Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rachel Maddow - How Is This Rhodes Scholar SO Unclear On The Concept?

How is it that people who actually work in the media, on television, are not aware that there is video documentation available to either support or dispel their assertions? I continue to be amazed that so many of these people seem to forget this.

Especially in the case of the Rhodes Scholar, Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC(Obama) fame, the female equivalent of Keith Olbermann. Now you would think a Rhodes Scholar, of all people, would know there will be video archives of programs on her own network, especially since she likes to use video archives of other cable news, like, say, Fox.

Evidently not. Recently, Ms. Maddow had a little holier-than-thou moment in which she asserted that guests on Fox News shilled for money, thus engaging in politics, something people at MSNBC(O) would NEVER, EVER do. Oh, no, in her most sanctimonious tone, she claimed MSNBC(O) was all about news, not politics, according to this very good Johnny Dollar piece. Would you find someone on MSNBC(O) shilling for cash for their political careers? Absolutely not. How dare anyone even suggest such a crazy thing! No doubt Ms. Maddow would say something along those lines, given her umbrage at Fox allowing such a thing on its programs.

The thing is, she would be wrong in a big way, as this video by Johnny Dollar makes clear:


So, not only is this Rhodes Scholar unclear on the concept of having video tape of her own news outlet, but of the term "HYPOCRISY."

Honest to pete, how in the world can she be so freakin' hypocritical, so pompous, and not see it? Or is it that she just doesn't care that she's a big liar? I guess being a Rhodes Scholar doesn't automatically imply one is ethical, so there is that. But really, her sanctimonious, arrogant, condescending attitude toward Fox for the very same thing guests on her network have done - with impunity, especially Alan Grayson (and THANK YOU, FLORIDA for not voting this man back in), is just laughable.

But you know, Ms. Maddow does seem to be in the right place there at MSNBC(O). Any network that employs the King of Pomposity, Keith Olbermann, and Angry Man, Ed Schultz, would be a great fit for the condescending hypocrisy of Rachel Maddow.

Keep it up, Rachel. You're making Fox look better and better.

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