Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Should We Make Of Obama's "Army Of Community Organizers"?

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The Los Angeles Times in a short piece by Andrew Malcolm, says it all in the headline,"Obama Recruits An Army Of Community Organizers To Carry His 'Movement Forward For Years To Come."

Holy crappy doo.

You may recall that during the 2008 Election campaign, Obama had his "Obama For America" thugs, er, troops. Once he successfully stole the nomination from Clinton, it became rebranded as "Organizing for America." You know, the one that "thoughtfully" provided a (used) slogan for a memorial service in Tucson after Jared Loughner opened fire, "Together We Thrive." (Photo from LA Times article.)

Hard to believe it can get worse than that headline, but it does (depending upon your perspective, that is):
[snip] Strengthening "our democracy" presumably has something to do with reelecting the revered leader in 2012.

However, the Organizing for America recruiting message says nothing about politics or election campaigns and strangely talks in military terms of "a grassroots program that aims to put boots on the ground and help foster a new generation of leaders -- not just to help win elections but to strengthen our democracy in communities across the country."

The same Obama campaign group was reported involved in fomenting and facilitating the ongoing Wisconsin protests against Gov. Scott Walker's budget plans.

The message about what it calls the "Summer Organizing Fellowship" adds: "Effective organizing doesn't happen in a vacuum. It takes commitment, time, and hard work to build a movement around a cause." It does not specify what the "cause" is, other than promoting Obama and his agenda.[snip]

Again I say, holy crappydoo.

Is this scaring the shit out of anyone else but me?

Well, if that part above didn't, maybe this will:
[snip] The cadres "will be assigned to a specific community," the message informs, "where they'll work to organize supporters street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood."

Hey, friends - I will be out of town starting 2/26 - 3/6, and unable to check in here. As always, I recommend visits to No Quarter, Uppity Woman's blog, Stray Yellar Dawg's site, and Logistics Monster's site, to name a few. There are links to each one in the Blogroll. I hope you all have an excellent week. I know I am planning on doing the same!

Their job will involve recruiting additional Obama workers, running Obama-related events, knocking on doors to talk of Obama "and lay new groundwork to carry this movement forward for years to come."

"In the end," the Obama campaign appeal says of the community organizer corps, "their work will take our grassroots power to an impressive new level." [snip] (Click here to read the rest.)

How about now? Recruiting members, knocking on doors, all to spread the Good Word Of Obama, and implement his will for "years to come"?

And just what does it mean to "take our grassroots power to an impressive new level"? I don't think I want to know.

How about you, what do you think?