Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If Hillary Does This, I'm Moving *Updated*

As you may know, Obama is on his 10 day jaunt to Asia, culminating in the G20 Summit in South Korea. His trip included a stop in Indonesia, the country in which he spent some of his childhood. There is much I could write about this trip, though I will leave that to others. But one interesting comment came from one of his teachers in Indonesia who said even then, Obama was a "leader." His "friends" did what he told them to do because they were afraid of him. Um - I think we call that bullying today, not "leadership." Yikes.

While Obama is be-bopping about (getting out of Dodge after the Mid-term Election), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been on her own trip. First, she went to New Zealand, where the Prime Minister referred to her as "President Clinton." Secretary of State Clinton also made a visit to Papua, New Guinea, a 'filip" for that country. In Cambodia, she was in the midst of a group hug of young women who were human trafficking victims.

And Secretary Clinton visited Australia, where she discussed a number of important issues, highlighting the US-Australia alliance over China. But the highlight has to be this interview with comedians Hamish and Andy:

That is the Hillary we know and love, the Hillary we so needed to take the reins of this country, especially in these difficult times.

UPDATE: Unbelievably, Chris Matthews who shoved Obama down our throats on MSNBC(O), and constantly belittled and demeaned Hillary Clinton throughout the primaries said this about her appearance with Hamish and Andy: "Had you seen this Hillary Clinton in 2008, she might be president." Spare me, Mr. Matthews. You, personally, did so much to tarnish Hillary Clinton during the primaries that even Media Matters came after you for it. WE knew this is who we would get, but you and your network were hellbent on pushing Obama on us despite his thin resume. Just freakin' spare me already.

Instead, we got Obama (thanks, Chris), much to the dismay of many of us, including SC State Senator, Robert Ford. Turns out, back in 2007, State Senator Ford, an African American, took some heat for his prophetic (as it turns out) statement that if Obama was elected, he would pull down the entire Democratic Party. Huh. Well, whaddya know. He was right, as the Mid-Terms have made abundantly clear.

And no, Obama, it isn't your "failure to communicate":

Um, no, it was your policies.

But Mr. Ford is not done with his projections, no sirree, as this Post and Courier article indicates:
[snip] Ford, a Charleston Democrat, said U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat, should step out of a leadership role next year, or the whole party will go down in defeat. Ford said the same goes for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat.

Clyburn and Pelosi have offered themselves for leadership positions in next year's Congress, when the Democrats fall back to the minority party. Clyburn will run for House minority whip and Pelosi will run for the role as minority leader.

"If they elect Nancy Pelosi or Jim Clyburn to leadership, the Democratic Party will be taken off life support," Ford said. "That will be the end of the Democratic Party. They're bad news right now." [snip] (Click here to read the rest.)

Holy moley. Tell us how you really feel, Senator Ford! Well, you know, he was right once about Obama, and my bet is he'll be right again should Pelosi and Clyburn prevail (Clyburn is now in a race with Steny Hoyer as the two battle for the Minority whip position).

Should it come to be that for Pelosi and Clyburn to keep leadership positions does take down the Democratic Party as Senator Ford fears, then Secretary Clinton may feel free to embrace other opportunities. Like a move to Australia, for instance. Hey, if she gets wind that the people of Australia would appreciate and welcome her leadership, she just might take them up on it.

And if that happens, I'm outta here. Australia, here I come, to the land of koala bears, kangaroos, and didgeridoos. Hey, I'm all set. Check it out: "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!" Here, we can all practice together:


Anonymous said...

They communicated loud and clear with me. I was told to take my disgusting girl parts and blue-collar upbringing and hit the road, because they didn't need me to win anymore.

LOUD AND FUCKING CLEAR. Where's the confusion?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

That's just it, Janie - Obama continues to cast blame everywhere else but at himself. It couldn't POSSIBLY be him, so it MUST be us (and especially those of us with "girl parts"). Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

"Had you seen this Hillary Clinton in 2008, she might be president."

Agreed, Chris. So why did you and your bosses make sure we never did?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

You said it, Janis! I mean, really - if you see ALL the crap Matthews himself said abt Clinton, it is just staggering. And now, just now, he's getting what we knew all along?

Spare me.