Monday, March 29, 2010

Is The U.K. Breaking Up WIth US?

After the recent mistreatment of Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to the White House, and his being totally dissed by President Obama, this article caught my eye, It’s Over: MPs Say The Special Relationship With US Is Dead.

Let's see - how long have we had a relationship with the U.K.? Um, how about forever? Admittedly, in the early days, it was a bit rocky (ahem), but not only have they been one of our staunchest allies, they have also been one of our closest friends. Those days seem to be over now:
BRITAIN’S special relationship with the US — forged by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt in the second world war — no longer exists, says a committee of influential MPs.

Instead, America’s relationship with Britain is no more special than with its other main allies, according to a report by the Commons foreign affairs committee published today.

The report also warns that the perception of the UK after the Iraq war as America’s “subservient poodle” has been highly damaging to Britain’s reputation and interests around the world. The MPs conclude that British prime ministers have to learn to be less deferential to US presidents and be “willing to say no” to America.

The report, entitled Global Security: UK-US Relations, says Britain’s relationship with America is “extremely close and valuable” in a number of areas, particularly intelligence co-operation. However, it adds that the use of the phrase special relationship, in its historical sense, “is potentially misleading and we recommend that its use should be avoided”.

Yikes. Sounds like they're telling us they're just not that into us anymore:
It does not reflect the “ever-evolving” relationship between the two countries and raises unrealistic expectations, the MPs say.

“Over the longer term, the UK is unlikely to be able to influence the US to the extent it has in the past,” the committee adds.

In an apparent rebuke to Tony Blair and his relationship with President George W Bush, the report says there are “many lessons” to be learnt from Britain’s political approach towards the US over Iraq.

“The perception that the British government was a subservient poodle to the US administration is widespread both among the British public and overseas,” the MPs say. “This perception, whatever its relation to reality, is deeply damaging to the reputation and interests of the UK.”

While the relationship between the American president and the British prime minister was an important part of dealings between the two countries, the cabinet and parliament also had a role to play. “The UK needs to be less deferential and more willing to say no to the US on those issues where the two countries’ interests and values diverge,” the MPs say.

They are also critical of the US use of extraordinary rendition and torture. The report calls for a comprehensive review of the use by the CIA of British bases, such as that on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, to carry out extraordinary rendition.

“The issues relating to rendition through Diego Garcia to which we have previously drawn attention raise disturbing questions about the uses to which US bases on British territory are put”, the MPs say.

They express regret at “considerable restraints” on the ability of both the government and parliament to scrutinise US activities carried out on British territory.

Hold the phone - I thought Obama was going to end all of that. Hmmm. Is it possible he lied to us. Impossible, right? Oh, yeah, sure:
“We recommend that the government should establish a comprehensive review of the current arrangements governing US military use of facilities within the UK and in British overseas territories.” The review should “identify shortcomings in the current system of scrutiny and oversight ... and report to parliament on proposals to remedy these”.

The report also demands a statement from the government on the implications of the Court of Appeal judgment regarding the alleged collusion of MI5 in the torture of Binyam Mohamed, a British resident.

Last month the court ordered the government to release evidence from American intelligence reports which showed that MI5 was aware of the torture.

Senior US officials subsequently suggested that releasing such evidence might prevent the US from sharing some intelligence with Britain.

Ah yes, the Obama "tit for tat." THAT should have been his campaign slogan, if you ask me. I thought Bush was bad about payback. Who knew it was going to be worse with Obama? Well, most of us, really, because we could tell he was an arrogant, petulant, immature, power hungry egotist.

Check out a sampling of some of the Comments following this article:
John Higgins wrote: As an American, I stand by Britain. Despite the idiot in the White House, and despite what a bunch of MPs say, we share a common history, have stood shoulder to shoulder on the field of battle; there is no other country to which America is more indebted, there are no other people which Americans could love more.

