are right. You know there will be something coming up soon and very soon. What oh what will it be?!?

Thanks so much for the support, Reiki, and thoughts of Montserrat. That will certainly keep me going with the rehab, that's for sure.

Whew abt Earl and Gaston, though I am sorry for the folks in NC who are going to get hammered.

Now I;m off to check out some of LM's links!