Thursday, May 27, 2010

Possible New Border Czar?

So much going on today, like: DADT may be coming up for a vote in the House, but its repeal is far from guaranteed, especially with the Chiefs of the Four branches speaking out against repeal; The LA Times reported the hole was finally closed using the Top Kill method of pushing mud and stuff into it, but unfortunately, the news was a bit premature (it is slowing it down, though); and border issues still causing a stir, with the troops Obama wants to allocate going to deal with drugs and guns, not illegal immigrants, even in the face of a TERROR Alert being issued by homeland security. Just like Mexico told him to do - deal with guns and drugs, not stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the US. Hmmm. That sounds like dereliction of duty to me, not protecting the borders as required in the Constitution, but I'm not a lawyer, so...

Whew - makes me tired just thinking about it, not to mention angry, worried, and upset. I need a break. Maybe you do, too. Oh, this will still be political, but hopefully, it will also make you laugh, too.

Here's the thing. There's this "reporter" named Joe McGinniss. He is not a fan of Sarah Palin's to put it MILDLY. McGinniss is currently writing an unauthorized biography of the former governor of Alaska. So, what did he do? He rented the house next door to hers so he could watch her morning, noon, and night for months. Oh, and when I say next door, I mean 15 feet away from her family. I am not kidding. Check it out:

Holy moley. So, let me understand this - McGinniss threatens a reporter with the police for trespassing, while "invading the space" of the Palin family on a daily basis. I got ya. That sounds about right for the Palin haters. "Okay for me, not for thee" sort of thing. Seriously, though - McGinniss pulling this stunt says a whole lot about him, and his character. The sheer arrogance and hubris of such a move, figuratively and literally, is telling indeed.

But how about Todd's skills with a saw? Here's a closer look at the wall (from Greta van Susteren):

Now, that's a good looking fence. Todd can come to my house and do carpentry work anytime.

Michelle Malkin has another suggestion given the quick wall building skills of Todd Palin and friends:
I nominate Todd Palin for border czar.

If only our federal government acted as swiftly and decisively to protect the nation’s borders from intrusion…

No kidding, huh? Someone who doesn't drag his feet when decisive action is required. Obama could take a lesson from Todd. That'll be the day...


SFIndie said...

My head is spinning, Rev. So much going on....and where is our fearless leader today? Here's his schedule:

~In the morning, he & Veep receive Daily Briefing.
~Also in the morning, he welcomes NCAA Men's Basketball Champion Duke Blue Devils to the WH to honor their 2009-2010 season at an event in the Rose Garden.
~Later, he & Veep & Bill Clinton will take photo w/U.S. World Cup Soccer Team on the North Portico of the White House.
~After photos, he lunches w/Clinton in the Private Dining Room.
~In the afternoon, he'll deliver remarks and take questions in the East Room.
~Then another briefing in the SitRoom on the 2010 hurricane season forecast & overview of the Federal government's national hurricane preparedness.
~Later, he'll hold a bilateral meeting with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia in the Oval Office.
~Then a reception in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month in the East Room.
~Finally, off to a vacation in Chicago.

Now, THAT's the kind of daily schedule that'll just wear a President out. No wonder he has no time to deal with an oil spill, illegal immigration, jobs, debt, or DADT... he's got waaaay too much on his plate, poor thing.

And WTH is Bill doing hanging around BigO???

As for McGinnis, who's the idiot homeowner who rented him the house in the first place? And whoever the publisher is needs to be barraged with letters/faxes/calls/emails about their author. Disgraceful.

Todd Palin can come to my house and do just about anything he wants as far as I'm concerned! (bad SF, bad bad SF)

To top it all off, it's pouring rain and there's a hint of lightening and thunder up this way. Sigh. And I must make my way out to catch my bus.

Where or where can one retire to, where the sun shines, the people smile, the whales play in the ocean, and the world is left behind? Hmmmmmmm......

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Ohmygosh, I am just EXHAUSTED reading Obama's schedule for the day. Whew - where DOES he find the time?? I mean, really - when is he going to find time to pack for his vacation?

I might add - the vacation which means he will miss the Memorial Day remembrance at Arlington's Tomb of the Unnamed Soldier. What a GREAT C-i-C he makes, huh? Cannot even make time to remember those who have fallen in the service of our country. Something is seriously wrong with this man. And the people who elected him.

Oh - and Duke - BLECH!!!! UNC Tar Heels all the way (or for my partner, the UVA Cavaliers). The UNCC 49ers!! But the Blue Devils? Uh, yeah, no. We ACC people care abt our basketball...

