Monday, May 24, 2010

Follow-Up On Rep. Joe Sestak's Job Offer

Well, this was an interesting weekend for spinning news, especially if you watched Robert Spokesweasel Gibbs at all. But one person, a politician, no less, who has been consistent in his comments on one subject, did so again this Sunday.

That would be Joe Sestak, who continues to affirm he was offered a job to drop out of the race in Pennsylvania against Arlen Specter. Even after beating Specter in the election, he STILL affirms he was offered a job:

Did you catch what Chris Stirewalt said? That the White House investigated itself on whether or not there was wrong doing with offering Sestak a job? Yes, and they found themselves BLAMELESS! I think the following sums it up perfectly:

Does that mean that when anyone of us is accused of committing a crime, or cheating on our taxes, we can investigate or audit ourselves and OUR conclusion is supposed to stand? If so, maybe it's not such a bad thing to emulate the White House, right? Uh, yeah, sure.

Rep. Darrell Issa, though, does not think the White House should be able to commit felonies, investigate itself, or find itself blameless. He continues to push for an investigator. At least that's one person who thinks the White House is not allowed to commit felonies and get away with it. Let's hope there are more.

We are, after all, and despite all current evidence to the contrary (illegal immigration, the White House, Obama's presidency) a nation of laws. It is high time we get back to enforcing them.


Mary Ellen said...

Of course the Obama White House will get away with this, they have the propaganda media on their side. Did you see that the White House gave the White House Press a good talking to in a private meeting and told them they were asking too many questions about the Sestak deal and to knock it off. Nothing like a "free press", eh? They're free to ask any questions they want, as long as Obama approves of the questions first.

Oh...and did you see this? I wonder if the American tax payers have been stuck with the bill for Rham and family transportation, hotel, etc. ?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Free press? What the hell is THAT?? We sure haven't seen that in the past three years, have we? I mean, I know there are always some who are cheerleaders for those in power, but I have never seen anything like what the press is doing with Obama.

I saw that Rahm was taking his son to Israel for his bar mitzvah, but I sure missed that we were paying for the big dinner. Freaking typical.

I am just shaking my head in disgust - "no questions abt the felonies, people" - WOW.

SFIndie said...

I think it's time to revise our perception that we're a nation of laws, Rev. We've become a nation of "If it's a law I approve of we'll enforce it, otherwise it's a misguided, racist law and we won't enforce it."

Although, just think of how much money we'd save if we just let everyone investigate themselves and determine their own innocence or guilt. No more courts, no judges, no jails, no police....

There's no doubt that this new felony committed by the White House will go unpunished. Since the administration says they really meant to support Sestak after all, they really DID want him to win, I'm sure they'll make some closed-door deal with him and he'll cave and all will be forgotten. Maybe they'll all get together and have a beer.

As for Rahm's "private" trip to Israel, of course the taxpayers will foot the entire bill. After all, he's scheduled to visit Netanyahu, Peres, and Barak. Nothing like using your kid's bar mitzvah as a cover for political shenanigans. I wonder what he'll threaten Netanyahu, et al with? They can't go to the bar mitzvah if they don't leave those poor Palestinians alone???

It just keeps getting worse and worse. Better get more lotto tickets, I haven't had much luck but I'm ever hopeful.

Hi, ME! Nice to see you!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, believe you me, I am getting them every week these days...

Well, I have to say, that is one major money saving option, isn't it? We will save SO much money if we all just decide whether or not we have committed a crime when we "violate" something that is on the books. Unless it's racist, then it doesn't matter if we break it or not, as you said.

But now, we have unions getting the police to HELP them break the law (the SEIU story), which makes it even BETTER for us, right?? Perhaps you can get one of those police escorts when you go rob that liquor store you were talking abt recently. I mean, heckfire, why not?

LOL - oh, yeah - I am sure the threat of not being able to attend a bar mitzvah will do the trick to get Israel to bow to Obama's demands. Ahem.

How does Rahm stay in his position? I mean, really - as he sees how this Administration is treating Israel, how does he justify participating in it? I guess it's the power, and it is corrupting, no doubt abt it.

How is it that Obama has done so much damage to our country in such a short time? I don't get it!!