Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Honor Killing In The USA, Though You Probably Didn't Hear About It

Yes, this past week, in the midst of all of the bin Laden coverage, and bungled PR from the White House (seriously, how can they mess up something like that? As Kirsten Powers said on the Fox News All Stars 5/6/11, that is PR 101.), there was yet another "honor" killing here in the United States.

Oh, no, you shouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard about it. It was hardly reported at all. Only a few people picked it up, including Phyllis Chesler. You can imagine while we are busy trying to appease Muslim extremists for killing bin Laden, that this was not going to be Front Page news. Not even close.

This one occurred in Michigan by Rahim Alfewahi, who lives in Minnesota. There is little doubt as to why he killed his stepdaughter, Jessica Mokdad:
A Minnesota man is accused of killing his 20-year-old stepdaughter in Michigan because she left home and wasn't following Islam, police said Tuesday.

Rahim Alfetlawi, 45, was being held without bond Tuesday in the Macomb County Jail after being charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jessica Mokdad on Saturday at her grandmother's home in the Detroit suburb of Warren. [snip]

That is to say, there is little doubt that this was an "honor" killing.

There's more:
[snip]Warren Police Detective Lt. Michael Torey said Alfetlawi went to police in neighboring Center Line to report the shooting. Torey said Alfetlawi told police the gun discharged accidentally when he pulled it out, but police believe he intentionally shot Mokdad in the head.

Torey said Mokdad had left her mother and stepfather to live with her father near Flint in Grand Blanc because she did not like their rules.

"He's a strict Muslim, she was more Americanized," Torey said. [snip] (Click here to read the rest.)

Sigh. Another young life lost to what can only be described as a barbaric belief system in which women, and girls, are treated as property, at best.

As far as I can tell, only The New Agenda highlighted this incident by running Phyllis Chesler's post, "Jessica Mokdad, 20, Killed by her Stepfather — When Will the Media & Muslim Groups Break Their Silence on This American Honor Killing?"

It begs the question, why? Why does the mainstream media, and women's organizations, Muslim or otherwise, continue to ignore these kinds of horrific events? How many more women are going to die in this country (or any country, for that matter), before these groups, and the media, fully cover this despicable practice?

Again, it begs this question - WHY? Why are these "honor" killings going under-reported?


Mary Ellen said...

I did read about that and it made me want to cry. You are so right, Amy, WHY is this being ignored by the MSM?

You can bet that any blog that has a post that speaks about the Catholic religion, you will see hundreds of comments left about how the Catholic religion condones sexual abuse by their priests. The Catholic faithful spoke out in a very strong voice against that, and it was corrected and there have been very strong steps put forward to prevent anything like that happening again.

On the other hand, you never hear the members of the Islam faith speaking out against honor killings, you never see comments on blogs or in the news media speaking out against honor killings. Never. And the saddest thing of all, you RARELY hear women's groups banning together to put a stop to it or making sure that it IS in the media. Crickets.

And it's this culture within Islam that allows for incidents like the one with Lara Logan that you so eloquently wrote about.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Mary Ellen, you are absolutely SPOT ON. You are so right that people attack the RCC all the time for issues of sexual abuse, yet the people WITHIN the church have fought for justice, standing up to the powers-that-be to do the right thing, too. Very, very different from what we are seeing with the moderate, progressive Muslims.

Why? Why are they not speaking out? Why won't the MSM focus more on this? I think it is Political Correctness run amuck, myself. They are SO afraid of alienating and offending Muslims in this country, moreso than with just abt any other group. It makes no sense to me - it was MUSLIMS who attacked us, and frankly, if the moderates don't speak out, they are guilty of supporting this kind of thing by their silence.

Excellent, excellent comment. Thank you.

And Happy Mother's Day!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

This comment was left by Ecks Why and ended up in Spam - it had some weird code at the end: misogyny is one of many severe problems with islam which is dangerous no matter how it is packaged. the twin fogs of political correctness & ignorance must be dispersed before western society better understands this menace. even a brief review of islamic theology & history quickly exposes the deadly roots of this evil ideology. see the links in the pdf version below for more accurate info about islam ========== islam is a horrible ideology for human rights 5 key things about islam 1. mythical beliefs - all religions have these (faith) because its part of being a religion: having beliefs without proof until after the believer dies. the problem is people will believe almost anything. 2. totalitarianism - islam has no seperation of church and state: sharia law governs all. there is no free will in islam: only submission to the will of allah as conveniently determined by the imams who spew vapors to feather their own nests. there are no moderate muslims: they all support sharia law. 3. violence - islam leads the pack of all religions in violent tenets for their ideology & history: having eternal canonical imperatives for supremacy at all costs and calling for violence & intimidation as basic tools to achieve these goals. 4. dishonesty - only islam has dishonesty as a fundamental tenet: this stems from allah speaking to mohamhead & abrogation in the koran which is used to explain how mo's peaceful early life was superseded by his warlord role later. 5. misogyny - present day islam is still rooted in 8th century social ethics: treating females as property of men good only for children, severely limiting their activities, dressing them in shower curtains and worse. conclusions ?? there really are NO redeeming qualities for this muddled pile of propaganda. islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.