Btw, I am adding an update to my DADT post - it is Adm. Mullen's response to the DADT chatter. Wait until you see what he has to say...

Where indeed - I know - Montserrat!! Where the living is easy, the water crystal clear, and the breeze warm...

I hope you stay dry today in SF, SF!

SFIndie said...

Oh. My. Goddess. I just read the update on DADT. WTF??? So, DADT gets repealed, but it doesn't have to be implemented if the big boys don't want to. And we won't know that until sometime in December. So, no matter what, nothing changes until at least December, and possibly not even after that.

It's the administration, Congress, and the chiefs who are making this issue a big drama fest. They want to survey their soldiers and families? What is this, majority rules? They want to know how repealing this law will affect readiness and unit cohesion? Why not ask the non-gay soldiers who've been serving side by side with their gay comrades all this time. And why not ask the gay soldiers how they feel about serving with straight men and women!

I wonder if, when the armed forces became integrated, they checked with their "people" to make sure everyone was A-ok with it. Somehow, I doubt it. I think they were told to do it and they all did it, like it or not.

I did NOT know our Vacationer In Chief was going to miss the Memorial Day celebration at Arlington. That is so inappropriate. Even Bush would never have done that!

Ahhhh, yes, Montserrat. I think I've heard of that little island. Yes, indeedy. The living is easy, the water crystal clear, the breeze warm....I'm sold!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, SF -

Um, yes - that is pretty much what I got out of it, too. This whole study thing is so stupid anyway because other countries have been doing it for years with no problems. So, why can't someone just place a phone call or something, maybe even an email, to get some info from them??

And yes, our soldiers/sailors have been serving next to gay soldiers/sailors for centuries, for heavens sake. As one vet said over at NQ, he didn't give a damn what the man's sexuality next to him was as long as he had his back.

Oh, sure - I am so, so sure they surveyed everyone abt integrating the military. Not. Why is it that it is still A-Okay to discriminate against gay people in this country??

And that is one of the reasons I want to move to Montserrat. Besides the water, the breeze, the fresh fruit available out in the yard...

Hmm - perhaps you could convince Todd to be your eye candy down on the island? Hey, you never know. Maybe you could rent the house next door to him after McGinniss is done writing his dreck and win him away from Sarah! He'll have to take up surfing over snowmobiling, though...

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, I meant to add, YES - it is reprehensible that Obama is going off on vacation instead of attending to his duties. Not being at Arlington is just amazing. He really, really doesn't seem to want this job - why did he cheat so much to get it?

Maybe he was trying to pump Bill for info at that lunch since he is in over his head? Just a thought...

SFIndie said...

LOL about taking Todd from Sarah. In my younger days, I might have given her a run for her money, but these days....not so much! He's pretty darn cute, though, and handy to have around the house, too. If I could find me someone like that, I might be willing to try a relationship one more time!

I think O likes to have Bill around because he likes Bill to call him Mr. President. It's the ego thing. Although why Bill does it is beyond me. He's been way too chummy with O for awhile now, agreeing with him on AZ, on the Tea Parties, and at the Yale commencement speech even criticizing Republicans ('cause it's only the Repubs, you know) who keep asking for O's birth certificate. Bill said it's been shown. No Bill, only the COLB, and it ain't the same thing. I don't know where our Big Dawg went, but I want him back!

I don't think O wanted the JOB of President, he wanted the office and all the perks. He gets to go to all these parties, go golfing, fly around on AF1, have everyone kowtow to him. But when has he EVER done a lick of work in his life?

He's just a waste.

Bought a couple more lotto tickets today. No luck so far, but ya never know!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ya never know - you, Raymond, and Montserrat might be ALL Todd needs to hear! :-D

I don't know what the hell is going on with Bill, either. It is really disturbing to me that he has bent over BACKWARD for someone who called him a RACIST. How in the world can he spend a second more that is not required for protocol with this guy? I just do not get it.

You are so right - he wants the perks, not the work. Hell, he hasn't had to work at just abt every job he's had ANYWAY, so why start now?

Don't you love that he is getting testy when people press him on not doing any work? "Just let me eat my waffle!" writ large...

Yeah, no luck for me so far, either, but the pot is getting way up there!

Mary Ellen said...

I wish Obama would stay and do his freakin' job instead of vacationing every other weekend. Now he's coming to Chicago to stink the place up. Ugh.

Not to mention, I think he plans on going to the Blackhawk's game which is going to bring nothing but bad luck for them. You've seen what happens when he campaigns for his colleagues.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

Yeah, I feel sorry for you having the Obamas come back to Chicago for the holiday weekend. Yikes.

