Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Brothers Won't Work Hard Like Mexicans..." **UPDATED**

Oh, man - did SC State Senator Robert Ford (D) really say this? Talk about your classic "foot in mouth" disease. Needless to say, a whole bunch of people aren't happy with him about his comment. Ford has been in the Senate since 1993. This isn't the first time he has come out with something that made people do a double-take(he has a tendency to come our with some doozies). Yep, you just never know what Senator Ford is going to say.

But let me put this into context. He made this comment in the midst of a Senate discussion. Here's more from this Post and Courier article:
Robert Ford, a Charleston Democrat, is under fire for making a comment about the work ethic of South Carolina blacks.

“Brothers won’t work hard like Mexicans will so we need to make sure enough Mexicans are here,” Ford is quoted as saying, according to a posting by Sen. Tom Davis, R-Beauford. Ford’s comments came during a Senate committee meeting on immigration legislation.

Ford told The Post and Courier his comments were directed at all Americans — not any specific ethnic groups. He said new immigrants, illegal or otherwise, work at hard labor job such as construction. Americans whose families have been in the country for generations work as doctors or lawyers or school teachers, he said.

“I was talking about the building of America and how every generation of Americans did the hard work,” Ford said. “Americans are not going to do real hard work. Everybody in America knows that.”

You just cannot make this shit up.

And before you start to think, "wow, this guy is a major racist," this is Sen. Robert Ford:
Yep, that would be the esteemed senator. Wowie zowie, are people a bit perturbed with him. This is the response by one of the head Republicans in the area:
Joel Sawyer, executive director of the state Republican Party, said Ford should apologize.

“It’s disgusting and abhorrent that any elected official would say something that offensive,” Sawyer said. “He needs to apologize immediately and hopefully the condemnation of his comments will be equally as loud from both sides of the political aisle.”(Photo by O'Neal Compton)

To which did Senator Ford responded:
Ford said he does not mind apologizing, but in this case he said he does not know why anyone would be offended by his comments.

“What am I apologizing for? I made a lot of jokes in my presentation like I always do,” Ford said.

Ford said people who don’t have a sense of humor “need to get a life. I am not going to stop bringing a sense a humor.” [snip] (Click here to read the rest.)

Yeah, lighten the hell up, people! What's the big deal? It's just a joke. Sheesh! Ahem.

The fact that he is now trying to pass this off as just being a joke, while still claiming that Americans won't work hard, pretty much says it all about the good senator. Wowie zowie.

As for Ford's claim, apparently Ford doesn't know people like our brick mason, who worked until after 10pm, the night of the Super Bowl, I might add. He wanted to make sure he got the foundation finished before the rains came again.

And while I am it, how about the current attacks by the Left on Conservative Blacks? Oh, this is rich, coming from the same people who called everyone on the planet who thought Obama was unqualified when he ran, and a horrible leader now, racists:

You have to hand it to Juan Williams - he nails it. It is "crazy thinking."

Just in case you don't know who Hermain Cain is, another very hard-working man, Bret Baier did an interview with this potential presidential candidate just the other day:

So, what do you think about what Senator Ford said? Should he apologize for his comments? Should people get a sense of humor already? How about the guy and the horribly racist representation of Herman Cain? Herman Cain himself? Let's hear it!

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