Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, Those "ACORNS"

Once again, ACORN is in the news, and once again, the result of alleged criminal activity. A couple of ACORN workers were charged with criminal counts of multiple voter fraud in Wisconsin. Gee, what a huge surprise - NOT. Here's the story:
Van Hollen Charges Five With Election Fraud

Five Wisconsin residents have been charged with criminal counts of voter fraud in the November 2008 general election, state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today.

Two of those charged - Maria Miles, 36, of Milwaukee, and Kevin Clancy, 26, of Racine - worked for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), the embattled community organizing group.

"The complaint alleges that Miles and Clancy submitted multiple voter registration applications for the same individuals, and also were part of a scheme in which they and other (special registration deputies) registered each other to vote multiple times in order to meet voter registration quotas imposed by ACORN," the Van Hollen release says.

Both were charged with one felony count.

Attempts to reach ACORN today were unsuccessful.

Hmmm - I wonder if they have tried the Community Organizations International (COI) name? Just a suggestion.

The ACORN employees were not the only ones:
Also charged was a couple - Herbert, 60, and Suzanne Gunka, 54, both of Milwaukee - for allegedly double-voting in November 2008, once absentee and once at the polls.

Michael Henderson, 40, was hit with two felony charges of being a felon who cast a ballot even though he was still on probation. The Milwaukee man was convicted in 2005 in Rock County with two felonies for bail jumping and one disorderly conduct misdemeanor.

He was sentenced to five years' probation.

Each felony count for voter fraud carries a maximum penalty of 3 1/2 years behind bars and a $10,000 fine. All five individuals are scheduled to appear in court on April 20.

The charges were brought as part of the Milwaukee Election Fraud Task Force.

Van Hollen's announcement comes the same day that No Quarter disclosed that the Milwaukee County prosecutor for election fraud accused Milwaukee police of sitting on their hands and failing to investigate these cases for the first half of last year.

The prosecutor, Bruce Landgraf, said the Milwaukee Police Department began looking at election fraud cases last year only after Van Hollen's agency " stepped up to start the work MPD should have commenced immediately after your referral."

Landgraf was addressing a city election official.

Doesn't this just make you wonder how widespread the voter fraud was in 2008? Given ACORN's multiple state charges, I think it's safe to say these are not isolated incidents in Wisconsin.

At some point, Obama's sycophants are going to have to admit and accept that ACORN is corrupt. These are not the first charges by a LONG shot, nor have all charges been dropped, as many supporters would like to claim (for voter registration fraud).

And even if those folks cannot the reality of what ACORN is, and the crimes it commits in an effort to further its partisan politics, American taxpayers should not be funding this organization. While ACORN may do good work in other areas, it simply cannot be trusted with voter registration in any way, shape, or form. That has become abundantly clear. As they say, where there is this much smoke, there is most definitely fire. To say ACORN has had one brush fire after another is an understatement, as is: STOP GIVING THEM OUR MONEY ALREADY!

Ahem. In this election year, better keep an eye out for more smoke from ACORN. Where's Smokey the Bear these days? I think we could use him, don't you?

(As many of you know, I have written on ACORN numerous times, far too many to list here. If you wish to see previous posts, here are two recent ones: here, and here.)


Mary Ellen said...

Doesn't this just make you wonder how widespread the voter fraud was in 2008?

Boy, you're not kidding! I haven't trusted our voting system in years, ever since the recount in Florida.

The sad thing is, I thought I could trust the Democratic party, but after that last Primary, I don't think they can every regain my trust again.

I have to wonder if the voting system in Afghanistan is less corrupt than ours. Funny how they ended up with a more Democratic system than ours.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

Oh, absolutely abt the voting in Afghanistan. Hell, in IRAQ!! There, at least, there is visible PROOF that one has already voted.

This is why Kathleen Wynne is working so hard to get hand counted paper ballots. While there is still opportunity for shenanigans, it is not as rampant as the whole absentee ballots, voting more than once, and on and on. That guy in Philly who bragged abt voting more than once was not an isolated incident, after all.

I am right there with ya, sister - they absolutely lost me when they demonstrated such callous disregard for the sanctity of the vote. Blech.

SFIndie said...

I'm surprised that only 2 ACORN employees are being charged. We KNOW there's a whole lot more ACORN fraud that won't ever be uncovered...those two will take the fall for all the rest. And all the Obots will be able to say, "See? It's not ACORN, it's just a few rogue employees. And besides, look at all the good ACORN does! Gimme more kool-aid!"

I'll never trust the Dems again. Of course there's going to be more fraud this year and in 2012. Anything to win, that's the Democrats' motto. I always thought the Repubs had a monopoly on corruption, but 2008 sure ripped the rose-colored glasses off my face.

Maybe I'll be in Montserrat by 2012, happily ensconced in my guest apartment, watching the whales play in the ocean. Ahhhhhh.....

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, SF -

Well, it's only two in one town in WI. :-) A bunch have been charged all around the country. Eleven were arrested in Miami-Dade this past December. This is just the most recent charge. The voter fraud charge is pretty big, too.

So, yeah - ACORN has been charged in over 14 states so far. What a great organization!

Oh, SF - from your lips to whoever is out there listening to be in Montserrat in 2 years! Wouldn't that be FANTASTIC?!? We wouldn't give a damn what the corrupt DNC was doing while we watched sea turtles dig their nests...

Mary Ellen, I hope you're coming too!