Emanuel Goldstein wrote: Special relationship - it takes two to tango. Mr Obama has mocked the UK, and our Royalty, whilst fraternising with tinpot dictators such as Chavez and Gaddaffi.

William Brown wrote: The UK needs must be wary of an America whose leadership stands in awe of Venezuela's Mr. Chavez and is likely to side with Argentina should occasion arise.

And this is one is along the same lines of Obama's treatment of Netanyahu. That would be his treatment of PM Gordon Brown:

adam jackson
wrote:you brits should have called it off when our president gave brown a box of dvds he couldnt watch, and her majesty an ipod full of his own ramblings.

Yeah. That would be a reference to those tasteless, classless, CHEAP ass gifts the Obamas gave to the Browns on their first official visit. Beside the dvd's Brown couldn't watch, not just because he is going blind, but because they were not suitable for viewing in Europe, there were the cheap helicopters from the White House Gift Shop Michelle gave to the Brown's two boys. These would be cheap-ass gifts for anyone on their economic level, much less as the President of the United States. There was no thought, no care, no graciousness in those gifts at all. State Gifts, I might add, that are required by law. Pathetic.

Heck, they couldn't even be bothered to have a State Dinner for them. Oh, no. They can throw parties regularly to have the stars they want, and on our dime, even let that sexist pig JayZ into the Situation Room, but handle official duties with class and grace? Hah!

Then there was Obama giving back the bust of Churchill pretty much as soon as he got into the Oval Office. Yeah, that carried a bit of a sting for our friends across the Pond.

No wonder the U.K. is breaking up with us after all these years. Who could blame them?


Mary Ellen said...

Looks like this guy should write some more lyrics for his song. (And take some voice lessons, too.)

One for All and All for One
Life is worth more than gold
Swim away from these shores
Life is worth more than gold
We are the freedom in One
We are the voice of none
Let your love shine through

Hey Mr..
We are the same you and I
Life is worth more than gold
You are the freedom in one
You are the voice in one
Please let your love shine through.

Promised Land
One for All and All for One
Life is worth more than 'more'

We are the Freedom if One
We are the Peace if One
We are the Joy if One
We are the Light if One
Let your Love shine through!
Let your Love shine through!

Please let Peace a chance...

"Hey Mr. President, let your love shine through." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that Obama is just full of love for England! HAHAHAHHAHA!

Obots are so funny.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rev,

Most days, I just sit here and shake my head at what’s going on in this country. No matter how bad I thought it was under Bush, I could not ever have dreamed it could be like this. Oh, we all knew it wasn’t going to be pretty, what with having The Pretender for 4 years. But this?

The Democrats are a bunch of bullies, to begin with. Like bullies, they’ll intimidate and badger and threaten to get their way, but as soon as they’re confronted by the teacher, they whine and cry that it wasn’t their fault. Congressional Democrats bullied their way to passing this health insurance giveaway. Then when the people got angry, they started whining and crying that everyone is just so MEAN to them, boo hoo. Now, I absolutely do not condone or defend violent actions. But honestly, Rep. Cleaver making such a fuss because of a man “who allowed his saliva to hit my face"? Are we in 1st grade, or what?

And Sarah Palin is inciting violence by using the words “aim” and “reload”? As if anyone really thinks she encouraging violence? (Of course, it was perfectly acceptable for the leftists to wear “Sarah Palin is a c*nt” t-shirts. No hatred there.)

And comparing the Tea Party protesters with George Wallce racists and hatemongers? I don’t even know what to say to that.

Now we have the Brat In Chief, the one who was going to heal the nation, nay, heal the world, who like a frat boy tells the Republicans to “bring it on”. That’s creating healing?

And the UK is breaking up with us. And Israel, I’m sure, is none to happy with us.

But hey, I bet Chavez loves us!

Hell has frozen over and pigs are now flying, because I miss George Bush.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

ME - holy crappydoo, how did you FIND that video? Maybe what I mean to ask is, WHY did you find that video?? :-D And I have to say, when I glanced at his tagline, I thought it said, "Smelly Cat," as in the Phoebe song on "Friends"!