Poor Blackhawks - let's HOPE his presence doesn't doom them to defeat, but past as prologue, it doesn't look good for your team.

Apparently, Obama's idea of doing his job is to pass the buck, dissemble, procrastinate, and lie, at least judging from the statements he has made. Just sayin'.

Can you just imagine what people would have said abt Hillary, or Dubya, or Bill had they not gone to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day? Holy cow, the press would be crucifying them.

I just asked my partner what she thought her dad would say abt Obama not going. She said it would probably be he would insulted. But he would also be relieved that Obama wouldn't be dishonoring those who had gone before by his presence since he clearly has little regard for the military, and those who have served. That's one way to look at it...

Nice to *see* you, ME!

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy (and SF Indie!)

I was flipping channels last night and Carville was saying that if Obama only makes one trip to the Gulf over the weekend that he will be really pissed because Obama needs to be there and realize the impact that this is having on the people in the Gulf States and get a good look at the destruction...not just a fly-by or pretty speech. Obama will high-tail it out of there, believe me. I'm sure there's a golf course or basketball court in the Chicago area that Obama will be visiting instead.

I tried to think of what my dad would say about Obama not visiting the grave of the unknown soldier on Memorial Day.... I think it would have been something between "At least the "unknown soldier" won't be turning in his grave." or "Obama is a Communist."

I heard Obama will be visiting the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery instead. I think he's trying to get public opinion comparing Obama to Lincoln, just like they did when he announced that he was going to run for President. I don't care what he does, as long as he's far enough away from my house that I don't have to smell his putrid stench.

Oh...and in the Trib today, I noticed they had a picture of Obama, Meeeeshell, and child arriving at O'Hare Airport. Of course, they all looked as if they were "royalty" as they had one of their secret service dudes holding the leash of the dog and walking 20 steps behind the President and his family. If you recall, Bill Clinton was always the one holding the dog's was Bush and other past President's who had dogs. The Obama's can't be bothered with the pet that they made such a big deal about before they got it. Honestly, Obama and Michelle are the coldest people on earth...and the phoniest.

Have a great weekend Amy and SF Indie! Mine is already shaping up to be a busy one and this will probably be my last chance to visit my favorite blogs.

Mary Ellen said...

I just found this on one of the blogs I read...thought you might enjoy playing it. You can take your little arrow thingy (technical computer speak) and move the falling Obama if he gets stuck. I like squeezing him through the tight spots. hehe.

The falling Obama game.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

i LOVE the Obama falling thing! I am going to see if I can get it on my sidebar. It is so addictive...There was one for Bush, but having the Obama symbol is SO much fun!!

I understand that Carville is angry abt Obama's not handling the oil spill well. A lot of people are, and rightfully so. It is TRAGIC what is happening there, to the people of LA, and to the ocean environment. I watched a video of Rep. Melancon break down in tears talking abt what is happening in LA, and the hard 5 yrs they have had there - moved me to tears, too. It is so painful to see what is happening down there.

But here's the thing: What the hell did Carville think was going to happen with this unqualified, inexperienced, arrogant, unfeeling, totally for show resume, president that HE pushed?? If he wanted compassion, if he wanted someone to roll up their sleeves and DO something abt it, if he wanted someone to be there in the Gulf right after it happened, and days afterward, he would have supported Hillary all the way and not participated in the DNC's unethical, unsavory shenanigans to break their own rules. IMHO, that is.

You absolutely cracked me up with the "putrid stench" comment - I trust you will stay as far away as possible form The One.

NOT surprised that Barry, or Michelle, or their daughter, doesn't walk the dog. Very, very telling abt the kind of people they are.

And you know, I generally try not to say anything abt Michelle's dress, or anything abt the kids, but I caught a bit of video the other day of them all walking together. The oldest daughter was just plodding along, literally. It was the most unattractive walk, not unlike Michelle's. Why has NO ONE taught this child how to walk more gracefully? It does not give a good impression of her at all. Even if her dad wasn't president, you would think SOMEONE would teach her how to move with more assurance, even if she cannot be graceful. It was really sad, to be honest.

Anyway - back to Obama. He can try and make the comparison to Lincoln all he wants, but I think more and more people are realizing he is nothing like Lincoln. Not even close. Many of us were never taken in by that crapola anyway, though...Funny abt what your dad would have said!

I hope you have a great weekend, too, ME!

I have been thinking of you, and hoping you are okay.