Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work In Tucson And Elsewhere

In the ensuing days after the Tucson shooting, the Federal Government has sent a slew of people there to work with the locals in trying to figure out just what the heck was going on with Jared Loughner, as this Washington Post article highlights:
A team of 250 federal investigators and 130 local detectives trying to understand why Jared Lee Loughner went on his alleged killing spree has conducted more than 300 interviews with family, friends and neighbors since the shooting. But they remain stumped about what ultimately prompted the 22-year-old's descent into violence. [snip]

What? There wasn't a ton of Tea Party pamphlets in Loughner's bedroom? He didn't have an "I Heart Sarah Palin" tattoo or anything? Out of all of those interviews, explosive rhetoric from the Right did not jump out at all of these investigators??

Wow. Imagine that.

The article continues:
Investigators have had little success gaining information from either the uncooperative Loughner or his parents, who have told authorities that they had little recent contact with their son, law enforcement sources said.

With so little help coming from the immediate family, investigators are probing associates and witnesses for details that could help them fill out a portrait of Loughner, a task one source described as completing a "jigsaw puzzle."


It could take weeks for investigators to fully determine Loughner's state of mind in the days leading up to the rampage, the sources said. Virtually every member of the FBI's 200-person Phoenix field division, coupled with 50 additional agents from Washington and Tucson and more from the Capitol Police and the U.S. Marshals Service, have fanned out across southeastern Arizona. About 130 detectives from the Pima County sheriff's office also are involved.

Investigators have had little success gaining information from either the uncooperative Loughner or his parents, who have told authorities that they had little recent contact with their son, law enforcement sources said. [snip] (Click HERE to read the rest.)

There is a clear answer as to why this young man did this - he is mentally unstable. That is the only snap assumption to be made. It had nothing - nothing - nothing to do with any of those folks targeted by the Left. What they did was cruel, irresponsible, and amounted to hate mongering.

Sarah Palin was on The Hannity Show, Sean being another target of the Left. I do not watch him, as a rule, but do make exceptions, like when Sarah Palin is on, which she was on Monday night. Despite the immediate framing by some on the Left that she has now been made small (gee - I wonder who set out to do THAT?), she seems resolute, clear, articulate, and, well, sad. In case you missed it, here is part of the interview:

I have to say, whenever I see her speak, I gain more respect for her. Who among us could be so reasoned, so calm, so solemn, after the vicious, hateful, mean spirited attacks on not just HER, but her family, as well. After what she went through just in the past 10 days, after being demeaned and belittled for defending herself, being accused of "interjecting" herself after those on the Left falsely accused her of contributing to this heinous crime, her tone was just right.

And to hear that her children have also received death threats is nothing short of shocking. What the hell is wrong with people???

Wow. I must say, when Gov. Palin said, "If the Left didn't have double standards, they would have no standards at all." Well, it sure seems that way, doesn't it?

Love her, hate her, be indifferent to her (I swear, I said the same thing about Hillary Clinton, didn't I? The media/Leftists did the same thing to her to a degree.)), she does not deserve this kind of horrendous treatment. No one does. The hue and cry if this kind of attack was directed at any one news personality or Democratic governor would be deafening. But when it comes to Palin, the only thing that is deafening are these hellacious attacks on this woman with the sole purpose of destroying her, and her family as well. It is reprehensible.

It will be a relief is when this meme, this lie, about what caused Loughner to go off, is put to rest once and for all. Since so many FBI agents and local personnel have found no link whatsoever to Palin, Hannity, the Tea Party, or others, surely this must put an end to this lie. Those who continue to perpetuate this false, destructive, meme should get their comeuppance, and it cannot come soon enough for me.

Frankly, I think Palin should sue the shit out of the ones who put this out there. What they have wrought against her, and her children, is obscene, and they should be held to account.

Yuck. I don't know about you, but after hearing about the kinds of attacks Palin, and her family, have endured, I feel like I need a break. In case you need a bit of a break, too, I have another way in which you can view your taxpaying dollars at work. I got the following from my niece, whose husband is a Gunnery Sergeant, and stationed in the Middle East for a year. Anyway, I hope you enjoy:

After dealing with this craploa, the raging hatred, the cruelty, of those who, unfortunately, have access to the MSM, and are using it to attack someone, this was a welcome relief. Or at least it was for me. How about you?


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

So the same "wolves" that descended on Alaska are now in Tucson. No surprise at all. That is Obama's M.O.

And ya know... it is *shocking* yes... **shocking** that they have not been able to find one iota of "evidence" that would help them spin this whole Loughner thing to their benefit. I mean... couldn't they at least make some sh** up? They have historically been soooo good at that.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, SYD - well, making shit up is sure what they did from the get go.

But here's the thing - if that is the angle from which they are investigating that this HAD to be the result of some political ideology - are they then MISSING something that might be important because it doesn't involve their preconceived notion? That is to say, just how objective ARE these Feds?

Funny - I don't remember a whole bunch of folks descending on Chicago to check out the Rezko, Ayers, Wright, Meeks, et. al, connection to Obama...