That song was awful. Now I hope I can get it out of my head.

And yes, Obots ARE so funny...Sheesh.

Mary Ellen said...

Rev. Amy- Actually, I went to YouTube looking for a video of the media talking about how Obama was going to bring respect from around the world to our Nation again. But then I saw this first and couldn't stop laughing.

SFIndie nailed it, the bullying tactics may have worked in Chicago, but it's not going over big across the pond. What we're seeing is not only inexperience, but pure stupidity, as noted with the lame gifts and shipping back the bust of Churchill. He reminds me of a child who, after being offered a cookie from grandma, saying "No thanks, you make icky cookies...and you smell bad,too."

I'm glad the world is finally seeing him for what he is. It's too bad they bought into his crap to begin with.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, SF -

First let me say that, as I feared, while making lunch, that horrible song started playing in my head. ARGH!


I know, SF - I cannot believe that things are even WORSE than when Bush was prez! How is that POSSIBLE?? I thought he was a dangerous buffoon, but holy smokes, even HE would NEVER treat the UK (especially Brown) like Obama has, or Netanyahu, or conversely, Chavez, for that matter. It really is shocking.

And YES, the Democrats are showing what bulies they are, as well as COWARDS (aren't most bullies really cowards), and big, huge, whiners.

Oh, and let's not forget SELLOUTS. Did you hear that the price tag for Stupak and Co.'s votes was $4.7 BILLION???? I am not kidding. The Sunlight Foundation (a non-partisan org.) found this out(

Wow. I guess the ones who hold out the longest reap the biggest rewards. Ironically, the holdouts make it WORSE for the American people.


It is unbelievable how convoluted their attacks have become, and how incredibly lacking in LOGIC they are, yet they are more than ready to jump all over them. Of COURSE Palin was suggesting violence - she knows how to hunt, after all, so she MUST have meant that, right? Oh, brother.

And Obama - yes, all of these nations thought he was going to HEAL us all. They bought his, Plouffe's, and Axelrod's BS abt him being the Messiah. I wonder if these world leaders will ever admit just how duped they were abt him, admitting they bought the hype instead of looking at the actual MAN.

One can hope, right? Yeah. Right.

I'm with you, SF - Montserrat now!!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

That is too funny. And I just got that damn song out of my head!

A NQ reader posted a link abt an Obama donor, a Muslim from Philly, being arrested for making death threats against Rep. Eric Cantor and his family. That is just horrifying. Cantor, as you no doubt know, is the GOP Minority Whip.

Sure will be interesting to see if the MSM covers THIS story.

Yes, that SF - she nailed it indeed! As did you with your depiction of Obama. It is amazing how people can be SO gullible - all over the world!! Sheesh...

Mary Ellen said...

I heard that there was an arrest for a death threat against Cantor, but didn't read it. It was an Obama donor? Why am I not surprised?

I have no doubt that MSNBC won't cover that story, but I think that CNN might do so. I've noticed that Jack Cafferty is all over Obama, Reid, and Pelosi's ass lately.

Of course, I don't recall hearing any apologies over his treatment of Hillary or her supporters. I can't see how I could figure for joining in with the "You're racist!" crowd.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

Yes, the guy who was arrested is most definitely an Obama donor.

It would be NICE if CNN covered it, but they are the ones who said there were "hundreds" of Tea Party participants in Searchlight, and made it seem as if the 35 Reid supporters (I think that's all there are) throwing eggs at the Tea Party buses, and directing the Tea Party people to the wrong place had the same number of participants. It wasn't even close.

Glad to hear Cafferty is coming to his senses, but I lost all respect for that man when he acted the way he did abt Hillary and us. It is just disturbing in general that these media people played SUCH a role in Obama's coronation, and now our nation doesn't even look like itself anymore.

Like SF, I cannot even believe that it could have gotten so much worse after Bush...