Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Demon Pass"?

Whooey, this is some article Peggy Noonan had in the Wall Street Journal, Now For The Slaughter; On the road to Demon Pass, our leader encounters a Baier. As is obvious from the subheading, she references the recent interview with President Obama conducted by Fox News, Brett Baier. (If somehow you missed the interview, click HERE for the video and transcript.)

The article is a bit of a two-fer. It looks at the possibility that the House, currently wrangling over the Healthcare bill, may forego an actual vote, utilizing a tool referred to as, "Deem and Pass." More on that below, and you can click HERE for additional information. The other part, obviously, is the Baier/Obama interview.

Now to the article:
Excuse me, but it is embarrassing—really, embarrassing to our country—that the president of the United States has again put off a state visit to Australia and Indonesia because he's having trouble passing a piece of domestic legislation he's been promising for a year will be passed next week. What an air of chaos this signals to the world. And to do this to Australia of all countries, a nation that has always had America's back and been America's friend.

How bush league, how undisciplined, how kid's stuff.

You could see the startled looks on the faces of reporters as Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who had the grace to look embarrassed, made the announcement on Thursday afternoon. The president "regrets the delay"—the trip is rescheduled for June—but "passage of the health insurance reform is of paramount importance." Indonesia must be glad to know it's not.

The reporters didn't even provoke or needle in their questions. They seemed hushed. They looked like people who were absorbing the information that we all seem to be absorbing, which is that the wheels seem to be coming off this thing, the administration is wobbling—so early, so painfully and dangerously soon.

Well, again, it isn't like many of us didn't know that was gonna happen. Many of us knew that Obama was the most ill-equipped, ill-prepared president to ever be sworn in, and it will be a cold day in hell before I forgive the DNC for gaming the Primary for him. Because I, along with many of you, knew this was going to happen, didn't we?

But I digress:
Thursday's decision followed the most revealing and important broadcast interview of Barack Obama ever. It revealed his primary weakness in speaking of health care, which is a tendency to dodge, obfuscate and mislead. He grows testy when challenged. It revealed what the president doesn't want revealed, which is that he doesn't want to reveal much about his plan. This furtiveness is not helpful in a time of high public anxiety. At any rate, the interview was what such interviews rarely are, a public service. That it occurred at a high-stakes time, with so much on the line, only made it more electric.

I'm speaking of the interview Wednesday on Fox News Channel's "Special Report With Bret Baier." Fox is owned by News Corp., which also owns this newspaper, so one should probably take pains to demonstrate that one is attempting to speak with disinterest and impartiality, in pursuit of which let me note that Glenn Beck has long appeared to be insane.

That having been said, the Baier interview was something, and right from the beginning. Mr. Baier's first question was whether the president supports the so-called Slaughter rule, alternatively known as "deem and pass," which would avoid a straight up-or-down House vote on the Senate bill. (Tunku Varadarajan in the Daily Beast cleverly notes that it sounds like "demon pass," which it does. Maybe that's the juncture we're at.) Mr. Obama, in his response, made the usual case for ObamaCare. Mr. Baier pressed him. The president said, "The vote that's taken in the House will be a vote for health-care reform." We shouldn't, he added, concern ourselves with "the procedural issues."

Further in, Mr. Baier: "So you support the deem-and-pass rule?" From the president, obfuscation. But he did mention something new: "They may have to sequence the votes." The bill's opponents would be well advised to look into that one.

Mr. Baier again: So you'll go deem-and-pass and you don't know exactly what will be in the bill?

Mr. Obama's response: "By the time the vote has taken place, not only will I know what's in it, you'll know what's in it, because it's going to be posted and everybody's going to be able to evaluate it on the merits."

That's news in two ways. That it will be posted—one assumes the president means on the Internet and not nailed to a telephone pole—should suggest it will be posted for a while, more than a few hours or days. So American will finally get a look at it. And the president was conceding that no, he doesn't know what's in the bill right now. It is still amazing that one year into the debate this could be true.

We know now that the bill has been published after the CBO gave it the score the Democrats wanted (seriously, are we really supposed to believe they are bi-partisan? As someone pointed out recently, if they WERE, they would post their results for one and all to see at the same time. That's just for starters. Never mind the shell games being played with the money. And honestly, how can ANYONE forecast what is going to happen in TWENTY years? That's just crap. No offense to the CBO or anything.). We also know it will NOT be available for "many, many" days before it's voted on, as Obama claimed (what a surprise - he lied again). Of course, it would be nice if the president actually had a clue what was in the damn thing:
Mr. Baier pressed on the public's right to know what is in the bill. We have been debating the bill for a year, the president responded: "The notion that this has been not transparent, that people don't know what's in the bill, everybody knows what's in the bill. I sat for seven hours with—."

Mr. Baier interrupts: "Mr. President, you couldn't tell me what the special deals are that are in or not today."

Mr. Obama: "I just told you what was in and what was not in."

Mr. Baier: "Is Connecticut in?" He was referring to the blandishments—polite word—meant to buy the votes of particular senators.

