Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Clinton/Obama Trip Down Memory Lane With WalMart

You may recall during the 2008 Democratic Primary Campaign, Hillary Clinton was attacked by Barack Obama about her connections to Wal-Mart while First Lady of Arkansas. Oh, yes, he got just a tad testy as she was highlighting his constant "WORM"-ing (What Obama Really Meant). So he lashed out at her.

In case you forgot that little window into how quick Obama is to hurl accusations, here it is:

And the media, already well into Obama's pocket, did this "expose" on Hillary Clinton's connection to WalMart:

Gee - if they could actually do some investigative reporting on HER, and send a legion of AP reporters to Wasilla, how is it they could not be bothered to do anything of the kind to Obama? Oh, right - I forgot - the JournoListers who were protecting him from any hard writing on his unsavory connections. Silly me.

Had the media actually bothered to do their jobs, instead of reacting with glee when Obama reacts so defensively, perhaps they could have taken a little look see at what Obama's wife's connection was to WalMart. But, no. Why would they do anything to impede their narrative of Obama's holiness, or in any way shift his blame off of Hillary Clinton.

So, let's just see how the media deals with this new announcement, as reported by the Washington Post, "Michelle Obama, Wal-Mart Announce Healthy Food Campaign." Now, on the face of it, that looks like a great thing. Except for the arrogant, condescending way Barack Obama talked to Hillary Clinton for having had ANYTHING to do with this company, and Arkansas based company, while her husband was governor. Yet, here is ol' Michelle, teaming up with that very same company. As far as I have heard, not a whole lot has changed with Wal-Mart, how it treats women, how it treats its workers in general, or any of the other general complaints about this company.

Now to the article:
First lady Michelle Obama joined Wal-Mart executives at a Southeast Washington community center Thursday morning to announce a campaign by the low-priced retail giant to offer more healthful foods and push its suppliers to do the same.

Obama has made fighting childhood obesity and increasing nutritious food options in poor neighborhoods a top priority. She will join Wal-Mart, which recently announced plans to open its first stores in the District, to announce "a major initiative to provide its customers with healthier and more affordable food choices," Wal-Mart said.


Wal-Mart said it will make thousands of the packaged food items that it sells more healthful over the next four years, make healthful food choices more affordable and more clearly labeled, build more stores in underserved areas and increase its charitable donations to nutrition programs.


Wal-Mart praised Obama's "spirit of collaboration," and called her a "catalyst that helped make today's announcement a reality."

Wal-Mart has drawn criticism from advocacy groups in the District and elsewhere because of its anti-union policies.

Obama resigned from the board of a Wal-Mart vendor in 2007, days after her husband - then vying for the Democratic presidential nomination - said he would not shop at the store. [snip] (Click HERE to read the rest.)

If you needed any more proof of Michelle's connection to WalMart during the campaign, that last line should suffice. If her board position was NOT closely aligned, there would be no need for her to retire, would there?

Yes, it is amazing what just a couple of years will do. Now the once hated, despised, union busting, women hating Chinese-product selling behemoth is now the shining light for the First Lady's pet project (not that there is anything wrong with healthy eating - I am all for it - it is the hypocrisy that bugs me).

I cannot WAIT to see how Obama's supporters are going to spin this one. Any guesses? Feel free to talk about that, or anything else on your minds today!

NOTE: Friends, my partner and I are embarking on a major construction project at our home starting Monday, Jan. 24th. I am not sure how much this will impact my writing, but I am assuming it may affect the regularity of my posts. That is to say, I will write when I can, but no promises about how often. Thank you for your support since the beginning of this blog - I appreciate it more than I can say!


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

The whole thing just chaps my hide, Rev. Amy.

My best guess is that now Walmart will become the great supporter of the poor worldwide. Cuz, you know... at least they have some kind of job. Even if it is making cheap crap for Wally World to sell.

Hope your construction project goes smoothly.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Right there with ya, SYD. Me, too. There continue to be so many things from that "campaign" that were so wrong on so many levels (can you even call it a "campaign" when it is not a level playing field, and the party leaders themselves are choosing the leader, not the people? When they disregard the blatant caucus fraud, or worse yet, steal votes from her to make their Chosen One seem better? Obviously, I could go on...).

I just wonder how my Obot sister, who is VERY anti-WalMart, is going to spin this one?

Thanks, SYD - it has been a LONG time in coming. We thought we were going to be done by now, to be honest, and we are just getting ready to break ground. And can I also say that a huge4 frustration is that, with the economy being so bad, prices aren't less, they are MUCH higher because people don't know when they are going to get another job. So, they inflate their prices. We finally found someone who cared more abt working than gouging us, so that is a good thing indeed...