Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Continuing Oil Spill Is Taking Its Toll **UPDATED**

Hope remains that the Top Kill method currently employed by BP will finally, finally cap this horrible, devastating oil spill in the Gulf, though it is still uncertain.

UPDATE: Sadly, BP has announced the Top Kill method is NOT working. Back to the drawing board and other possible strategies. for stemming the tide of oil oozing across the Gulf.

It is with that effort underway that President Obama made his second trip to the Gulf on Friday since the oil spill began April 20th. Obama had this to say:

Is it just me, or does Obama sound a bit petulant in his remarks? Not exactly reassuring to those who are suffering as a result of this oil spill. Gov. Jindal's response to the lackadaisical effort by the government is spot on.

Perhaps Obama's petulance is in response to Gov. Jindal, or perhaps he is responding to some of his supporters like James Carville (thanks, SFIndie). Carville, a native of Louisiana, is absolutely blasting Obama on his response, or lack thereof, to the Gulf spill:

Carville makes a lot of good points, especially regarding BP. I wonder how Carville, or even Obama, will respond to the news that BP bused in a bunch of people, 400 of them, to LOOK like they were involved in the cleanup while Obama was there? Are you kidding me??

But it isn't just anger and frustration that are the hallmark emotions of this disaster. There is also great sorrow, as demonstrated by Rep. Melancon during a hearing recently:

We cannot forget how hard this is for people in Louisiana. They have suffered so much already, and this spill is nothing short of catastrophic. I know the people of Louisiana have worked hard to restore their wetlands, to bring back to life the dead area in the Gulf. To have this event, so soon after Katrina, is a hardship most of us can scarcely imagine. The need our support on both an individual and government level (talking to YOU Obama). They need our help, and they need our prayers. Let's do anything and everything we can to help the people of the affected area, the injured and endangered wildlife, and the environment.

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