Mr. Obama: "Connecticut—what are you specifically referring to?"

Mr. Baier: "The $100 million for the hospital? Is Montana in for the asbestos program? Is—you know, listen, there are people—this is real money, people are worried about this stuff."

Mr. Obama: "And as I said before, this—the final provisions are going to be posted for many days before this thing passes."

Mr. Baier pressed the president on his statement as a candidate for the presidency that a 50-plus-one governing mentality is inherently divisive. "You can't govern" that way, Sen. Obama had said. Is the president governing that way now? Mr. Obama did not really answer.

Throughout, Mr. Baier pressed the president. Some thought this bordered on impertinence. I did not. Mr. Obama now routinely filibusters in interviews. He has his message, and he presses it forward smoothly, adroitly. He buries you in words. Are you worried what failure of the bill will do to you? I'm worried about what the status quo will do to the families that are uninsured . . .

Mr. Baier forced him off his well-worn grooves. He did it by stopping long answers with short questions, by cutting off and redirecting. In this he was like a low-speed bumper car. In the end the interview seemed to me a public service because everyone in America right now wants to see the president forced off his grooves and into candor on an issue that involves 17% of the economy. Again, the stakes are high. So Mr. Baier's style seemed—this is admittedly subjective—not rude but within the bounds, and not driven by the antic spirit that sometimes overtakes reporters. He seemed to be trying to get new information. He seemed to be attempting to better inform the public.

Presidents have a right to certain prerogatives, including the expectation of a certain deference. He's the president, this is history. But we seem to have come a long way since Ronald Reagan was regularly barked at by Sam Donaldson, almost literally, and the president shrugged it off. The president—every president—works for us. We don't work for him. We sometimes lose track of this, or rather get the balance wrong. Respect is due and must be palpable, but now and then you have to press, to either force them to be forthcoming or force them to reveal that they won't be. Either way it's revealing.

And so it ends, with a health-care vote expected this weekend. I wonder at what point the administration will realize it wasn't worth it—worth the discord, worth the diminution in popularity and prestige, worth the deepening of the great divide. What has been lost is so vivid, what has been gained so amorphous, blurry and likely illusory. Memo to future presidents: Never stake your entire survival on the painful passing of a bad bill. Never take the country down the road to Demon Pass.

Is she kidding? This Administration will NEVER admit it, it will never acknowledge its role int he discord that has so beset this country. Obama and his minions will simply blame the Republicans for any and all ill will, and continue on their merry way to bankrupting this country. Which they will do in oh-so-many ways, not the least of which is the economic underpinnings of the country if this bill goes through (according to Massachusetts Treasurer, Tim Cahill, assuming it is similar to what they have in that Commonwealth).

Anyway, this Administration will never, ever take any responsibility for the chaos they are wreaking on this country. It is up to us to stop them. If not now, in November. If not this weekend with this Healthcare debacle, then throughout the year as 38 states (so far) challenge the Constitutionality of this bill. We need healthcare reform, but not this one, not like this, not at this cost. It is a cost that is far, far too high...


Mary Ellen said...

I saw on one of the other blogs a list of all the stuff that Obama promised would be in the reconciliation bill and didn't make it. The man has no shame, he just lies and lies and now I'm watching all those Dems fold and change their no votes to yes. Kucinich...what a freakin' moron! One ride in Air Force One and he votes yes?

I have to wonder if that flight was something like this video at 2:07.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Mary Ellen -

Good to *see* you. I have been thinking of you and your mom...

I saw somewhere tonight that Kucinich changed his mind, threw his convictions in the garbage, and revealed himself to be a spineless twit all to save Obama's presidency. Because you know this is ALL abt Obama. It has nothing to do with us.

Pitiful, just pitiful.

No doubt, as they say, if Obama's mouth is open, he's lying...

Sigh. Thanks for the video. No doubt that is a good representation!

Mary Ellen said...

Rev Amy- Well, look at the bright side, this vote will assure us that Obama will never see another four years...unless the voters in this country are equally spineless.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Mary Ellen, from your keyboard to God's ears...

That is the only thing that might be worthwhile in this whole, ugly endeavor...

Logistics Monster said...

Rev - you have your comments off on your latest post but I did want to leave a note. WTF?! I knew they were going to set precedent and actually get this piece of shit passed so that we can pay and pay and pay with no benefit. This is how they keep the fiscal balls in the air for a few more years.

On a side note - interesting that Bahana C. Obama has kept Hill locked in a closet on what would have been considered an auspicious day? Maybe she told him to go **** himself and did not want to be associated. Whatcha think?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Sorry abt that - I thought I had changed it! (I stopped allowing open comments when Bots kept leaving nasty ones...)

I know, LM - I just cannot believe it, either. I think all of those people who voted for this disaster of a president should have to pay for this disaster of a bill...

I never thought I'd be happy to live in a conservative state, but since we have legislation in the works to NOT have to pay for this crap, I sure am!!

Btw, what the hell does it say abt this bill that 38 states have legislation against it (with VA and ID already passing their bills)????

Thanks for the comment, LM!