Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time For A Break

Well, yesterday was a pretty hard day, personally. One of the vet techs from our vet clinic came to pick up the puppies, which she will be fostering for us while we are out of the country. Three have already been spoken for so far (Lucas, Leo, and Loco), and it looks like they will all have homes before we return*. As I have said, these creatures were unexpected, to say the least, and a fair bit of work, but the joy, the love, the sheer delight they gave is beyond measure. They will be sorely missed around here, I can tell you. As a reminder, here are the beautiful puppies:

And so, since they are on my mind, I wanted to share a couple of videos with you. These were forwarded to me by Cousin EJ, the Education professor, who also sends the funniest jokes and neatest videos.

The first is just an amazing tale:

Watch CBS Videos Online

And for something that is just adorable, check this one out:

Hows cute is THAT?? And how patient is that cat? Wowie zowie! Anyway, I hope the photo and the videos brought a smile to your face, and a pleasant addition to your day.

* As a reminder, I will be out of the country for two weeks starting 4/7. Once I get over my jet-lag, I'll be back at the keyboard!


Logistics Monster said...

Enjoy your time away! I will miss you Rev!

Thanks for the uplifting vids.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, DT - I'll miss coming to your site, too! You have really been on a roll, friend!

Glad you liked the videos! :-)

SFIndie said...

Oh Rev, those videos are priceless!

And as hard as it will be to let go of your babies, at least you know they'll be going to good, loving homes (small comfort, I know!) Are you going to be keeping one?

Have a great vacation. I know we'll all look forward to your return and stories of your adventures.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thanks, SF -

I appreciate your kind words. It would not disappoint me at ALL if there was a puppy left who came back here! They're all so lovable in different ways that it wouldn't matter to me at ALL which one it would be!

And thank you - we have been planning this trips for MONTHS (since last summer), and I cannot WAIT for it. I have to say, the puppies really made the time FLY - the time was suddenly upon us! Just another gift from them...

Oh, yes - I am sure I'll bore you silly with tales of our excursion! :-)

Hope you are well!

Deborah said...

Have a great trip!

Thank you for sharing the photos of the L-Crew. The time did fly by, from their birth to their going to their new forever homes. I know that for myself, after exhausting myself reading nobama's plans and muttering 'asshat, asshat, asshat' I could revive my energy by an injection of 'oh...puppies!'

We have three shelter animals. Well, two shelter kids and a stray, to make the three. The dog is now elderly and the two cats keep her active. It's one happy family all the way around.

Our real-time distraction, in-between writing the House, Congress and Senate is volunteering for our local NARHA program. You have a horse, so you may know of it. The program serves differently-abled children and adults through therapeutic horseback riding. (You can web search NARHA and see what the program is all about.)

Working with the horses and the clients is a great reward. The barn cats are a draw also, but unfortunately their kittens are mostly feral. We did try to get to the feral cats and spay them. Only one was caught. Several huge coons and a skunk thought the treats in the live trap were too good to pass up. It is an uphill battle to get to the fertile moms and stop the population explosion. They all get fed in the barn, have plenty of sleeping spaces, water and food, so they are well taken care of.

Have a great trip. Although you (and I) will miss the puppies, they could not have been born into a better situation for their start in this world.

Best to you and yours!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Deborah!

Thanks for the thoughtful note - I appreciate it!

Yes, the time went WAY too quickly. I can hardly believe how much they have grown in the past 5+ weeks. We really appreciate that the tech was able to take them (Lucy needed a total cut in time with them to stop lactating), and that people want them. They won't actually go to their new homes until they are a little older, another week or so. The joy they brought was amazing...

And I am GLAD they were able to provide a distraction for you, too, while reading abt which assholic thing Obama had done (like calling us arrogant, maybe?). I reckon we'll all have to be posting photos of our animals to take a break over the next four years, right?

How nice that your cats keep your dog active! That's great! And I know all abt trying to catch feral cats - we had a bunch around our house when we lived up in VA for a while. We were able to get a couple done, though, thank heavens. One of our cats - the oldest one - was a feral kitten, and is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever had (we got her, and two siblings - they went to a home in VA, but the three were spayed/neutered, too).

That is SOOOOOO cool that you work with NAHRA!!! Wow, Deborah! That is wonderful work - good for you!! How rewarding that must be. You know I love those horses! (At the barn where our horse is, the owner has gotten the barn cats who just showed up spayed/neutered, too - that's three more not having or making kittens!)

Thanks for the good wishes - I'll miss the conversation here while I'm gone, but oh, my - am I ever looking forward to this trip!! :-)

Take care -