Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama Playing Politics With Borders, Gulf Spill, and KSM

Recently, Sec. Hillary Clinton made news by telling an Ecuadorean reporter that, sure enough, Obama plans to sue Arizona over its new law. Huh. That was news to Gov. Brewer. Nice way for her to find out for sure.

But it begs the question, why. Why is Obama suing Arizona over its new law for real, not just the mealy mouthed circular logic BS Obama has been spewing? Well, Senator Kyl tells his constituents why, following a one-on-one conversation with Obama himself. Take a listen:

Did you catch that? Because Obama is arm-twisting the Republicans to support his Immigration policy (amnesty). That is why he is suing Arizona, and not helping with border protection, a CONSTITUTIONAL mandate. Nope, Obama wants something to do his duty, as Kyl said. That is seriously, seriously wrong.

And there is the Gulf Oil disaster, and the related clean-up. I think this headline says it all, Breaking: Obama Administration Only Accepted Help From 5 Countries Out of 28 That Offered Assistance. What?? WHY? That is the question:
Just last weekend Barack Obama announced that the BP oil spill was like 9-11. This weekend as President Obama went golfing and to the ballgame, the Obama State Department was STILL in the review process on deciding which countries the US would accept help from… 60 days after the disaster!

As the Gulf Coast shores continue to be coated with crude, the Obama Administration has only accepted assistance from 5 countries out of 28 who offered to assist the US with the cleanup.

This makes zero sense to me. Zero. What the hell is the matter with him? I am sure he will find a way to blame it on someone else. Hmm, like maybe Hillary? Possibly:

The State Department posted this on their website.
28 countries have offered to help assist the United States with the worst environmental disaster in American history. Only 5 offers have been accepted the rest are under review.
Page 1-

Page 2-

Page 3-

Page 4-

I do not understand this one bit. Oil continues to gush into the Gulf, and the Obama Administration has only cleared FIVE countries to come help?? Look at some of the ones he has not yet cleared. It isn't like they are two-bit players. This makes zero sense. Either he is playing politics with this spill as he bows down to the unions, or he is continuing to show his complete lack of experience, qualifications, commitment, or all of the above. I am voting for all of the above. It is insane for him to not have all hands on deck to deal with this disaster NOW.

Then there is this, along with not having more countries help us in the Gulf, or setting up the borders to be porous as well as dangerous, without lifting a finger to help and suing states that try to do something about it to bend Republicans to his will. And that would be Eric Holder's decision to hold off on making a decision (!!) about where to try Khalid Sheik Mohammad. Naturally, Holder says this isn't at all political. He's a big liar, too, though (remember when he called the US a bunch of racists after just electing Obama? Uh huh.). I don't believe for one skinny second this isn't a political decision, despite the headline, Mid-term Elections Have Nothing To Do With 9/11 Trial Delay, Holder Says. Right. So what is his justification, then? Beats me. Maybe you can figure it out from this:
Attorney General Eric Holder said the decision over where to hold the trial for alleged 9/11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was “weeks away” — three months ago.

Now advocates on both sides of the issue say they expect the Obama administration to punt the decision until after the November midterm elections— when the controversial plan could do less damage to the political fortunes of endangered Democrats and might face less resistance on Capitol Hill.

Holder last week explicitly denied the midterms had anything to do with the timing but would only say discussions are continuing. The White House had no comment.

Any further stalling could pose a serious political problem for President Barack Obama on the left – where advocates cheered his administration’s plan to break from the Bush administration and give top al-Qaida figures trials in American courtrooms, a sign to the country and the world that U.S.-style justice was enough to try to men accused of the worst crimes in the nation’s history. (Click HERE for the rest of the story.)

Seems pretty political to me, like Obama holding our borders hostage, as Kyl said. And, like not allowing other countries to come help clean up the oil, or lifting the Jones Act YET as he continues to kowtow to the unions.

This is criminal. Perhaps not in the strictly legal sense, though I think violating the mandates of the Constitution would rise to that level. So yeah - it most likely is in terms of the Borders and his lack of protection there, or the threat in the Gulf to livelihoods and life. As president, though, he is seriously derelict in his duty and must be held to account. Before 5/31/08, I never thought I would be upset at the Democrats holding all three chambers,, but these mid-terms cannot come quickly enough. Perhaps the Republicans will retake the House, and hold Obama accountable for his massive misdeeds, arm-twisting, coercions, and downright contempt for the protection of the people he swore to serve. He clearly is beholden to other interests, not the interests of the people or the country.

Nowhere is this clearer than Arizona and the Gulf Coast. Will they be Obama's Waterloo?


Mary Ellen said...

Everything Obama says and does is for political reasons. He could care less about this country and the people in it. He took the job so he could go golfing at the best resorts, get the best seats at sports events, and bring his family on vacations at taxpayer expense.

Have you ever remembered a past President that would actually attack an entire State of our Union as Obama has with Arizona? I have to wonder what the words "United States of America" means to him?

And what's with Hillary going along with that harebrained idea? She has been such a huge disappointment to me and to be honest, if she ran again, I don't think I'd vote for her.

(Oh..and two things.... I'm up to my old bad habits, the blog is up and running again. There goes the neighborhood! :-) Also, cool new pic of you on the sidebar! )

SFIndie said...

Obama is showing his complete lack of experience in dealing with any type of crisis (beyond which club to use during his golf game, that is). He's never had a job before, so he's never had to deal with having to make decisions, especially not during times of crisis.

Have you heard that the White House is calling Kyl a liar?
Gosh, who to believe, who to believe...such a conundrum...

And, did you hear the press briefing by Bill Burton, Deputy Press Secretary, where he said that Obama going golfing "does us all good, as American citizens". Yep, absofuckinglutely. His Golfness going golfing is surely doing me lots of good. Mmmmhmmmm.

Take your pick on which of these issues is Obama's Waterloo. Could be immigration, Arizona, BP, the oil spill, two wars, health care... there's just so much to choose from.

Don't know which will be his Waterloo, but it occurs to me that Obama is this country's Waterloo.

Mary Ellen said...

Obama is this country's Waterloo.

Well said!!!!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!! Good to have you back, Sister! I've missed you, but hope you had a good time away. And thanks! Glad you like the pic - it's from a recent wedding I did. :-)

I do NOT remember a president ever going after an entire state the way Obama has. It is shocking, deplorable, and unacceptable, especially given the reason is WEAK indeed. Unbelievable.

Some people think Hillary exposed this info in the interview in Ecuador, but yeah - if she is actually going along with this, I have lost a lot of respect for her...

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, SF - yes - you are absolutely right - Obama is our Waterloo. Wow. That says it all.

I cannot stand Bill Burton anyway - during the campaign he was SO arrogant, condescending, and just, well, SNEERY all of the time. So, the WH can go after Heyward for spending ONE afternoon with his SON on his yacht, but it's okay for Obama to go to a baseball game Fri. night, then golfing on Sun.? When the hell is he WORKING??? Mary Ellen said it abt him - he is ALL abt the perks, and none of the work. Pathetic.

Oh, yeah - and like I would believe ANYTHING coming out of the WH abt Kyl anyway. I know very little abt Kyl, I have seen Obama lie through his teeth left and right, so you can rest assured I believe Kyl.

Btw, my grandnephew (almost 6) is here for the week, so if I am slow to respond, that's why! :-)

Great comments, you two!